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Effortless employee time tracking.

Increase employee time tracking accuracy and get your team’s timesheets without the fuss.

Never chase a timesheet

To-the-minute accurate employee time tracking.

Track projects and activities

Analyze and action your team’s time data with ease.

Spot issues before they hurt

Identify bottlenecks and clients costing you money.

Shared Spaces employee time tracking with Timeular

Optimize your operations
with Shared Spaces.

  • Track, analyze and action your team’s time data
  • Assign activities, analyze & action data
  • Identify bottlenecks and time creep
  • Quantify distractions, organize and share activities

Make more impact together.

Keep your team focused on important work, maintain work-life balance and minimize distractions. Set time-based goals together.

Sync data to 3,000+ apps with Zapier

Tracking tracking employee time

A Tracker on every desk.

Equip your team with Timeular Trackers and make time estimates a thing of the past.

  • To-the-minute accurate time tracking
  • Connect to macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Track time with a single flip of the device
  • Automatically populate timesheets
Export time tracked data from employees

Powerful analytics.

Assign common activities and tags to your Shared Spaces and track uniform data together.

  • Share time reports with one click
  • Use data to create accurate invoices
  • Improve time-data compliance
  • Get insights into where your team’s time goes

See Timeular’s employee time tracking suite in action.

Watch our team tracking webinar in English or German.

App icons for Timeular employee time tracking

Everything you need for employee time tracking, everywhere

Timeular is available on macOS, Linux and Windows. Mobile companion app available on Android and iOS.

Integrate employee time tracking with these tools

Connect to your favorite tools

Integrations with Zapier, Jira, Harvest and Toggl. Build anything with our API.

Find out more

  • Request a bulk quote
  • Compare options for Basic vs. Pro
  • Introduce Timeular to your clients as a consultant partner
  • Answer any other pre-sales questions

Employee time tracking/Shared Spaces FAQs

  • I’m a team lead/admin and need access to employee time tracking data but don’t need to track myself – do I need a Pro license?
    Yes, you’ll also need a Pro license even if you don’t track time. If you’re buying on behalf of a team of 8 or more, contact us and we can organize a complimentary admin license..

  • Does every team member need a Pro license to track in a Shared Space, or just one user?
    In order to track as a team or user any other Pro features, every member needs a Pro license, not just the team lead.

  • Where will my data be stored?
    Your data will be processed and stored in a DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI DSS 3.2-certified data center. The DIN ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally acknowledged IT-security norm.

  • Can I reassign the Pro licenses to other team members if e.g. an employee leaves?
    Yes, you can reassign subscriptions at any time by logging into your Account

  • How can I integrate Timeular with another system?
    Timeular integrates off-the-shelf with tools including Jira, Outlook and Google Calendars, Harvest and Toggl. We have a Zapier integration which helps you connect to 2k+ apps without writing code and an extensible REST API to connect to just about anything else.

  • Do you offer volume discounts for teams?
    Yes, please get in touch with sales here.

  • How do I manage the subscriptions and billing for my entire team?
    Your subscriptions can be managed in your Account area at any point, including changing billing and payment info, reassigning licenses and cancelling.

  • Can I see what my team is working on in real-time?
    Not in real-time. In the interest of user privacy we have a 24 hour delay after tracking before time data is available for Shared Space admins to view, report and analyze it. The data is available in real-time to the individual users tracking (should it be needed more urgently).

  • Can team members choose which activities to share and which to keep private?
    Yes. Every member of your team (with a Pro subscription) will be able to track their own activities within a private space along with the Shared Spaces you track together.

  • What if we need help getting set up as a team?
    We have plenty of support documentation in our Help Center, as well as a friendly and responsive support team who’ll be happy to help you with any onboarding questions.

  • My team is working from home, is it possible to ship to multiple addresses?
    Yes, please get in touch with sales here.

  • Can I set up an employee time tracking pilot for my team?
    Yes, we’re happy to help you set up a pilot if you’d like to test the water before a bigger roll-out. Please get in touch with sales

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