20 Free Time Management Templates to Uplift Your Productivity

Author: Karolina Matyska

Alright, let’s ditch the formalities and get real about time management. We’ve all been there, juggling multiple projects, feeling overwhelmed by the endless to-do lists, and wondering if there’s a better way to tackle it all.

Is there?

Try time management templates that will guide you through your day, help you prioritize tasks, and keep you on track to conquer even the most daunting projects.

With the right time management strategy and time management tools at your disposal, you’ll unlock a whole new level of productivity.

So, let’s cut through the clutter and dive into time management templates. It’s time to take charge of your tasks and transform the way you work.

TIP: Instead of filling in timesheets, you can calculate your work hours with a time tracking app or a free Time Card Calculator.

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What is a time management template?

Time management templates are your go-to tools for keeping your schedule on track. Whether it’s a weekly schedule template, a monthly schedule template, or a simple to-do list, these templates help you organize your time efficiently.

They allow you to:

Free timesheet templates

Timesheet templates are invaluable tools for effective time management. These simple templates help improve time management skills by providing:

  • a structured format to track time spent on tasks;
  • helping you avoid wasted time;
  • identify opportunities for optimization.

Whether you want to calculate work hours or keep tabs on overtime hours and overtime pay, these templates streamline the process, ensuring accurate recording of your efforts.

With various options available, such as monthly, weekly, 24-hour daily, employee, freelancer, and project timesheet templates, you’re bound to find one that suits your specific needs.

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1. Free monthly timesheet template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

free monthly timesheet template

The monthly timesheet template is a practical template designed to help you monitor your time spent on various tasks throughout the month.

To make the most of it, diligently record each task you undertake and the corresponding amount of time spent on it daily.

This systematic approach ensures accurate tracking of how much time you allocate to different tasks, enabling you to gain valuable insights into your time management habits and optimize your workflow accordingly.

2. Weekly time tracking template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

weekly time management template

The weekly timesheet template is free to download and helps you with accurate time tracking. It provides a straightforward method for tracking your time dedicated to different tasks and projects over a week.

Simply record the time you start and stop working on a specific task or project to maintain an accurate record of your weekly tasks.

Use the template to pinpoint where your time is being invested most and make informed decisions to enhance your productivity week by week.

Make time tracking as simple as it gets

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3. Free 24-hour daily time tracker template example (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

free 24h daily timesheet template

The free 24-hour daily timesheet template is perfect for meticulous time tracking and task management throughout each day.

With its comprehensive layout, you can record your tasks and time hour by hour, using it as a daily planner template.

Unlike weekly or monthly templates, this timesheet template provides a detailed breakdown of your activities, offering insights into how you utilize every moment of the day.

Utilize it to log your daily working hours, pinpoint time wasters, and optimize your schedule for maximum efficiency.

4. Free daily employee timesheet template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

daily employee timesheet template

The free employee time tracking spreadsheet is an essential resource for efficient time tracking within a team setting.

Designed to streamline employee time management, this template allows team leaders to collect time entries from the entire team within one daily timesheet.

If you are looking for a more automated way to track time with your team, try Timeular – the effortless, smart, and secure team time tracking app.

5. Freelancer time tracker sheet template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

time management templates

The freelancer time tracker sheet template is a simple template tailored to meet the unique needs of independent professionals.

With its user-friendly interface, freelancers can easily log their activities and track the time dedicated to each task. By maintaining an accurate activity log, freelancers can efficiently manage their workload, prioritize tasks, and ensure timely delivery of projects.

Whether you’re a writer, designer, or consultant, this template empowers you to stay organized and maximize productivity in your freelance endeavors.

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6. Free project time tracker template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

time management sheets

The project time tracker Excel template, also available in Google Sheets and PDF, is tailored to project managers and team members who monitor task progress and specific project deliverables.

Designed for project-based work, it enables users to log detailed tasks for each project and track time spent on them. With a clear overview of tasks and time allocation, it facilitates efficient resource allocation, ensuring the timely completion of tasks based on project objectives.

Free billable hours templates

Billable hours templates are designed to assist you in accurately tracking how much time you and your team spend on billable tasks and projects.

Whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, or project manager, these templates enable you to document your billable hours effectively, ensuring precise invoicing and maximizing revenue. In fact, billable time tracking helps you increase billable hours and it is an effective way to increase revenue from existing customers.

Below, you’ll find a range of billable hours templates tailored to different needs, including daily, weekly, and monthly formats, catering to various work styles and preferences.

You can copy and customize each template, add notes, or categorize your tasks.


7. Daily billable hours template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

time management sheet

With the daily billable hours template you will manually record how much time you spend on billable tasks during the day.

Write down the start and finish times, summarise hours spent on each activity, sign it, and forward it to your supervisor at the end of the day, aligning with your company’s timekeeping policy.

This time management template comes in three formats: Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF.

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8. Weekly billable hours template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

weekly billable hours template

The weekly billable hours template is your reliable companion for tracking work hours and billable tasks throughout the week.

From Monday to Friday, enter the start time, finish time, duration, and task name, and add notes, if needed. At the end of the week, simply review and sign off on your entries before submitting them to your supervisor.

With options available in Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF formats, this time management template ensures seamless integration into your time management plan, empowering you to stay organized and accountable for your billable hours.

9. Monthly billable hours template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

free monthly billable hours template

The monthly billable hours template example is a template for tracking every billable work hour throughout the month.

It provides columns for dates, start and end times, breaks, regular hours, PTO, sick days, and overtime but you can adjust it according to your needs. Simply copy the file or download it to your device.

Keeping this template up to date not only ensures accurate client billing, but also helps you with proper time estimation for next projects, and helps you stay on top of your workload.

Plus, this free time management template is available in Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF formats, so pick your favorite and get organized!

10. Daily attorney billable hours template (24-hour) (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

time management daily time tracker template

The daily attorney billable hours template (24-hour) is a time management template tailored specifically for legal professionals to meticulously track billable hours daily.

This template features essential fields such as Attorney Name, Client Name, Case Number, and Hourly Rate, ensuring accurate and efficient documentation of legal work.

With its 24-hour format, it accommodates the round-the-clock nature of legal practice, enabling attorneys to record their billable time seamlessly.

This template provides a structured and organized approach to managing legal billing, whether you’re logging consultation hours, drafting documents, or attending court hearings.

11. Weekly attorney billable hours template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

weekly attorney billable hours template

Tailored specifically for weekly use, this weekly attorney billable hours template allows attorneys to effectively track their work hours from Monday to Sunday.

With designated fields for recording tasks, work hours, and additional notes, it facilitates detailed documentation of billable activities throughout the week.

Whether it’s preparing briefs, conducting research, or meeting with clients, this template provides a structured approach to managing billable time, enhancing productivity, and ensuring accurate invoicing.

12. Monthly attorney billable hours template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

monthly attorney billable hours template

The monthly attorney billable hours template streamlines time management and client billing with separate tables for each week.

It offers a comprehensive overview of tasks, hours worked, and client details, ensuring accuracy in invoicing.

This structured approach enhances productivity for attorneys, making it easier to manage workload and bill clients efficiently at month-end.

Free time blocking templates

Time blocking is a strategy where you divide your day into designated time blocks, each dedicated to specific tasks or activities, helping you manage your time effectively and prioritize important tasks.

Time blocking templates offer structured frameworks for this technique, with sections representing different time blocking intervals.

By scheduling tasks in advance and allocating them to appropriate time blocks, you create a time budget and a clear visual schedule that helps you prioritize tasks, minimize distractions, and make the most of your day.

13. Daily time blocking template with a to-do list (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

daily time blocking template

This daily template for time blocking will help you introduce the time block strategy into your daily routine.

How does it work? First, enlist the most important tasks you need to work on during the day. Then, assign a full time block and budget to each of them and decide which time blocks you want to work on first. This will help you plan your work and focus on one thing at a time, with a deadline in mind.

This time management template comes in three formats: Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF. Copy or download it to adjust the daily time budget template to your daily routine.

14. Weekly time blocking template with a to-do list (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

weekly time blocking template

The weekly time blocking template helps to organize your time budget effectively. By breaking down your schedule into time blocks, you can allocate time to specific tasks and activities throughout the week.

This approach ensures that important tasks are prioritized and completed within designated time blocks.

By focusing on the entire week at once, you gain a comprehensive view of your daily schedule, allowing for better time management and prioritization of tasks.

Consistently using time blocks for tasks can enhance productivity and ensure that you make the most of each week.

15. Monthly time blocking template with a to-do list (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

monthly time blocking template

With monthly time blocking templates with a to do-list, you gain control and clarity over your busy schedule, especially when tackling larger projects.

By breaking down tasks into manageable time blocks spread across the month, you can focus on what truly matters.

This task-based approach empowers you to allocate your time wisely, ensuring steady progress toward your goals while maintaining balance and reducing work overload.

Download one of the monthly time blocking templates: Excel, Google Sheets, or PDF to maximize efficiency, complete tasks on time, and make the most of your time.

Free schedule templates

Designed to streamline your daily schedule, free schedule templates offer a straightforward approach to organizing your time and work schedule throughout the day, week, or month, like in a paper calendar.

Each time management schedule template listed below features a dedicated space for:

  • Assigning the main focus of the day, week, or month

  • Your to-do list

  • Meetings and tasks to be handled during a specific period.

All time management templates come in three different formats: Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and PDF.

16. Monthly schedule template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

monthly schedule template

This simple monthly schedule template is ideal for scheduling your tasks every month. Whether used as a calendar or a top free digital planner, it helps manage your busy schedule, plan, and meet deadlines.

The template features a calendar-like design and is adaptable for every month of the year – simply make a copy and enter the desired month to schedule time accordingly.

This planner template is available in three formats: Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF, download it and customize it to your specific needs.

17. Weekly schedule template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

weekly schedule template

The weekly schedule template is perfect if you prefer organizing your meetings and tasks within a weekly timeframe.

Utilize the to-do list to jot down all tasks requiring attention throughout the week and allocate upcoming work to specific weekdays.

The schedule template provides a clear overview of your week, allowing you to prioritize the most important focus for each day.

As for each planner template in this collection, it’s available in three formats: Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF.

18. Daily schedule template (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

time management schedule template – daily

The daily schedule template assists you in planning each day in a productive way. With our intuitive daily planner template, you can simplify your routine and effortlessly take control of your time.

Designed to streamline your day, our template includes sections for daily tasks, appointments, and priorities.

Daily schedule templates are available in three formats (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, PDF) and work like a daily planner where you can input daily tasks and meetings.

19. Daily employee schedule templates (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

time management templates – daily employee

Get a quick overview of your team’s work with a simple daily employee schedule, featuring columns like Start time, Finish time, and Break for all team members on a single sheet.

With a clear overview of your team members’ work time, you will be able to schedule time, track tasks and their progress, and allocate time budgets more efficiently for both big and smaller tasks.

This schedule template is available in three versions: Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF.

20. Weekly employee schedule templates (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF)

weekly employee schedule

Similar to the daily employee schedule template, this weekly employee schedule template assists in organizing your team’s work weekly.

Assign start and end times for each employee throughout the week and calculate total hours at week’s end.

With weekly and daily schedule templates, employee time management becomes simpler, offering visibility into their working hours and making sure you are all on the same page.

Time management template and productivity

Time management templates help you improve your productivity and stay focused. They allow you to examine your time more closely and determine whether it’s being spent efficiently.

  • Timesheet templates and billable hours templates help you keep your billable time in check.

  • Time blocking templates help you introduce one of the best time management techniques.

  • Tracking your time with schedule templates gives you a full perspective on all the planned activities.

But using all those time management templates means you need to add time entries manually. This, however, is usually pretty time-consuming, and – well, let’s be honest – it’s boring, too.

To escape the mundane work of creating your activity log manually, try Timeular – an automated time tracking app that streamlines time management for you and other team members.

Alternative to time management templates

I bet you were hoping to improve your planning and productivity by searching for time management templates. Am I right? If so, trust me, there is a better way to optimize your work – Try one of the best time management apps, Timeular.

Timeular is an:

Three main benefits of using a time tracking app like Timeular?

  1. You don’t need to manually track your time, billable hours, or overtime. You don’t even need to send timesheet reminders anymore. Timeular does it for you.

  2. There is no longer a need to fill in paper or digital timesheets. The boring part of the process is performed for you.

  3. It speeds up the time reporting process so that you spend no more than 1 minute a day tracking your time.

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How using time management templates can help me improve time management skills?

Time management templates streamline manual time tracking, which is an essential part of time management. Tracking your time helps you understand where your time goes, what tasks consume too much of your time, and which projects need more attention.

What is a time block?

A time block is when you set aside a specific time to do one thing, and it’s part of time blocking, a method of scheduling your day by allocating fixed time blocks for different projects or activities, making it easier to manage your time in a productive way.

What is the best time management template?

There is no one-fit-all time management template. Choose your own set of templates from the Timeular’s collection featuring a daily schedule template, weekly schedule template, monthly schedule template, time blocking templates with a to do-list, and many more.

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