Slack Time Tracking: Easy & Accurate Integration

Author: Karolina Matyska

In today’s fast-paced business environment, communication is at the forefront of a team’s success and Slack is a great example of how a communication platform revolutionized the way teams work worldwide.

With its seamless chat, file sharing, and integration features, Slack has become the go-to choice for companies of all sizes, helping teams streamline communication. However, Slack is lacking an essential feature: time-tracking.

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For that reason, in this article, we’ll explore why tracking time in Slack is beneficial, and introduce a time tracking solution that can be easily integrated with Slack: Timeular. So, stick around to find the answers to your questions, and understand how this integration can enhance time management, and team productivity.

Does Slack include a time-tracking feature?

Slack does not include a native time-tracking feature as part of its core functions. To incorporate time-tracking, you’d need a Slack integration with a third-party tool.

Why tracking time with Slack

Interestingly, Slack is considered one of the top 10 apps to work from home on. There’s no doubt, as it’s a better alternative to traditional email threads, that can easily cause loss of information. Due to all communication being so accessible, its users started using it widely, and sometimes perform large chunks of their tasks within the app. However, with this large scale usage, may come some challenges, as well:

When a manager checks productivity metrics or needs to account for the duration of a specific task for future projects, forecasts, and process optimization, how do they know how much time the team needs in Slack?

One of the simple solutions, to have better insights into task-specific time and resource allocation, is Integrating Slack with a time tracking solution. The integration can improve productivity, facilitate time tracking of time devoted to specific tasks, and contribute to better task management overall.

Slack’s time tracking integration with Timeular

Choosing Timeular to manage time tracking within Slack is the best option for seamless integration. This solution allows you to overcome the challenges caused by not understanding the productivity and forecasting metrics you need.

Timeular is remarkable through a powerful and user-friendly timekeeping app, while it’s the only time-tracking tool with a physical-tracker. It has earned the trust of more than 50,000 users and numerous teams across the globe.

Physical tracker for easy time tracking

With a time-tracking cube on your desk, you and your team can effortlessly track over 1000 activities. No need to navigate to your time tracking or project management tool to manually start or stop tracking – simply flip the cube, cultivating a seamless time tracking habit.

  • Note that the Tracker is optional, designed to simplify the time tracking process and infuse some enjoyment into it.

Multiple tracking methods

Timeular provides flexibility in time tracking. You can choose the method that best suits your work style, whether it’s flipping the physical tracker, using keyboard shortcuts, or utilizing automatic time tracking.

These methods ensure a smooth and speedy tracking experience, significantly reducing the time spent on time tracking.

Project budget control

Keep project budgets in check by setting the planned hours for each project, also known as the project time budget. As a project time tracking software, Timeular will notify you when you approach certain limits, preventing overspending and ensuring client satisfaction.

Instant and complete reporting

Access versatile reporting features with various filters and views that offer actionable insights into productivity levels and project progress—no need for additional costs or higher-tier plans to access these valuable reports.

Accurate billable and non-billable hours

This billable hours app allows you to label tasks as billable or non-billable to monitor time spent on each project and client. By adding hourly rates to tasks or team members, the system automatically calculates costs. This simplifies project cost tracking, and accurate billing, and offers insights into team efficiency.

Tracking overtime

Timeular is an overtime tracker that automatically records extra hours worked, including both overtime and deficit hours, based on configured work schedules and requested leave. This feature ensures accurate accounting of time worked.

Leave management

Timeular serves as a leave and PTO tracking software, helping you manage various types of leaves to plan projects and workloads effectively.

Adaptability and versatility

Timeular caters to the diverse needs of individuals and teams across various industries and business sizes. The platform’s multifaceted functionality as a timer app, employee timesheet app, productivity time tracker, and work hours tracker showcases its ability to address a wide array of requirements.

The apps’ adaptability extends to businesses of any size, making it equally valuable for freelancers, small startups, and large corporations.

How to track time on Slack with Timeular

You can easily integrate Timeular with Slack through Zapier, by following the steps:

  1. Create a free Timeular account.
  2. Log into Zapier (you don’t have to pay for a subscription, as you can use it for free for up to 100 integrations. )
  3. To connect Timeular with Zapier, you’ll need an API key and a secret API. You can find these in Timeular > Settings > My Account > API > Create a new API key.
  4. Create a Zap to track your time on Slack with Timeular.
  5. Set up a new Zap. The trigger might create a new item on the board and the action will need to be set to start tracking time on Timeular.
  6. Happy tracking!


While Slack is great at fostering seamless communication, and is one of the best team communication apps, if you’re looking to check and improve metrics such as productivity and time management, you are not able to, as it does not have a timekeeping feature.

To address this need, integrating Slack with Timeular is the simplest and easiest action you could take.

It will first help in understanding your resource allocation, and inefficiencies in productivity, and contribute to financial management and project success, in turn.

Looking for the smoothest timer tracker for Slack?

You’ve just found it!


Does Slack track activity?

Slack can track user activity. When users are connected to and actively using Slack, the workspace Access Logs are updated every hour. People with the appropriate permissions, including owners and admins can view the number of people who have engaged with a specific message in Slack. This can be enabled or disabled at any moment.

Can you time a Slack message?

Yes, it’s possible to schedule a Slack message to be sent. To do this, after you compose your message as you normally would, click on the down arrow icon next to the “Send” button. This allows you to choose the date and time you want the message delivered.

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