10 Best Free Online Time Management Training Courses in 2024

Author: Madalina Roman

Effective time management is crucial to obtain success, both in the professional and personal life.

This article will explore ten exceptional free online time management training courses that cover essential time management principles, strategies, and techniques. 

From renowned platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Alison, and edX, these courses offer valuable insights and practical tools to help you take control of your time and achieve your goals.


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The 10 best free online time management training courses

1. Time Management Fundamentals by LinkedIn Learning 

time management skills course

LinkedIn Learning’s “Time Management Fundamentals” is one the best free online time management courses because it is a solid foundation for developing time management skills.

Led by expert instructor Dave Crenshaw, the course covers essential topics such as setting priorities, overcoming procrastination, and managing interruptions.

Through engaging video lessons, practical exercises, and resources, students gain actionable insights and techniques that can be immediately applied to their lives.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate of achievement, enhancing their professional profiles.

Information and details
InstructorDave Crenshaw
Duration1 hour and 47 minutes
TopicsTime management, productivity, schedule optimization

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2. A Mini Course on Time Management by Udemy

The “A Mini Course on Time Management” offered on Udemy is a compact yet highly impactful resource for individuals seeking essential time management skills

This course delivers 7 valuable and practical techniques to optimize time effectively. It covers key concepts such as goal setting, prioritization techniques, and overcoming common time management pitfalls. 

Through concise video lessons and interactive exercises, learners are guided through actionable steps to streamline their schedules, eliminate distractions, and boost productivity. 

Information and details
InstructorBrandon Hakim
Duration37 minutes
TopicsTime optimization, productivity, goal setting

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3. Time Management by Oxford Home Study

The course offered by Oxford Home Study it’s a valuable resource for individuals seeking to improve their time management skills at a deeper level.

With a focus on enhancing productivity and efficiency, this course provides learners with practical tools and techniques to effectively manage their time. 

The course covers goal setting, prioritization, task management, and overcoming procrastination. You can gain insights into effective planning, scheduling, and time allocation strategies through interactive modules. 

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Information and details
InstructorOxford Home Study
Duration20 hours
TopicsPerspective changes, time management

4. How to Work Smarter, Not Harder: Save Time and Money and Increase Productivity by Linkedin Learning

This course on LinkedIn Learning is an excellent resource for individuals looking to enhance their productivity and efficiency.  

This free online time management course, led by instructor Chelsea Krost, provides valuable insights and practical strategies to optimize workflow and achieve more in less time. Learn how to identify and eliminate time-wasting activities, streamline processes, and prioritize tasks effectively

The course also covers techniques for managing interruptions and distractions and tips for maximizing the use of technology and tools to boost productivity.

Information and details
InstructorChelsea Krost
Duration1 hour and 8 minutes 
Price20$ or Free with Linkedin Learning Free Trial
TopicsProductivity, time management, optimizing workflows, technology

5. Simple Productivity: How to Accomplish More With Less on Skillshare

time management training programme

The “Simple Productivity: How to Accomplish More With Less” course on Skillshare is a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking to optimize their productivity in a simplified manner.

The course emphasizes the power of simplifying tasks and processes, allowing individuals to focus on high-impact activities while reducing overwhelm and unnecessary complexity. 

With an experienced instructor leading the way, this course provides practical strategies and insights to help participants achieve more with less effort. Through engaging video lessons, learners discover techniques for effective goal setting, prioritization, and time management

Participants also gain valuable tips for managing distractions, boosting concentration, and maximizing efficiency.

By taking this course, you can acquire the skills and mindset necessary to streamline your workflow, achieve your goals, and enjoy a good work-life balance.

Information and details
InstructorGreg McKeown
Duration45 minutes
PriceFree with SkillShare Free Trial
TopicsEssentialism, focus techniques, time management

6. Time Management by Great Learning

productivity and time management for the overwhelmed online free

The course “Time Management,” offered by Great Learning, is a great free online time management course designed to empower individuals with practical time management skills.

Focusing on personal and professional productivity, this course equips learners with strategies to optimize their time and accomplish more daily. 

Through interactive modules, participants delve into essential topics such as goal setting, prioritization techniques, overcoming procrastination, and managing distractions.

The course provides practical time management tips and tools to plan and schedule tasks efficiently, enabling learners to meet deadlines and achieve their objectives. 

With a user-friendly platform and engaging content, the Time Management course offers a flexible learning experience that can be tailored to fit individual schedules. 

Information and details
InstructorGreat Learning
Duration1 hour
PriceFree with SkillShare Free Trial
TopicsTime management, goal setting, Parkinson’s Law

7. How to manage your time by Allison

Alison’s “How to Manage your Time” course covers essential time management skills for personal and professional growth. Participants learn goal setting, prioritization, task management, and effective scheduling techniques.

The course combines practical examples and interactive assessments to reinforce learning. Alison provides a certificate upon completion, validating the acquired skills.

Information and details
InstructorTJ Walker
Duration5 hours
TopicsTime management strategies, daily habits

8. Time Management for Beginners

edX offers the course “Time Management for Beginners,” which equips learners with effective time management techniques.

Participants discover prioritizing tasks, setting goals, and overcoming common challenges.

Learners gain practical insights through video lectures and interactive assessments to enhance their productivity.

This course can be audited for free, with the option to upgrade for a certificate.

Information and details
InstructorShobha Bhobe
Duration8-12 hours
TopicsThe concept of time, time management specific techniques

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9. Time Management: Working Smarter, Not Harder by the University of California, Irvine at Coursera

online productivity and time management for the overwhelmed course

The University of California, Irvine, offers a time management course on Coursera titled “Time Management: Working Smarter, Not Harder.”

This course focuses on tools and strategies to increase productivity and manage time effectively.

Through video lectures, readings, and hands-on activities, participants develop skills to plan their time, set goals, and establish priorities.

It’s one of the most accurate time management training courses you can do online and for free because it offers valuable insights into avoiding common time management pitfalls and optimizing personal productivity.

Information and details
InstructorMargaret Meloni
Duration10 hours
PriceFree with Coursera Free Trial
TopicsTime management, goal setting, time management obstacles, crisis management skills

10. Time Management and Productivity Deep Dive by Skillshare

The course “Time Management & Productivity Deep Dive,” available on Skillshare, is a great learning experience for individuals seeking to master their time and maximize productivity.

This course comprehensively explores time management techniques and productivity strategies, with participants delving into various topics, such as practical goal setting, prioritization, task management, and overcoming common time management challenges.
Through video lessons and practical exercises, you can gain actionable insights and develop personalized systems for organizing tasks and optimizing workflow.

The course also discusses mindset shifts and habits contributing to long-term productivity and success. 

Information and details
InstructorShatadip Majumder
Duration2 hours and 53 minutes
PriceFree with SkillShare Free Trial
TopicsTime management techniques, self-care, and time management tools

Conclusion: Best free time management courses

Taking control of your time is vital for personal and professional success. The ten free online time management training courses discussed in this article offer valuable resources to help you enhance your time management skills. Each platform provides access to expert-led courses that cover a wide range of time management principles, strategies, and techniques.

Remember: investing time in developing time management skills can increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve work-life balance. Take advantage of these exceptional training opportunities and embark on a journey toward mastering time management and achieving your goals.


What are the best free online courses for time management?

The top free online courses for time management are “Time Management” by Oxford Home Study, “How to Work Smarter, Not Harder: Save Time and Money and Increase Productivity” by Linkedin Learning, and “Time Management: Working Smarter, Not Harder” by the University of California.

What are the best time management online courses?

Some of the best time management online courses can be found on Linkedin, Coursera, and Udemy.

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