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100% Effortless Billable Hours Tracker

Track and bill more time with a simple, yet robust billable hours tracker. Join over 100,000 users worldwide who have powered up their revenue by putting a price on their time.

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billable hours tracker

#1 billable hours tracker used by small and big brands

#1 billable hours tracker

Effortless, smart, and secure solution for tracking billable hours

High employee acceptance

Thanks to an intuitive interface paired with smart time tracking methods your employees finally enjoy tracking their billable time

Transparent data for clear insights

Label tasks as billable or non-billable, assign rates, and understand how much of your time is billable and how much money you made

Real-time reports for instant invoicing

No more chasing timesheets! Team’s time reports are automatically aggregated and ready for invoicing whenever you need it


A simple way to track billable time. For teams and individuals

Talking to thousands of clients taught us this: To track billable time right, you need a system that’s easy and fun. This is why Timeular makes tracking billable hours a piece of cake.

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Set your activities as billable or non-billable with one click

Choose which tasks you want to bill for and mark them as billable or non-billable with a simple switch. Once you begin tracking time for a particular task, billable hours will automatically add up.

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Add billable hourly rates to see how much money you make

Assign an hourly rate to each billable activity and observe how your revenue grows each day. As you monitor billable time, the total automatically updates, providing insights into your earned income.


Insights about billable hours always at hand

Spot projects that are taking up too much team time, and shift your resources to the tasks that are making the most money. Say goodbye to undercharging and prioritize the projects that are really paying off.

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Identify the most and least profitable projects and activities

See exactly how much of your time you’re getting paid for, and figure out which tasks are making you the most money. It’s like finding out which projects are your money-makers and which ones are just hanging out.

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Streamline your billing process

Thanks to continuous billable time tracking, you’re prepared to invoice your clients in a snap. No more hunting down employee time sheets – your time records are consistently accurate and invoice-ready.


How Timeular helps a business owner track his billable hours

“I’m 107% happier. Last week I clocked up the second highest amount of billable hours I’ve ever recorded.” – Gordon Seirup, Owner of Copper Leaf Creative


Start tracking billable hours with ease

Supercharge your revenue with the easiest and most precise billable hours tracker embraced by over 100,000 users worldwide

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What are billable hours?

Billable hours are the hours you spend on tasks assigned to each project you charge your clients for. An efficient billable hour tracking app is the best way to track the time you spend on each task and project.

What is the difference between billable and non-billable hours?

Billable hours are the time you spend working on clients’ projects. These are the hours that you get paid for. Non-billable hours are tasks that must be done but aren’t directly linked to that client, such as administrative tasks.

Why are billable hours important?

Billable hours are important because they help avoid misunderstandings with clients about who is doing what and for how long. Billing in such a way helps you show which tasks are being done under the scope of which project and, therefore, how much the client should be charged.

How do you calculate billable hours?

Calculating billable hours is pretty straightforward. You can break it down into three simple steps that translate into an easy-to-use formula:
1. First, set a rate for your billable hours 
2. Second, track and record the time spent on the client’s project 
3. Third, once you have a total number of working hours, multiply that number by your rate and add any additional fees or taxes necessary to your client’s invoice.