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improve time management

The ability to improve time management and create space for deep and productive work can make all the difference when you have deadlines to meet and clients to keep happy. As a Creative Director at remote education company School of Motion, Ryan Summers working day revolves around an ever growing list of tasks and projects to tackle. His attempts to find a “flow state where the hours peel off and work becomes play” meant it was challenging to gain perspective on exactly where time was spent. Enter Timeular 🎉

Developing a time management habit 💪

18 months ago Ryan made the decision to level up his work set-up with the help of time tracking software. He was about to start a new job and sought an intuitive solution that would help him understand exactly how his day was spent and improve time management. Timeular’s effortless software sparked his interest and it’s become an essential part of his set-up, helping him achieve a more healthy and balanced work-life 🌱

“I’ve been using Timeular religiously…it keeps me organized and on track with the various work duties I have and provides context for my day.”

Striking the right balance ⚖️

Ryan’s experience as a remote worker will chime with many others in his position, as he recalls the all too familiar case of struggling to separate home and work time.

“Working from home is a double-edged sword. Being close to family and relaxing activities is great but the workday can quickly blend together with everything else you do.”

By planning his time each morning before he settles down to work, Ryan is able to work with greater focus and with clear goals on what he wants to achieve that day. Our time tracking dice acts as a visual prompt for him to remember to track different activities he is working on. Each time he flips the tracking dice, the activity is logged automatically in the app. It provides him with analytics to show how time is being spent and helps inform his time management planning.

“Going back at the end of the day to remember WHAT you actually spent your time on – that’s become so much easier with Timeular”

Effortless admin 👩‍💻

Timeular helps Ryan reduce the amount of time spent on admin – unlocking more time for him to be productive with core tasks.

“It’s very easy to get lost in the sea of emails and social media responsibilities of my role but with Timeular I’ve been able to keep on track day-by-day as I work my way through the week.”

Developing a daily time tracking habit has also allowed Ryan to indulge in his love of drawing comic stories. This year he started the 100 Day Project Challenge. The discipline of time tracking has helped him “make more progress in the last few months than the last few years combined”.

Whether you work remotely like Ryan or in an office, developing a time tracking practice is a highly effective way to achieve more. It can help even improve team productivity too, increasing efficiency and building organizational transparency.

Make remote working… work 🙌

If you’re looking for extra guidance to help stay productive when remote working, we’ve developed a work from home guide full of tips. From how to plan your day, to tips on hosting efficient virtual meetings, the guide will help ensure every minute of your time counts.

Ready to unlock your time? 💜

Timeular offers a range of packages for individuals and teams, making employee time tracking seamless. Over 70,000 users around the world are using the software to take control of their time. Try Timeular for free today 😊