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Easy and accurate time tracking for your law firm

Capture every billable minute, share reports in one click, and send accurate invoices for every case and client.

  • Maximize your profits
  • Collect timesheets in one place
  • Build trust with transparent reports and invoices
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Track hourly rates for different cases and clients

In the legal industry, time is money, and every billable hour counts. Customize hourly rates for your clients and cases. Automatically calculate totals to write your invoices quickly.


Easily create accurate reports

Get an accurate view of your billable time. Filter per client or case, and round it to your needs. Save different views for quick access. Export it as PDF, CSV, or XLSX.


Your billable time at a glance for each client

See in one go which clients are more profitable. Check if you’ve exceeded the budget and how much time is left for each case. Set up your space in a few clicks.


Track time is easy as flipping a dice

Track time from your desktop, browser, and mobile. Flip the tracker, drag and drop, or use a command. Set custom notifications so you’ll never forget to start or stop tracking.


Collect time entries from your staff in one place

Forget about chasing timesheets. In Timeular, you track time with your personnel and collect time entries in one place.

“I’ve been using Timeular pretty regularly since 2020 to help me overcome my career-long struggle to remember to record my time. It’s the best tool I’ve found, and I’m grateful to have found it”
“As an attorney, I have to carefully track and record the time I spend working on client matters. Timeular has revolutionized my time-tracking efforts.”
“No more “lost” time spent on projects but not invoiced to the customer.”
“We are much better at accurately tracking our time, which improves client billing. It also helps our team focus on their work rather than skipping around from one task to another”

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  • Make time tracking easy for your personnel
  • Capture every billable hour and increase profits
  • Get accurate & transparent reports with one click

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