Easy Salesforce Time Tracking Integration : 100% Accurate

Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform and cloud-based software company. It offers a suite of tools and services helping businesses manage their relationships and interactions with customers, prospects, and partners.

Besides being such a complex CRM, Salesforce lacks one important feature: time tracking. And if your time-tracking needs are more sophisticated, we’re introducing a comprehensive time-tracking tool to fill that gap: Timeular.

Looking for the smoothest timer tracker for Salesforce?

You’ve just found it!

So, stick around to discover why you should be tracking your time on Salesforce, why Timeular is the best Salesforce time tracking integration and how you can start accurately tracking time. Let’s jump into it.

Why you should be time tracking in Salesforce

Time tracking in Salesforce adds up major benefits to your team and processes. Let’s explore some of them!

Improved productivity

Time tracking can help sales and service professionals become more efficient, as they gain insights into where their time goes, productive times of their day, or time-sinking activities, which will aid efficiency and data informed decisions.

Accurate billing

An inaccurate bill has to be one of the worst fears of all professionals! But with time tracking, that fear can be almost eliminated. It ensures that billable hours are properly accounted for, reducing disputes and increasing revenue.

More information about customer interactions

Sales and service teams can use time tracking to record the duration of customer interactions, helping to identify customer needs and improve the quality of service. This might lead to more sales or even inform product development decisions. Also, a happy client is a returning client, don’t forget that!

Decision-making based on reliable data

Time-tracking data can provide valuable insights into how resources are allocated. This information can be then used to make informed decisions about staffing, project time management, or resource allocation.

Data is your best ally when making important decisions, and that can be achieved through time tracking!

Does Salesforce have a native time-tracking system?

No. Even though Salesforce is a complete CRM and management tool, it still lacks native time tracking features.

The solution is to choose a Salesforce time-tracking integration and the best is Timeular.

Timeular is a time tracking app you can integrate with Salesforce for all your time tracking needs. Let’s dig into some of Timeular’s best features.

Timeular: The best time tracking integration for Salesforce

Timeular is a powerful standalone team time tracking app suitable for all types of needs. Explore some of its useful and unique features below.

Timeular Tracker: make time tracking more fun!

With just a flip of the time tracking dice, you can start tracking time on your computer – yes, is that easy!

Timeular’s physical time tracker device can track up to 1000 activities and it’s connected to Timeular’s software on all the devices that you use. To make it even more fun, you can customize your tracker, so it expresses your personality.

Even though the tracker is not mandatory to use Timeular, it sure removes the hassle of time tracking, more enjoyable for any team.

More than one way to track your time

Automatic time tracking, a physical device, calendar view to add time entries, or keyboard shortcut to start tracking time quickly? Timeular offers you all these options to suit your time-tracking needs and preferences. Just choose your preferred way of tracking and start!

Track your working time… and your leave time

Besides being a time tracker app, Timeular is also a leave management and PTO tracker. This feature allows you to track time off, whether it be for vacation, sick days, personal days… any type of day, fact.

All you have to do is: add the leave directly on your calendar, choose the leave type – and then your time off will be discounted on your leave quota in Timeular.

Achieve more accurate bills through time tracking

If you need to differentiate between billable and non-billable hours, Timeular works as a billable hours software, too. This allows users to label tasks as billable or non-billable. By adding hourly rates to tasks or team members, you will let the system automatically calculate project costs, and help you decide whether a project needs optimization or not.

Budget the time and costs of your projects

Timeular’s budget feature allows you to track your costs, along with the time spent on particular projects. This way, you will avoid overspending and under-serving any stakeholder.

Set time blocks

This timer app is designed to measure and manage your time to the next level. It allows you to set specific time intervals, either by counting down from a predetermined duration. This is perfect for implementing a Pomodoro technique or 5-minute Elon Musk rule which we think can have a big impact on your workflow.

Integrations with over 3000 tools

Besides the integration with Salesforce, Timeular can be integrated with several other tools, so you can streamline payroll, billing, reporting, and other workflows. Discover all the integrations we have available.

How to track time in Salesforce with Timeular

To integrate Timeular with Salesforce you need a few minutes, no coding skills and to follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign-up: Create a free Timeular & Zapier account. Connect both tools.
  2. Set up your “Zap”: Create a new “Zap” on Zapier, selecting Salesforce as the trigger (“new task”) and Timeular as the action (“create activity”).To connect Zapier to Timeular, you will need an API Key, which can be found in Timeular by going to Settings > My Account > API and then selecting ‘Create a new API key’.
  3. Launch your integration: Activate your Zap to connect your actions on Salesforce to Timeular. Now, all time spent on Salesforce tasks will be accurately tracked on Timeular. 


Salesforce has undeniably powerful capabilities, whether it’s used as a pipeline, customer service or e-commerce catalog management.

Adding a layer of analytics to Salesforce by tracking time leads to better understanding customer interactions and make informed business decisions. Unfortunately, the tool lacks native time-tracking features.

For that reason, we’re suggesting Timeular as the best time-tracking integration for Salesforce. With Timeular’s team time tracking features and leave management assets, you will be able to improve overall productivity, get a better understanding of which tasks are taking up most or less time than estimated, while making informed decisions based on accurate data.


How to track salesforce usage?

The best way to track Salesforce usage is through a time-tracking app, such as Timeular. This way, you can track all your activities on Salesforce with detailed information on the time spent on each task, project, or client.

Can Salesforce track email opens?

Yes, Salesforce can track email opens, click-throughs, and reply emails. However, it doesn’t track more complex actions,

Can Salesforce track your location?

Yes, Salesforce has a live location tracker as part of its features.

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