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Make your time count

We believe that too much time at work is spent on things that don’t bring value to ourselves and the people around us.

Our mission is to build the most simple and accurate solution to track, understand and improve the time and value of your activities – giving you the time to explore more valuable things in life.

Our story

Timeular launched in 2016 following the success of our Kickstarter campaign. The campaign was fully funded within the first 20 hours of launch, with supporters pledging almost €314,000 (>400% of our initial target) to bring the Timeular Tracker to life. 

We have over 50,000 users from all walks of life including architects, project managers, lawyers, software developers and artists. Employees at some of the world’s leading companies including Google, SpaceX and Audi are also using Timeular to better manage their time and improve productivity.

Our desktop and mobile apps allow people to access their data and track their time wherever they are, even when offline. It’s never been easier to know how your time is spent and make the changes you need to unleash your potential.

Living the future of work today

Work can and should be challenging, but without having to sacrifice all the other good things in life. The future of work is diverse, remote and about working smart, not hard.

Our roots are in Austria, our team is global. We are 20 people from 8 different countries, working remote since our launch.

Make your time count with us

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