The Best Focus And Concentration Apps

Author: Karolina Matyska

Managing constant notifications and distractions from various platforms can hold back productivity.

Constantly being interrupted and losing focus can have severe consequences:

  1. Reduced efficiency: losing focus can lead to increased time and effort spent on tasks, reducing overall efficiency and productivity.
  2. Mistakes and errors: lack of focus can result in more errors and mistakes in work, leading to rework, delays, and potential negative impacts on project outcomes.
  3. Missed opportunities: when the focus is lost, individuals may miss important information or opportunities, potentially hindering personal growth or missing critical project milestones.

Fortunately, there are many options to help us maintain a high level of attention.

Today, we will share our top list of focus and concentration apps.

The 11 best focus and concentration apps

1. Timeular

Timeular is an effortless and accurate timekeeping software designed for teams and individuals. The app helps you analyze how you spend your time to improve productivity. 

Timeular gives detailed information and insights to analyze your time allocation and identify time wasters and areas for improvement.

This is how time tracking boosts your concentration

  1. Accountability: knowing that your time is being tracked can make you more accountable for how you use it. This sense of accountability can motivate you to stay focused and avoid distractions.
  2. Efficient time management: if you have an insight into where your time is going, it’s easier to improve your time management, schedule breaks, and allocate the most difficult tasks when you’re more awake.
  3. Identifying peak productivity hours: through time tracking, you can identify your peak productivity hours when you are most focused and alert. Scheduling important tasks during these times can significantly improve concentration and output.
  4. Learning from patterns: over time, time-tracking data can reveal patterns in your work habits. You can analyze the data to identify trends and make adjustments to improve your concentration and efficiency further.

But time tracking itself won’t help you to be more focused by itself. You also need a tool that is intuitive and easy to use. Otherwise, you’ll spend your precious time and focus trying to understand a clunky app or manually filling a time report.

Why Timeular is the best time tracking tool you can use

  • Easy time tracking thanks to Timeular’s interface, which is intuitive and easy to set up.
  • Available for Desktop on macOS, Windows & Linux, or use the Web App.
  • Mobile companion app available on iOS & Android.
  • Up to 3,000 integrations.
  • Manual time tracking – track time with a time management cube that connects to the software. 
  • A project time tracker that allows you to record and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Sends customer reminders
  • Add tags and notes to your time entries.
  • Accurate reporting: automate time tracking reports and customize them according to your requirements, analyze trends, and spot time-consuming activities.
  • Automatic time tracking helps you to save time when time tracking.

“I love Timeular’s reporting tool. It’s very graphic and the visuals really help me understand how things are going. The colours make it easy to digest too. I can filter, export and share as I wish and that’s really important.”

Richard Wingfield, Head Geek at Envision Design

Boost your focus and concentration with Timeular!

Spend less time on unnecessary tasks. Work on what matters the most and achieve your goals faster while doing less!

Multiple time tracking methods

Timeular makes time tracking effortless because you can track with multiple methods:

  • Flipping the time tracking dice – hardware that you can flip to start tracking up to 1,000 activities 
  • Enabling automated time tracking – do your task, and Timeular will record your work on the background
  • Using keyboard shortcuts

Ideal for teams and individuals

Timeular is an ideal solution suitable for both teams and individuals. It enables time tracking with the added flexibility of customizing entries using notes and tags, which can be shared across the entire team. Collaborative time tracking is facilitated through shared folders, and the platform allows the creation of comprehensive reports for individual and team activities.

The Timeular Tracker

Timeular is widely known for its physical Tracker that connects to the app via Bluetooth. As you can easily customize it through colorful stickers and pens, the 8-sided dice serve as a physical reminder that sits on your desk. Timeular Tracker works offline and can track up to 1000 activities with just 8 sides. Simply leave one or more sides of your Tracker empty. Every empty side will act like a joker side. It will open Quicktrack and let you choose what you want to track.

Note that you don’t need the Tracker to use Timeular software.

“When you have a lot of simultaneous activities going on, you often forget when you started working on something. With the tracker in front of you, you are always aware of what’s being tracked.”

Roman Haag, Partner at iAgentur
time tracker

Make time tracking tactile! Use the Timeular Tracker

A fun and intutive 8-sided device that help you building you time tracking habit.

Overall, Timeular provides an effortless way to track time to help you become more aware of your time usage, giving you space and time to make improvements for increased productivity and focus.

The application pricing starts at 6.30€ per month if billed annually or 8€ monthly. 

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2. Trello

Widely used as an online free digital planner, Trello is a list-making app that allows you to easily manage and track the progress of your tasks by using different boards, lists, and cards. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes moving tasks around the board easy and simple. 

Trello’s interface allows you to customize each board, define columns based on your project, assign cards to different team members, and add additional tags and labels to differentiate projects.

Through its visual organization, you can monitor project development. So, it is a very visual and collaborative tool for project management with a simple solution for teams. It also supports integrations with other applications. 

Trello’s plans go from the free option to a 10$ per user premium and enterprise plan, costing 17.50$ per user. 

In summary, Trello’s visual organization, task prioritization, collaboration features, and emphasis on accountability can contribute to increased focus and concentration.

By utilizing this work prioritization tool effectively, individuals and teams can streamline their work processes and stay on top of their tasks, leading to improved productivity and a clearer mind for more focused work.

TIP: Improve your focus and concentration by tracking time in Trello.

3. Notion

A must-have productivity tool for Mac users, Notion is a versatile app that combines different features to help users organize their work while being collaborative.

Its customizable workspace allows users to take notes, create tables, and content blocks, and develop collaborative boards for project management purposes. 

It has a variety of templates, which allow you to customize your workspace according to your current needs, create to-do lists, set deadlines, track progress, and manage projects more effectively. It is also available on desktop and mobile and integrates with other apps such as Trello and Google, among others. 

Notion has a free plan option with features and other options, including alternatives for companies, starting at 15$ per user. 

In conclusion, Notion is one of the greatest focus apps due to its flexible organization, customizable templates, task management features, and focus mode that contribute to increased focus and concentration.

By leveraging Notion effectively, you can streamline your work processes, manage tasks efficiently, and create an environment that supports deep focus and productivity.

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4. Todoist

Todoist is a top-rated app that helps you stay organized through, as the name says, to-do lists. It is a very focused booster app that aims to help people feel less overwhelmed with tasks by organizing and prioritizing them on the application. 

As you create tasks on the app, you can set due dates, organize them into different projects, and assign priority levels to each. Todoist provides a series of tools for managing tasks and lists, such as role assignment features, timelines, and budgeting. 

The Todoist free plan allows users to create up to five projects with five collaborators. 

In summary, Todoist simplicity, task prioritization features, project organization, and collaboration capabilities help users to organize themselves and have more time to focus on what matters.

By utilizing Todoist effectively, you can optimize your workload management, avoid distractions, and stay on track with your goals, leading to improved productivity and maximized focus in both personal and professional endeavors.

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5. Things3

A personal task management app that helps users plan their daily tasks and organize projects. It is specially designed for iOS, so it is very easy to integrate with Apple devices.

Things3 is very intuitive, with a clean interface, and allows you to categorize tasks and organize projects accordingly to stay productive daily.

Things3 app pricing starts at 9.99$ for iPhone and 49.99$ for Mac users. 

Things 3 is a practical app to increase focus and concentration due to its intuitive design, task organization features, and support for checklists. Things3 also has a focus mode to help users avoid time-wasting activities and notifications.

By utilizing Things 3 effectively, you can streamline your task management, prioritize effectively, and maintain a clear mind, resulting in improved productivity and better focus on your goals and responsibilities.

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6. Forest

Forest provides a different, more sustainable way for users to concentrate and maintain productivity by helping them to stay away from their phones and focus on their tasks without distractions.

Widely used as a Pomodo timer app, the app works as simple as this: whenever the user wants to focus, he plants a tree, which represents focus time. 

As long as the user stays on the app and avoids using the phone, the tree continues to grow and flourish during the chosen focus time. The tree dies if the user exits the app to use the phone.

Besides the gamification and sustainable approach to keep users focused, the app also provides some insights into the user’s productivity habits. It is a very playful way to stay focused and increase productivity. 

This is a top-notch software to boost focus and concentration which is available for Android and iOS users, as well as a Google Chrome extension. 

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7. MindMeister 


MindMeister is a versatile and top team management tool that allows users to brainstorm and share thoughts and ideas through mind mapping.

One of its key differentials is the real-time collaboration feature, which allows multiple users to edit the map during sessions. It is very easy to integrate with other tools, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Teams. 

MindMeister’s visual organization, brainstorming capabilities, hierarchical structure, collaboration features, and focus mode make it an excellent way to maximize concentration and focus.

With MindMeister, you and your team can streamline idea generation, manage complex projects, and maintain a clear and organized approach to your tasks, leading to improved productivity and enhanced focus on your goals.

8. Freedom

Freedom is an effective and reliable tool to increase focus and concentration because it frees users from notifications and distractions which also leads to increased productivity. 

The Freedom app allows users to select the devices and applications that will be blocked during scheduled sessions according to their needs and demands.

The app is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS and can sync blocks across multiple devices. 

The app offers a free trial session and plans to start at 8.99$ per month.

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9. Slack


Slack is a very popular communication tool and one of the most used working-from-home apps. It’s well known for its collaborative use.

It offers real-time messaging, file sharing, and many integrations with different tools and platforms. Users can create different channels dedicated to their different projects and assignments and make video and voice calls, which help teams concentrate their tasks and demands in one place. 

The group communication app supports different integrations through its API, which enables teams to automate repetitive and manual administrative tasks, streamline workflows, and improve productivity. 

Slack is very easy to use on desktop and mobile and it is customizable and very efficient for collaborative work. You can use the application for free with some limited integrations and features. 

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10. Asana

Asana is an effective project management and workload management software. It helps teams and individuals to organize and manage their projects and tasks, streamlining workflows. 

A good AI tool for productivity, Asana allows you to create tasks for different team members, set due dates, track their progress and updates, and add detailed descriptions to each task. Through its functionalities, users can prioritize and focus on the most important and urgent tasks, which helps them stay on track and meet deadlines, as well as improve productivity. 

Asana easily integrates with various apps and platforms and provides reporting features and a collection of project templates. Premium plans start at 10.99€ per user, but the platform offers a free plan.

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11. Google Workspace

One of the top-of-mind choices when we think about productivity and organization applications is Google Workspace. It provides a wide range of well-known apps and tools to help users organize, plan and manage their tasks.

Some of the tools that can be found on Google Workspace:  

  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Meet

One of the most significant benefits of Google Workspace is its cloud-based nature, which allows collaborative work and easy access to files. The integrated suite of applications also streamlines workflows which makes it easier for users to share and access files and information from different users.

It is also compatible with Windows and Mac, allowing collaborations across different devices. Google Workspace pricing plans start at 5,75€ per user. 

TIP: Learn how to track time in Google Calendar to increase focus and boost productivity.

How to choose a top app to increase focus and concentration? 

  • Identify your main goals: before making a choice, it is essential to be sure of your and your team’s needs. What exactly are you looking for? Do you want to improve time tracking? Do you need easy integration? Are you looking for a more collaborative tool? These are important questions to answer before deciding on which productivity app is the best for you.  
  • Consider compatibility and integration: compatibility and integration options will help you narrow your choices to a more realistic list of focus and productivity apps that could be useful for you and your team. The application must support integrations with your other apps and it provides seamless integration. 
  • Try it before you buy it: take advantage of the free trial options that many apps offer so that you have the time to use the application, understand it, and ensure that it is a simple and efficient tool that provides everything you need.  
  • Have a look at the reviews: while researching the best apps for focus and productivity, remember to consider other users’ opinions on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and other websites. You can catch a lot of helpful feedback regarding usability, real-life experiences as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the applications.  
  • Pricing: many apps offer free and paid versions with different features, conditions, and subscription plans. Your budget is also an essential element to consider in the decision-making process. Assess your expectations and needs and how each app could help you achieve them.


It is well known that there are several good options in the market. When choosing a productivity and focus app for your team, consider your needs and gather information to make the best decision.

Narrow down your options to find apps that match your requirements. Check reviews from others before downloading or purchasing an app.

Remember that when it comes to productivity and focus apps, there is no unique solution; instead, there is a solution that suits you best and allows you to improve your current productivity.

That is why evaluating your options, reviewing requirements, and considering priorities is important. 

Use this advice to your advantage and boost your concentration, focus, and productivity to higher levels.

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