The Best Basecamp Time Tracking Integration

Author: Karolina Matyska

Basecamp excels as a trusted project management tool, renowned for fostering collaboration and simplifying workflows. However, unlike some other platforms, Basecamp lacks native time tracking capabilities, which can leave users searching for a complementary solution. If you’ve felt the gap of time tracking in Basecamp, you’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll address the void of inherent time-tracking in Basecamp and introduce you to Timeular, the best Basecamp time tracking integration available.

Dive in to discover how integrating Timeular with Basecamp can magnify efficiency, supercharge productivity, and directly contribute to business success.

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Looking for a fast, simple and accurate way to track time in Basecamp?

Does Basecamp have time tracking?

No, Basecamp doesn’t provide in-built time tracking features. However, you can easily connect external time tracking tools like Timeular that will automatically track the time of your projects and tasks.

Why track time in Basecamp?

Project time tracking is key to the success of your business. It ensures you manage resources efficiently, get accurate time estimates for tasks, and meet deadlines. If you’re using Basecamp for project management, integrating a reliable time tracking tool is a smart move to enhance your workflows.

While Basecamp doesn’t have a built-in time tracker, adding a straightforward and reliable tool can enhance how you oversee projects.

It’s important to select the right time tracking solution. It should be intuitive for team adoption and easy to integrate. With accurate time data, you can make informed decisions and optimize project management within Basecamp.

Additional benefits of tracking time in Basecamp include:

  1. Improved productivity: With a Basecamp time tracking integration, team members, project managers, and team leaders can understand how their work hours are spent, identify time wasters, and focus on more productive activities.
  2. Accurate billing: Tracking time in Basecamp facilitates precise billing by ensuring every work hour on projects is accounted for and charged appropriately.
  3. Project cost estimation: With the help of time tracking data you can estimate the time required to complete projects. This will be very helpful in project planning and resource assignment.
  4. Resource assignment: Time tracking data allows for improved capacity planning, prevents tasks from taking longer than expected, and helps with workload management.
  5. Prioritization: Time tracking can reveal which tasks or projects are taking up the most time, which can help you prioritize the more urgent and high-impact tasks.
  6. Performance analysis: Tracking time in Basecamp provides valuable data that can be used for employee and team performance reviews and identify areas where it’s possible to improve
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  7. Profitability: You can quickly calculate the profitability of projects and clients. The accurate project cost tracking based on time tracking data helps to understand if projects are financially viable and your clients are profitable.
  8. Data-driven decisions: Time tracking in Basecamp provides valuable data that helps you to make informed decisions about project timelines, capacity planning, resource allocation, and project scope.
  9. Client communication: When shared and communicated with clients, the time-tracking data can demonstrate the work’s progress and justify the costs. It will significantly demonstrate transparency and consequently build trust in the client-employee relationship.
  10. Work-life balance: A work hours tracker that automatically tracks projects and tasks assists in monitoring work hours to establish a healthy work-life balance that prevents burnout.

Timeular: The best Basecamp time-tracking integration

Timeular is a standalone project time tracker adopted by over 50,000 users and thousands of teams globally (See the Timeular reviews and customer success stories). It seamlessly integrates with over 3,000 tools, including Basecamp, Clickup, Asana, and other project management software, providing easy and frictionless time tracking.

Let’s delve into the standout time tracking capabilities of Timeular:

The physical Tracker makes time tracking simple

There is no need to manually start or stop time tracking in your software. You can simply flip your custom hardware time Tracker cube which sits right on your desk to cultivate a consistent time-tracking routine.

The device lets you monitor 1,000+ different activities and is a perfect gift idea for your employees!

  • Please note: The Tracker isn’t mandatory to use the Timeular software – it’s a bonus! Consider it a fun extra that makes time tracking even simpler and more enjoyable!
Timeular Tracker

Track time in your preferred way

Choose the time tracking method that suits you best with Timeular. Whether you prefer using a physical time Tracker, keyboard shortcuts, or automatic tracking, Timeular ensures a seamless and speedy tracking process.

The result? Logging time in Basecamp becomes a breeze, taking under a minute a day!

  • Please note: The Timeular integration with Basecamp includes automatic time tracking which ensures that no time goes untracked, even if team members occasionally forget to log it.

Automatically track billable and non-billable hours

Timeular is a billable hours tracker. It lets you effortlessly tag tasks as either billable or non-billable, allowing for accurate tracking of time for every project and client. By assigning hourly rates to tasks or team members, costs are auto-calculated.

This aids in monitoring project expenses, guarantees precise invoicing, and offers a glimpse into your team’s productivity.

You can now maintain control over project budgets

Set the planned hours for each project or task (essentially setting a time budget), and we’ll alert you as you near those limits, helping you avoid exceeding costs and over-delivering to clients.

Immediate reports offer real-time insights

Comprehensive reporting features offer a range of filters and perspectives, giving you practical insights into productivity and the status of projects. Access to these in-depth reports doesn’t require additional fees or premium plan subscriptions.

Manage work hours and time off all in one spot

You can automatically track work time with zero effort or frustration. Plus, Timeular offers a smooth leave management system, allowing you to monitor and handle all types of leaves. It’s all in one!

Need to track overtime? We’ve got you covered!

Automatically log those additional hours for your project or team. The system auto-calculates both overtime and shortfall hours, based on set work schedules and recorded leaves.

Features summary

Integrating Timeular with Basecamp allows users to directly sync their tracked time entries with their tasks and projects recorded in Basecamp.

The Basecamp time tracking integration with Timeular provides valuable insights into how time is allocated across different tasks and projects. This data can help optimize efficiency and time management and boost team productivity.

Ultimately, the integration can help you increase the profitability of your business.

How to track time in Basecamp with Timeular 

You can easily integrate Timeular with Basecamp to efficiently enjoy the benefits of time tracking, and the best part is that you don’t even need coding skills to do it properly.

Follow these steps and you’re spot on with the perfect combination of Timeular and Basecamp:

Step 1: Sign-up

First, make sure you’re signed in to Basecamp. You can sign up for free if you haven’t set up a Timeular account yet. And if you’re new to Zapier or haven’t used it yet, go ahead and create a free account, which gives you up to 100 tasks per month at no cost.

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Create a free Timeular account

Try Timeular, which provides frictionless time tracking and seamlessly integrates with Basecamp

Step 2: Set up your “zap”

Start a new ‘Zap’ in Zapier, selecting Basecamp for the trigger (set it to “new task”) and Timeular for the action (pick “create activity”). To connect Timeular, you’ll need an API key. You can find this in Timeular by navigating to Settings > My Account > API and then selecting ‘Create a new API key’.

Step 3: Launch your integration

After the setup is complete, turn on your Zap. From this point, your Basecamp activities will sync with Timeular, ensuring time is recorded appropriately.

  • Refer to our Support article for detailed guidance on integrating Timeular with Zapier.

Watch the following video for step-by-step visual instructions:


Wrapping up, while Basecamp lacks native time tracking, Timeular time tracking software steps in to fill that gap, offering a seamless blend of time tracking and project management.

Timeular’s unique physical device and app provide detailed insights into task and project durations. By integrating Timeular with Basecamp, you enhance both time management and project coordination, potentially boosting productivity and business profitability.

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