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Project Time Tracker: 100% Effortless

Ditch manual timesheets and track project time in the most effortless, smart, and secure way. Automate project time tracking today.

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Simple, smart, and secure project time tracker for you and your team

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Optional hardware Tracker to foster time tracking habits


Why use Timeular as your project time tracking software?

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time tracking cube

TACTILE time tracking

You can track project time with a physical Tracker

There are multiple ways to track project time with Timeular. One of them is using a hardware Tracker – an 8-sided dice that sits on your desk fostering a time tracking habit.

time tracking methods


…and in multiple different ways

Timeular is a simple time tracking app that combines the simplest time tracking methods into one solution: You can flip the optional hardware Tracker, use keyboard shortcuts, or rely on automatic tracking. 


Create accurate project time estimations

With a simple time tracking tool, you can finally eliminate the obstacles that have discouraged you and your team to track time spent on projects.


integrations WITH PROJECT MANAGEMENT tools

Seamless integration with Jira, Asana, Trello 

Integrate Timeular with your project management software to ensure smooth project planning and automatic time entries for your tasks. Since now, they are tracked instantly and automatically.

billable hours


Automatic billable hours tracking

Tag each activity as billable or non-billable, ensuring accurate tracking for every project and client. Add hourly rates to streamline the invoicing process.

project budgets


No more exceeding project budgets

Set up and monitor project budgets to keep an eye on project progress and track project profitability. Track billable hours and quickly pinpoint projects nearing their budget limits to stop overspending.

workload planning


Seamless workload and resource planning

Monitor logged employee time spent on specific projects to ensure efficient resource management and appropriate distribution of workload and schedules.



Create one-click reports 

Generate time reports with a single click and share them with clients, managers, and HR. With readily available detailed insights, you can instantly assess team efficiency and determine project profitability at any time.


Project managers like you already track time with Timeular

“Since we started using Timeular and tracking our time, we’ve never made another mistake in planning, creating accurate proposals or budgeting for clients. It’s so easy to use.”

“My time spent on revenue-generating projects has increased by ~10% each week and time in meetings decreased by about 1-2 meeting per week.”

“We want to know that the fee charged was fair for both parties based on the time given to that project. Timeular provides me with that insight in just a few clicks.”

Timeular is a godsend for people like me who get easily distracted. No longer will I look back at my day and say “what was I doing between 10 am and 1 pm?

Timeular is the best thing since sliced bread. Unless you are billing your time tracking on top, get this tool.


Project time tracking – additional features you will love

Automatic timesheets 

Effortlessly fill in your timesheets with the automatic time tracking feature, which records tracked time spent on visited apps and websites.

Automatic reminders 

Get automatic reminders to track time. If your time entry is too long, you will get a notification to make sure you are tracking the right task.

3,000+ integrations

Connect your Google Calendar, project management tool, task management software and other apps. Use native integrations or create new with API.

Offline tracking

Track time, whether you’re connected to the internet or working offline. Your time tracking data will synchronize automatically once you’re back online.

Desktop app and web app

Download the desktop app for direct access to time tracking tools or opt for the web app to log hours without any installation.

Mobile app

Tracking time with a mobile app is possible, too. Our iOS and Android apps work as a companion to the desktop version or as a standalone option.

GDPR compliant 

In contrast to popular time tracking apps, Timeular complies with GDPR regulations, safeguarding timesheet data and upholding privacy rights.

Anti-surveillance system

To encourage honest tracking, build trust and respect for privacy, there is 24 hours delay before managers can access employee timesheets.

Two language versions 

Set your language system to English or German to create time entries in your preferred language and adjust the tool to your needs. 


Do you still track project’s time manually?

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What is a project time tracker?

A project time tracker is a digital tool that helps to track time spent on different tasks within a project. This not only gives insight into work progress and how time is allocated but also ensures that projects are billed accurately. 
Using a simple and user-friendly project time tracker like Timeular makes it easier for everyone to record their hours, ensuring project profitability and accurate invoicing.

Does Timeular allows for unlimited users and unlimited projects?

Of course! With Timeular you can track time of unlimited projects, with unlimited users.

Does Timeular provide project time tracking for both Mac and Windows?

Timeular is a time tracker that supports both Mac and Windows systems. Both versions of the software provide all time tracking features like automated time tracking, capturing billable hours, reporting features, synced mobile app, and integration with project management and task management software. All the time tracking capabilities assist you with managing projects and tracking the team’s time.

Should project managers track time?

Yes, it’s highly advised. Time tracking is essential to ensure that projects stay on schedule and within budget. Tracking team’s time helps to gain insights into team productivity, forecast potential delays, and provide transparency for billing and accountability. It aids in effectively allocating resources, identifying bottlenecks, and justifying expenditures to stakeholders.

How do you keep track of project hours?

To monitor project hours, individuals and teams can use various methods. Time tracking apps like Timeular offer automated tracking and detailed reports, while manual tracking involves noting down task durations. Integrated features in project management tools such as JIRA or Trello also aid in monitoring time. Alternatively, calendar integrations allow users to deduce task durations from scheduled events.

Read: How to track time spent on tasks.

How do you effectively manage and track multiple projects?

To manage and track multiple projects effectively, prioritize tasks, use time blocking, delegate when possible, and leverage project management software. Maintain clear communication with your team and stakeholders, stay flexible with deadlines, and adopt time management techniques and tools for improved multitasking.

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