Success story

How a marketing agency increased the ROI of projects and meetings

increase profitability

Unleash the full potential of your marketing agency by following the footsteps of 22GRAD, an award-winning German digital marketing agency that enhanced customer loyalty and elevated their meetings’ return on investment (ROI) with Timeular.

Felix, the innovative owner of the agency, champions a fair customer billing policy. Ditching fixed fees and retainers, they charge clients for each minute spent on a project—no more, no less. The key to making it work? Precise time documentation with almost 0 non-billable hours spent on tracking it.

Crystal-clear customer invoicing to increase loyalty

After comparing various solutions, Timeular emerged as the ultimate choice. Its easy-to-use interface, well-thought-through features, visually engaging project overviews, and optional but powerful note-taking capabilities make invoicing a breeze.

At the end of the month, Felix leverages Timeular’s quick filters and smart rounding features to compile the data needed for invoicing. He includes Timeular’s PDF export showing the services provided in detail to boost transparency and customer loyalty.

The precise reports give our customers a detailed overview about our services, which is key to get their approval and long-term trust.

Increase the ROI of projects and meetings

A surprising side-effect of using Timeular has recognized that internal meetings take up more time than they thought. Rather than cutting back and risking team morale, they brainstormed ways to enhance meeting value. Each meeting has a specific purpose, such as sharing learnings, group learning, or collaborative brainstorming, resulting in value-added activities.

The same approach applies to project ROI. Timeular’s simple reports helped the team identify inefficiencies and tackle them to boost future profits.

Run a more stable and satisfied team

Like all agencies, 22GRAD must constantly balance the number of active projects and agency size. Timeular’s transparency enabled them to bill more time, increase efficiency, and earn clients’ trust, encouraging them to return. All in all, increasing the agency’s stability and predictability. This, as a result, has lifted the pressure to cut back on internal meetings that foster team spirit – even if their ROI is less tangible. Win-win.

Want to replicate their success? Try Timeular for free, or book a 15-minute consultation to see how Timeular fits your team.