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Make your time count

We believe that too much time at work is spent on things that don’t bring value to ourselves and the people around us. This can negatively impact overall workplace happiness, job satisfaction and productivity levels.

Imagine if you were able to quantify your day and get actionable insights to improve how you spend your time, as simply as rolling a dice on your desk. With Timeular you can do just that. We’ve developed the most simple and accurate solution to track, understand and improve the value of your activities. These insights can help you to make changes to your working practices and create more space for the things that really matter – like spending time with family and friends, learning a new skill or pursuing a hobby.

Living the future of work today

Work can and should be challenging, but without having to sacrifice all the other good things in life. In recent years, workplaces have seen a shift towards greater employee flexibility – giving individuals more autonomy over their activities and time. With the transition to remote work picking up pace, the boundaries between home and work life are blurring, leading to increasing cases of burn-out and employee disengagement.

Getting better insights into how we spend our work time makes it easier to identify the changes we need to make in order to redesign our job and create positive outcomes, both for ourselves and our employer.

As more people become aware of the importance of taking control of their time, we believe that tools that help us manage our time will become just as important in helping us find balance as fitness and meditation apps already do. Now more than ever, that’s a vision we believe is worth fighting for.

Our story

Timeular was officially launched in 2016 following the success of a campaign we ran on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Our campaign was fully funded within the first 20 hours of launch, bringing the Timeular Tracker to life and propelling us on our mission to help people take control of their time.

Our roots are in Austria. Our team is global. We are 20 people, spread across 8 countries, working fully remote since launch. Timeular is used by over 50,000 individuals from all walks of life, including architects, project managers, lawyers, software developers and artists. Employees at some of the world’s leading companies including Google, SpaceX and Audi, are also using our platform to better manage their time and improve productivity.

You can try Timeular yourself. There are free desktop and mobile apps for our software, available for both individuals and teams. When used alongside the Timeular Tracker (the world’s first 8-sided tracking dice), seeing where your time is spent is as simple as flipping the dice from one side to the next. It’s never been easier to know how your time is spent and make the changes you need to unleash your potential.

Make your time count with us

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