Easiest tracking

Accurate time entries are essential for accurate billing and productivity optimisation. However, no-one tracks accurately if it’s not easy. Luckily, there is no easier way to track time than Timeular.

Tracker – to track time with a flip

Timeular’s patented 8 sided Bluetooth Tracker allows you to track time simply by flipping it. Assign a project to any side, flip it, and right away time starts counting on your computer or mobile. It’s especially helpful as a visual reminder to track time and focus-helper for people with ADHD.

Make it yours

Personalise your Tracker with 120 included stickers and a pencil. Or if you don’t like the easy mode, go completely creative like some very talented customers of ours.

Charge once, use almost forever

Never worry about buying batteries for your Tracker. Simply charge it over USB-C once every 3-12 months depending on your usage. Less to worry about and less waste. Easy.

Quicktrack – to track with one shortcut from any app

Quicktrack allows you to track unlimited things from anywhere on your computer with one simple shortcut. No more time wasted on finding the right app or tab. Just hit CTRL/CMD+E, Enter, and you’re done.

Track unlimited activities

You have 10, 20, 100 different things to track? No problem. CTRL/CMD+E, search, enter, done. From anywhere on your computer.

Add additional notes super fast

Adding further documentation to your time tracking is very easy as well. CTRL/CMD+E, type your note, CTRL/CMD+S, done. Again, from anywhere on your computer.

Re-use past time entries for faster documentation

If you find yourself going back to the same time entry with the same note over and over again you can simply pick up from where you left. CTRL/CMD+E, search, enter, done. Did we already mention you can do this from anywhere on your computer?

Track like adding events to your calendar with drag and drop

Track time like adding events to your calendar. Click, drag, resize, done. As we all forget to track here and then, this makes filling gaps super easy.

Double click to fill a gap

Instead of fiddling around to fill a gap in your timesheet, simply double click it and Timeular creates a perfect match for you.

Copy and drag a time entry

Hold down your CTRL (Win) or ALT (Mac, Linux) key and drag a time entry to create an exact copy of it. Small time saver once, big time saver over time.

Track while on the go

Use Timeular’s mobile app to start/stop tracking like playing/stopping a song.

From a calendar event to a time entry with one click

Show your calendar, click on the desired event, and tadaaa, the gap is filled without leaving your timesheet. You can connect any Apple, Outlook, Google, or CalDav calendar.

Stay on track and forget less with our smart reminders

It’s normal to forget start tracking in the morning, or stop tracking after a few hours or at the end of the day. Our reminders are here to help you in all those cases.

Start of the day

Busy mornings with many things wanting our attention make it easy to forget start tracking. Timeular will remind you to start tracking if you haven’t done so by your desired time.

Long ongoing tracking

When we jump from one thing to the other we might forget to switch our tracking. Timeular checks in on you if an active tracking has been running over X minutes.

End of the day

Like mornings, evenings can be busy too and therefore it’s too easy to forget to stop tracking. Timeular’s reminder will check in on you and if desired automatically stop at that time.

Pomodoro reminders

Pomodoro is a powerful technique to focus on one thing for e.g. 25min and then take a 5 min break or jump to the next task for 25min. With Timeular’s long ongoing tracking reminder you can simulate this technique and be reminded when 25min are over.

Timeular works anywhere, super fast

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or any browser. Timeular got you covered and updates you across all platforms in real-time.

Keep tracking while your connection is down

Work happens anywhere, even in places where there is no internet. Thanks to Timeular’s offline functionality you can keep tracking as usual and sync your entries later.

Track more than time

Track billability, income, costs, categories, or time goals. Track time together as a team with a shared data structure. Connect Timeular to other apps to automate some workflows.

Track billable and non-billable time

Some companies manage to bill 60% of their time. Some 80%. Some 110%. How much do you? Find out by enabling the billable time feature.

Identify where you’re making and losing money

Analyse the overall ratio between billable and not billable time to identify things to improve. Understand it better by looking at every individual activity. Make better decisions based on actual data.

Granularly set if a time entry is billable or not

Set every time entry to billable or not billable with two clicks.

Make some things billable by default or not

Choose if every time entry of a certain activity is billable by default or not.

Put a $-amount on every activity to monitor costs or earnings

Set an hourly rate for each activity for easier invoicing, cost analysis, or budget monitoring.

Invite others to track the same things together

Work rarely happens alone. You can invite anyone on your team to track time together in one place and share the simplicity and accuracy of Timeular.

Control access to the data

Only admins of a space can see time tracked by anyone within a space. Members can only see their own data.

Tags for better categorization

Want to know time spent per different client, e.g. @Google, @Apple, or @Microsoft? Want to know how many of your meetings are #internal or #external? Use tags and mentions to categorise time entries further.

Use tags to analyse your time sheets more in detail

Assure that everyone is using the same categories

Tags are shared with anyone sharing the space with you to make sure there are no two categories for the same thing.

Monitor work-life balance or other time based goals

Work is important, so is a life outside of work. Keep your work hours in check by setting a total maximum you want to work. If you don’t monitor it you’ll never know if and what you have to improve.

Automate your workflows

Save even more time with Timeular by automating manual tasks related to timesheets.

Start/stop tracking in other places

Your company might require you to use a not so easy solution like Timeular. The last thing everyone wants is to have to track in two places. Simply connect to other time tracking solutions through our native Harvest, Toggl integrations or use our Zapier integration to e.g. start tracking in ClickUp.

Import support tickets

To better understand which support cases take the most, you can reference support tickets in your time entry notes. Simply connect Zendesk, Intercom, Halp, and others through our Zapier integration and start searching for the tickets with #hashtags in the Timeular notes.

Set your Slack or Teams status based on your tracking

You want to signal to your teammates when you’re in focus mode or any other state? Set the Slack status based on your active tracking with our Zapier integration.

Forward time entries to spreadsheets automatically

While we offer XLSX and CSV exports, you could even forward data automatically with our Zapier integration. One manual step less.

Easiest reports

Data is worthless if it’s not visualised in a way you can easily understand and play with it. Diving into your precious timesheets with Timeular is easy, effortless, and insightful. Click, click, tadaaa.

Everything at a glance

No matter if you want to have a high level overview, or see trends, or see time tracked by people, or a breakdown by categories, or see most busy weeks or months, and billable time. It’s all there waiting for you to be understood.

Absolutes and relatives

Absolutes are better for invoicing, relatives are better for comparison. Switch between percentages or durations on every chart with one click.

Round to the granularity that matters to you

No one wants to write invoices with 1h 23min and 13s positions. Use our simple rounding functionality to round to the nearest desired granularity.

Bring up the same report with one click again

There are many different ways to look at your data over and over again. Use saved filters to switch between views with one click.

Customisable XLSX, CSV, and PDF exports

Easily process your data further or forward it to others with Timeular’s customisable export functionality.

Privacy at the core

Everyone says that privacy and security are important to them. So do we and we mean it. But not just about what we have too. The 24h delay is our best example for that.

A 24h delay to protect your employees

Time tracking has the bad reputation of being an employee monitoring tool. It’s not if done correctly. Time tracking is a wonderful method to bill more accurately and find what the business should do more or less off. To avoid Timeular being misused as an employee monitoring software, admins can only see time entries of others 24 hours after they ended. This way, your employees are more likely to share the real data than fake data, and which one do you want?

GDPR compliant and secure

Timeular is fully GDPR compliant and built with best-in-class security practises to keep your time sheets safe at every layer. You can read more about it here.

Great support. Easy to reach.

At Timeular we deeply care about saving you time and helping wherever we can. That’s why you don’t have to search long for how to talk to us. It’s one click in the app and you can chat with one of us. Over the years we’ve answered 10,000s of support messages within stellar customer ratings and we’ve guided many teams to their desired outcome. Come, try Timeular for free, and talk to us!