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What are timesheet templates?

Timesheet templates are ready-to-use forms for tracking employee work hours. A standard timesheet template helps to monitor regular hours, overtime, vacation days, and breaks for a specific pay period.

Scroll down to uncover a full list of free timesheet templates: daily timesheet templates, hourly timesheet templates, and more. Each section includes a Microsoft Excel, a PDF file, and a Google Sheets template.

Did you know that tracking time manually actually steals your time?

Time tracking is one of those activities that can be easily automated. Instead of wasting several hours each month creating your timesheet report, automate time tracking to do it within just a minute a day.

Download FREE timesheet templates

Monthly timesheet template

A monthly timesheet template will help salaried employees track actual hours worked and monitor lunch breaks, overtime hours, time off, and sick days in a single place on a monthly basis.

With the implemented formulas, you can calculate actual hours worked to compare it with regular hours and calculate your monthly pay automatically.

Use the monthly timesheet template to:

  • Track progress on long-term projects effectively
  • Generate comprehensive monthly reports
  • Calculate overtime pay
  • Align with monthly billing cycles for accurate client invoicing
  • Provide an extended timeframe for performance evaluation

Download your monthly timesheet template:


Google Sheets template


Microsoft Excel template


Free printable PDF template

Don’t waste time on manual employee timesheets. Automate it today!

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Weekly timesheet template

A weekly timesheet template is your tool for keeping track of your work hours throughout the week. It helps you record when you start and finish work each day, as well as any breaks, overtime hours worked, or time off you take.

It’s designed to cover one week at a time, making it easy for you to manage and calculate your weekly hours for payroll and scheduling.

Use the weekly timesheet template to:

  • Effortlessly track employee work hours and lunch breaks on a weekly basis.
  • Track overtime hours, time off, and sick days within the weekly timeframe.
  • Centralize all time-related data for the week in one convenient location.
  • Take advantage of built-in formulas for automatic calculation of total hours worked and weekly pay.
  • Simplify payroll processing and ensure accuracy with automated calculations tailored to the weekly period.

Download your weekly timesheet template:


Google Sheets template


Microsoft Excel template


Free printable PDF template

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24-hour daily timesheet template

An hourly timesheet template is essential for meticulously tracking how you spend your time each day. It lets you record the start and end times of various activities or projects throughout the day, providing a detailed breakdown of your time usage.

With this detailed 24-hour daily timesheet template, you can effortlessly monitor your daily schedule and allocate time efficiently to different tasks or projects.

Use the hourly timesheet template to:

  • Monitor daily work hours, capturing start and end times for each shift
  • Track time spent on specific projects or tasks throughout the day
  • Meticulously plan your day by adding time blocks dedicated to each activity
  • Create paper timesheets to document daily activities and progress updates

Download your 24-hour daily timesheet template:


Google Sheets template


Microsoft Excel template


Free printable PDF template


Make time tracking simple for your team

“I would highly recommend Timeular for small teams like ours. Timeular has been a game-changer for us, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.” – Keith Reynolds, CEO of spokemedia.io

Freelancer timesheet template

Independent contractors often face the challenge of tracking billable time, especially when they work with multiple clients. But don’t worry- this template has you covered.

And here’s the best part: whether you prefer Google Sheets or Excel, you’ll love it because it comes packed with formulas that automatically calculate the total hours spent on a project and the total billable amount per client.

Use the freelancer timesheet template to:

  • Bill clients accurately
  • Input start and end times for each task or client project
  • Specify any breaks or interruptions in work
  • Utilize the template’s built-in formulas to calculate billable hours automatically
  • Assign rates to different tasks or clients for accurate pay calculations
  • Review the timesheet regularly to track progress, ensure accuracy, and streamline invoicing

Download your freelancer timesheet template:


Google Sheets template


Microsoft Excel template


Free printable PDF template

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Kasia assigns activities to her Tracker including blogging, personal development, conference work and preparing training materials. She marks activities as billable so that she knows exactly how much to charge at the end of the month.

Project timesheet template

A project timesheet template tracks time spent on individual projects or tasks. It includes sections for project details, date, start and end times, and breaks. This tool helps monitor progress, allocate resources, and ensure accurate billing.

Use the project timesheet template to:

  • Track time spent on individual projects or tasks
  • Monitor project progress and resource allocation
  • Ensure accurate billing for client or internal projects
  • Analyze project efficiency and identify areas for improvement
  • Streamline project management and scheduling

Download your project timesheet template:


Google Sheets template


Microsoft Excel template


Free printable PDF template

How an IT Team saves 10 hours a week thanks to Timeular

How the IT team at Bang&Olufsen saves 10 hours a week with Timeular?

“Timeular is a fantastic tool. Now that we efficiently track our time and know where each minute is going, task management has become more efficient, which has increased overall productivity within out team.”

Pros and cons of using timesheet templates

TL;DR: While manual timesheets may initially seem appealing, their limitations can ultimately impact your revenue growth and operational efficiency.

Low-cost or freeTime-consuming to fill out and manage
Simple and easy to implementProne to human error due to manual data entry
FlexibleLow employee’s buy-in
Limited scalability for larger teams
Challenging to maintain consistency among teams
Compliance risks
Lack of real-time data
Difficult to track and analyze trends

Manual timesheets offer certain advantages such as being low-cost or free, simple to implement, and flexible. However, they come with significant drawbacks.

These include being time-consuming to fill out and manage, prone to errors, and challenging to maintain consistency among teams.

Additionally, manual timesheets lack real-time data and scalability for larger teams, posing compliance risks and making tracking and analyzing trends difficult.

What’s the alternative to manual daily timesheets? A timesheet app!

Timeular is an automated time tracking software that reduces the time spent on creating timesheets to under 1 minute per day.

Automatic time tracking

Create a detailed timesheet automatically based on app usage, visited websites and calendar events.

Automatic time tracker
Billable hours tracking

Label your activities as billable or non-billable, add an hourly rate to each, and calculate billable hours automatically.

Billable hours tracker
Leave tracking

Combine all time-related matters within a single app. Track vacation days and all types of employee time off in one place.

Leave and PTO tracker
Team time tracking

Automatically collect detailed timesheets from your team in one place to create automated team time reports.

Team time tracker
3,000 Integrations

Connect Timeular to project management or payroll software to streamline your internal workflows.

AI Productivity insights

Discover your productivity patterns and make data-driven decision to better manage your time.

Productivity tracker

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How to track time with a timesheet template for different pay periods?

To track time for different pay periods, use multiple timesheet templates. Compiling a project timesheet for the entire team might be too challenging, though. To simplify the process, consider a timesheet app.

Which timesheet template should I choose?

Choose a daily timesheet template if you want to create a detailed timesheet for each day. Opt for a weekly timesheet template if your work is based on weekly pay periods. The monthly timesheet template will be the most suitable for monthly billing cycles. Just remember to fill out your timesheet templates daily to avoid potential inaccuracies and revenue loss from guesswork at month-end.

What should be included in an employee timesheet template?

An employee timesheet template should encompass the hours worked by each employee, accurately recording their daily activities, breaks, and rest periods. Additionally, it should automatically calculate any overtime hours worked and account for both paid time off (PTO) and sick days taken by the employee.