HubSpot Time-Tracking Integration in 1 minute

Author: Karolina Matyska

HubSpot is one of the leading CRM platforms on the market, widely used for its marketing and sales automation functionalities. While HubSpot excels at its main features, it falls short when it comes to providing a comprehensive time-tracking solution.

If you’re looking to track time in HubSpot though, we’re expanding into why it is important and how you could do so, by effortlessly integrating it with the only time tracking software that has a physical trackerTimeular.

So, stick around to get your questions answered, and get clarity on the impact a time-tracking tool merged with your preferred CRM can have on your business!

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Looking for a fast, simple and accurate way to track time in HubSpot?

Does HubSpot provide native time-tracking functionalities?

No, HubSpot does not have a built-in time-tracking feature. However, it can easily be connected with a standalone time tracking tool like Timeular that will bridge this gap and automatically track time of projects and tasks.

Why track time in HubSpot?

  • Accurate client billing: For service-based businesses, accurately tracking billable hours is essential. A good billable hours tracker ensures precise time records, reduces disputes, and gives you more negotiation leverage.
  • Project management: A project time tracker provides project managers with the ability to allocate resources effectively, set realistic deadlines, and monitor progress. It ensures projects stay on track and are completed on time.
  • Resource optimization: By analyzing time data, you can optimize resource allocation. This means that team members are engaged in tasks that align with their skills and availability.
  • Productivity increase: A productivity tracker helps identify time wasters, distractions, and inefficiencies, which leads to improved productivity and a more significant output.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Accurate time data forms the basis for informed decision-making. It enables businesses to analyze historical performance, have better operational efficiency and more realistic forecasts.
  • Client trust: Accurate time-tracking reinforces transparency and accountability in client interactions. Clients appreciate accurate billing, leading to enhanced trust in the services provided.
  • Compliance and reporting: In industries where compliance and reporting are crucial, integrated time-tracking ensures that you have reliable records, simplifying regulatory and audit processes.

Timeular: The HubSpot time-tracking integration you need

Timeular – Basecamp Time Tracking Integration

Timeular is the ultimate time-tracking app, known for its physical time tracking cube, which sets it apart from all other traditional, digital-only tools. In essence, Timeular is comprised of a robust yet minimal automated time tracking software, alongside its tracker cube, trusted by over 50,000 users and thousands of teams worldwide.

Here’s why Timeular is the best HubSpot time-tracking integration and why it can revolutionize the way you manage your time and projects:

Seamless integration

The Hubspot time tracking integration with Timeular is done in 3 steps only. It ensures that you can track time quickly and without any technical hassle. It removes the hassle of manual time tracking while enhancing your workflow.

Adaptability to your needs

Timeular is highly adaptable, catering to a diverse range of industries and roles. Whether you’re a project manager, developer, sales, or in customer service, Timeular would provide you tailored solutions for tracking hours spent on specific tasks. This adaptability ensures that every team member and business can benefit from Timeular.

Timeular also can be used as a:

Automatic time tracking

This feature automatically fills in timesheets based on your activity, including app usage, visited websites, and scheduled calendar events, so there remains no time untracked that you cannot trace or your team members occasionally forget to log.

This automated time-keeping system not only saves time but also ensures greater accuracy in tracking work hours. 

It empowers HubSpot users to focus on their core tasks while effortlessly maintaining precise and reliable records of their time.

Productivity tracker with time entry system

Timeular’s versatility also allows you to use it as a time entry system which is a great asset for HubSpot, since it simplifies time-keeping with minimal effort.

The integration between the two platforms will allow you to measure your and your team’s productivity, while the team can focus more on the critical tasks at hand.

With the reliable data provided by the productivity time tracker app, you will make more informed decisions, that will boost team productivity and business efficiency, leading to an increase in business profitability.

Detailed insights and reports

The comprehensive time reporting features offer a range of filters and perspectives, giving you in-depth practical insights into productivity and the status of projects. Access to these in-depth reports doesn’t require additional fees or premium plan subscriptions.

Leave tracking software

In case you might need a PTO tracker connected with HubSpot to manage various types of types of absence leaves, Timeular serves as a leave tracker, too.

It simplifies and enhances the leave management process, ensuring more accurate time and resource allocation in HubSpot.

leave management in Timeular

Physical time-tracking dice

Tracking time in the traditional digital-only way – which can be a software app – may come with losing focus, diverting our attention to another task, or simply too many tabs open both in our minds or in our browser making us forget to input time.

That’s why, with Timeular’s physical time tracking cube on your desk, you can effortlessly track over 1000 activities without even opening the software app or any other tab – just flip the tracker cube, and you’ll start tracking an activity.

  • Note: The physical Tracker is optional. It was designed to simplify the time-tracking process and cultivate a more seamless time tracking habit.
Timeular Tracker

How to seamlessly integrate Timeular with HubSpot

Timeular integrates quickly with HubSpot and it does not require technical skills. It implies a series of 3 super simple steps for a smooth transition. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a Timeular Account – Sign up on the Timeular website and Install the Timeular App – Download the app on your device.
  2. Set Up a Zapier Account – Create an account on Zapier.
  3. Create a “Zap” for HubSpot and Timeular Integration – Set up the integration using Zapier to trigger time-tracking in Timeular when specific events occur in HubSpot.

Once your test is successful, enable the Zap to make it active. From this point on, whenever the chosen trigger event occurs in HubSpot, time tracking in Timeular will seamlessly start, allowing you to track your time accurately.


Even if HubSpot lacks native time tracking functionalities, integrating it with a time tracking tool such as Timeular would ensure better resource allocation, and accurate client billing which also increases client trust and overall process optimization.

Timeular’s unique physical device and app provide detailed insights into task and project durations, which empowers you and your team to take control of your time, boost your efficiency, and ultimately lead to unlocking productivity and better results.

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