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Workforce Management Software

Automate time and attendance tracking, manage absences with ease and stay on top of regulatory compliance with Timeular, an effortless workforce monitoring software.

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All you need from a workforce management software, centralized

Stop using disjointed tools to manage your workforce. Easily stay on top of business demands with an automatic, smart, and secure software solution that includes key features to enhance productivity, report accurately, and decrease labor costs.

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Work hours

Track attendance easily by setting individual or team work hours.

Leave and PTO

Track and manage all types of leaves and export your payroll report.

Overtime hours

Capture overtime automatically to comply with regulations regarding overtime pay.

Automated time tracking

Reduce payroll and reporting errors with automatic time-tracking powered by AI.

Time budgets

Set time budgets on tasks, and get notified once your team reaches a limit.

Customizable reports

Generate simple reports in one click, to gain workforce insights in real-time.

SMOOTH Attendance tracking

Set work hours for you team

Ensure workforce efficiency and availability by simply setting the amount of hours and days they need to work. Configure work hours either individually or for all members at once.

smart time tracking

Capture time automatically

Make it easy for your employees to fill timesheets in less than a minute a day. Timeular automatically records time spent on tasks, visited websites, app usage, and calendar events without manual input.

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Manage absences with ease

Easily manage PTO, sick days, and all types of leaves for your entire workforce. Set individual leave quotas, and you’ll receive alerts upon new requests, as well as approve or deny them.

Time budget notifications

Address risks proactively

Under- and over-staffing are more frequent than you’d want. Solve these by allocating a time budget to a project and proactively take measures once limits surpass pre-set limits.

Customized analytics

Analyze workforce data

Surface real-time insights you can act on to meet business demand. Timeular generates interactive reports by project, client, or activity.

Intuitive workforce management software

Drive employee engagement with automatic yet simple time tracking

Successful workforce management starts with robust time tracking. Timeular was primarily built as a time tracker and offers multiple ways of tracking time to match all preferences. So, there’s no way you’ll miss any tracked employee data.

TACTILE time tracking

Unique physical Tracker

Timeular is the only workforce management software with a time-tracking gadget. It’s a physical dice with 8 sides, which, once flipped to another side, starts tracking a different task.

AI driven time tracking

AI time entry suggestions

Your team can effortlessly track time using AI time entry suggestions based on calendar events and past entries.

TACTILE time tracking

One shortcut from anywhere

Tracking time in Timeular is as simple as hitting a global shortcut and then choosing the task they’re working on and timesheet complete.

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Is Timeular the best workforce management system?

Join over 100,000 users who’ve chosen Timeular as their workforce management software. Here’s what our customers are saying:

“Timeular is an essential tool for us at Kiwa. It provides an amazing overview and is currently helping us to improve our efficiency.”

“This is really helpful with resource planning as it shows us who has capacity and who has upcoming time off.”

“I needed an efficient leave tracker. Timeular exceeded my expectations with its simplicity and effectiveness. Managing leaves is now a breeze.”

Timeular is a godsend for people like me who get easily distracted. No longer will I look back at my day and say “what was I doing between 10 am and 1 pm?

Timeular is the best thing since sliced bread. Unless you are billing your time tracking on top, get this tool.

Do you prefer to watch than to read?

Let us show you within 15-30min how Timeular works and its ROI for your company


Why is Timeular the go-to choice among other workforce management solutions?

With so many workforce management tools out there and shiny key features, here’s what makes Timeular the best workforce management software.


Easy to meet regulatory compliance

Abide by labor laws with a tool that checks all compliance metrics


Anti-surveillance policy

No employee monitoring, screenshots, or idle time detection


Broad integration capabilities

3000+ apps, including payroll processing or benefits administration tools


Intuitive interface

Clean calendar-like interface and simple dashboards


Fully automated

Operations done with one click only



Clock in and out on desktop or mobile, in the office, or not

Start managing your workforce with a smarter and fully automated app

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What is workforce management?

Workforce management, or WFM, is the practice of ensuring that an organization meets operational efficiency by strategically planning its human resources. In other words, it organizes its business operations to have the right number of staff in the right place at the right time. The workforce management implementation process involves forecasting the amount of work that needs to be done, scheduling staff to meet business demands, and adjusting staffing levels as needed.

What is workforce management software?

Workforce Management Software (WMS) describes tools that help manage staff and includes different functionalities leading to organizational success. The right workforce management software will include task scheduling and time tracking, labor analytics, and attendance tracking. A WMS enhances data-driven decisions, operational efficiency, and employee productivity. Workforce management software selecting is not an easy process, as it needs to fill multiple functions, however, make sure it includes all key features you need to improve operational efficiency.

What are the advantages of an employee management system?

One of the benefits of a Workforce Management solution is bringing real-time insights into your workforce dynamics. In turn, it facilitates a proactive approach to managing resources, better task management, and overall and effective workforce management. Another benefit brought by the right workforce management software is cost reduction. Automatic time-tracking, scheduling, and talent management in real-time naturally drive optimized labor costs, easier payroll processing, and compliance management for labor laws. Workforce management solutions contribute to employee engagement and satisfaction, too.

How much does a workforce management system cost?

The workforce management software cost depends on the brand or use cases. Make your analysis based on your needs, too; if your organization is small to medium, it won’t make sense to acquire enterprise workforce management software. Timeular, for example, is a comprehensive workforce management solution, and its pricing starts at $7.50 per user/month.

Is Timeular an HR solution, or does it differ?

Partly, yes, but there are core HR functions for which we’d recommend using HR software designed for these purposes. While Timeular helps with robust attendance tracking, better task management, absence management, reporting for payroll, and benefits administration, it is not a global payroll software solution. The other core HR functions you’d need tools for are managing contracts, payroll management, and talent acquisition.