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Time Clock App: 100% Effortless, Smart, and Secure

Timeular is a smart time clock app for easy clocking in and out, tracking hours, and managing employee schedules. It automates timesheets and generates one-click reports for easy invoicing and HR tasks.

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Simple, smart and secure time clock app for you and your team

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Why choose Timeular as your time clock app?

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Clock in and out everywhere, anywhere

To track hours at work and time spent on specific tasks, use our desktop, mobile, or web app, or simply flip your Tracker. It works seamlessly, online and offline, no internet connection required.

Easily track time at work in your way

Choose your preferred method to track time: flip the Tracker, use keyboard shortcuts, or enjoy automatic tracking. Timeular adapts to your unique work style and helps to motivate employees to clock in their time every day.

track time of projects and tasks

Track time of projects and tasks

Effortlessly track time for tasks, projects, and clients. Set budgets per project and receive alerts to stay on top of hours, avoid undercharging and enhance employee scheduling.

calculate billable hourly rates

Calculate billable hours with a few clicks

Label activities as billable or non-billable, and set hourly rates for each task. This ensures accurate invoicing for all your project time, preventing undercharging and over-servicing.

track leaves and absences

Track all types of leaves and absences

Effortlessly monitor various types of leave and absences in one tool, including carryover, paid time off, sick leave, holidays, sabbaticals, and more. Monitor free time to keep your team motivated.

track overtime

Track overtime with ease

Take care of your team’s work hours and overtime. By setting work hours for each employee, you can effectively manage workloads, control overtime expenses, and ensure everyone’s well-being.

work hours reports

Create work hours reports with one click

Don’t chase employee timesheets ever again. Automatically see a comprehensive view of weekly, daily, and monthly hours clocked in, and generate one-click reports for hassle-free invoicing and payroll.

“When you have a lot of activities going on, you often forget when you started working on something. With the tracker in front of you, you are always aware of what’s being tracked.”

“I would highly recommend Timeular for small teams like ours. Timeular has been a game-changer for us, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

“We have become 20% more profitable because everyone is in the habit of time tracking.”

Timeular is a godsend for people like me who get easily distracted. No longer will I look back at my day and say “what was I doing between 10 am and 1 pm?

Timeular is the best thing since sliced bread. Unless you are billing your time tracking on top, get this tool.


It’s the right timesheet app for

Time clock app for employers

Timeular is a go-to time clock app for employers, helping you effortlessly track employee work hours, leaves, and overtime. It’s simple and user-friendly, making it a favorite for both employees and employers.

Time clock app for employees

Timeular has been claimed to be the most user-friendly employee time clock app that accommodates the needs of privacy, prevents micromanagement and is so easy that employees can enjoy tracking time again.


Your time clock app – key features you will love

Optional hardware Tracker

Experience hands-on time tracking and effortlessly monitor up to 1,000 activities by pairing the Timeular physical Tracker with our time tracking app.

Tracking time with a team

Boost collaboration for both on-site and remote teams. Share folders, leave notes and tags visible to all, and create individual and team reports.

Tracking project budget

Establish hourly rates and project budgets to ensure precise project time monitoring. Receive alerts when you’re nearing the limit and stop undercharging.

3,000+ integrations

Integrate Timeular with your favorite tools like Jira, Asana, Toggl, or Google Calendar for smooth task and project management, either through native options or your own API creations.

Offline tracking

Timeular is an online time clock which ensures monitoring your time anywhere you are, both online and offline. Your time tracking data synchronizes automatically once you’re back online.

Mobile app

You can track time on your Android and iOS devices, too. Our mobile time clock apps work as your companion to the desktop version, letting you track on-the-go, or as a simplified standalone option.

GDPR compliant 

In contrast to various other time clock apps, Timeular complies entirely with GDPR regulations, safeguarding data and upholding privacy rights.

Anti-surveillance system

To encourage honest tracking, Timeular introduces a 24-hour delay for managers to access the data, fostering a sense of privacy and trust.


Start tracking time with the most effortless time clock app

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What is a time clock app?

A time clock app is a tool that helps you keep track of when you start and finish work. It’s like a digital punch card where you can clock in and clock out to record your work hours accurately. This helps with tasks like attendance tracking and managing payroll.
Employee time clock helps managers with employee time tracking, task management and payroll reports.

Is Timeular a free time tracking app?

You can use Timeular as a free time clock app for 30 days. After the trial period, the pricing starts at 6.30 euro per month.

How to track team’s time in Timeular?

To track employee hours, invite all employees to Timeular and set up work hours individually for each team member. Ask employees to clock their time and align with the overtime rules. In your weekly reports, you will see each employee’s time card, including clock-in and clock-out information, hours worked per week, and time spent on specific tasks or projects. This will help you efficiently run payroll and summarise labor costs.

Is Timeular a good solution for small businesses to track hours worked?

Yes, Timeular is an employee time clock that has been created for small businesses and individuals alike. Small business owners use it to track employee hours, align with federal labor laws, and increase the productivity of their teams.