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Unlocking time.

We aim to help 10M+ people to live a more healthy and rewarding work-life by unifying the best of time management analysis, knowledge and tools into one great product.

Working at Timeular means you fulfill your potential without sacrificing all the other good things in life.

The new world of work.

Increasing numbers of employees are gaining more autonomy over how they manage their work time, enabled by more flexible work schedules and the establishment of remote work.

With boundaries between private and work life blurring, and little knowledge and support for this ‘new normal’, cases of burn-out and employee disengagement are on the rise.

We enable people to improve their time management, protect their boundaries, and live a healthy and rewarding work-life.

Living the future of work.

Our team is fully remote since our launch in 2016, comprising 18 people across 9 countries.

We work when, where, and how we want, take up to 50 days off per year, respect your time in- and outside of work, communicate clearly, trust quickly, focus on making a positive difference for our customers, embrace transparency, enable autonomy, take responsibility, support and respect each other despite differences or mistakes made.

If this sounds like a place you want to be part of, we’re hiring!

Make your time count with us

With a shared passion for our vision we are united by our values and desire to solve one of the biggest problems of our work-lives. We hire talented people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and we’re committed to a work environment of respect and thoughtfulness.

Open positions:

Backend Engineer
  • Remote
  • Full-time
Product Growth Manager
  • Remote
  • Full-time

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