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Agency time tracking software: effortless, smart and secure

Track time with the agency time tracker that checks all your boxes, keeps up with your growth, and is so easy your team loves using it.

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Advanced features for smooth agency management

Time tracking for agencies that focus on growth, not on admin


Automatic and smart time tracking

Track time the way you want: automatically, manually, with a tracking gadget or keyboard shortcuts.


Track across all platforms

Easily add time-tracking to your existing infrastructure, not vice versa. Choose from the 3000+ integrations, among which are Asana, ClickUp, or Google Suite.


Anti-surveillance policy

Timeular doesn’t support screenshots or weaponizing tracked data. That’s why managers can see an employee’s time-tracking data with a 12-hour delay.


An agency timesheet software that truly makes it easy for you to track

Gain objective visibility into your agency’s efficiency by focusing on client projects. Automatically collect and deliver the insights you need for scaling. All data is stored securely only on your device.

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An agency tracking tool that turns invisible time into billable time

Invisible time spent on client work eats up agency profitability. Stay on top of project budgets by automatically capturing all billable hours.


Track automatically to bill accurately

Accurate billing is a byproduct of accurate timesheets, but you shouldn’t spend hours tracking time. Timeular captures your work automatically and reflects app usage, visited websites, and calendar events in your timesheet.


Create customizable reports

Advanced reporting easily reveals your most profitable clients and helps identify process gaps. Track billable hours and time across projects, clients, or activities to make decisions backed by accurate data, not guesstimating.


Enable team productivity

Besides juggling projects, your team needs to increase individual productivity, too. Timeular gives each team member access to time-tracking data to understand their work habits and reveal productive or unproductive patterns.


Plan based on capacity, not gut

Deliver projects, but don’t overlook your team’s availability. Timeular allows you to make capacity plans and project management decisions with your team’s leaves in mind.

time tracking cube

TACTILE time tracking

Agency time tracking with a physical Tracker

Among the automated ways to track time in Timeular, you can experiment with a hardware Tracker – an 8-sided dice that sits on your desk, and just by flipping it to a side, you track time on specific tasks.

How did Beilquadrat increase project revenue by 25% with Timeular?

While looking for a time-tracking solution to help them keep up with client demands and transparent reports, Beilquadrat found Timeular. The team loves using the Tracker, the app’s simple and modern interface, and the flexible reporting capabilities.


Is Timeular the best time-tracking tool for agencies?

We’ll leave this to our customers:

“Since we started using Timeular and tracking our time, we’ve never made another mistake in planning, creating accurate proposals or budgeting for clients. It’s so easy to use.”

“I love how robust Timeular is. It’s increased our ability to see what’s going on in the business and helped us understand what changes are needed to maintain profitability.”

“We all love using Timeular. It’s really easy to use and straightforward, especially if you haven’t done time tracking before. We actually enjoy using it and it’s so helpful.”

Timeular is a godsend for people like me who get easily distracted. No longer will I look back at my day and say “what was I doing between 10 am and 1 pm?

Timeular is the best thing since sliced bread. Unless you are billing your time tracking on top, get this tool.

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Agency time management software – features you need

Experience an easy-to-use and all-done-by-the-tool agency time-tracking software.

Billable time tracking

Track billable hours worked on each project and client in one click. Invoice 100% of time spent on work – for a fair billing process.

Time budget alerts

Get automated notifications as you approach or exceed certain time budgets on a project or activity. Keep agency profitability in check and project budgets intact.

AI time entry suggestions

Ditch manual tracking for automatic time tracking. Receive AI time entry suggestions based on your calendar event and past entries.

Desktop app, mobile app, web app

Use your time tracking software in the office, at a client’s site, both online and offline.

Overtime tracker

Make sure to protect your team members’ time and prevent burnout. Identify excessive workload and distribute it differently.

3000+ integrations

Calendar apps, project management software – integrate your time tracking tool with all others in one place.

Get your agency on track with automatic, secure, and smart tracking

Maximize agency profitability in the most seamless way

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Is Timeular for unlimited projects and users?

Timeular works as an agency timesheet software that allows for unlimited projects and team members. You can track time on all your projects in the free trial, too!

Can I use Timeular even if I don’t track billable time?

Yes, definitely! A time tracking software gives you access to valuable data, helping you become more efficient, scalable, and predictable, and shouldn’t be used only for billable tracking. It is recommended for time tracking apps to include features like billable hours as it helps understand time against profitability, but it is not mandatory.

How do we get our team members to buy into time-tracking software?

The biggest killer of agency time tracking is weaponizing time-tracking data. Start by explaining to your team the benefits a time tracking software for agencies brings: more free time as they won’t spend as much time cleaning their spreadsheets or pulling data to report accurately, better project management decisions, resource management, and even higher salaries.
What’s important to note is that the best time-tracking tool, like Timeular, will transform tracking time into a seamless process that is easy to adopt.