The Best Time Blocking Apps for 2024

In today’s professioneal world, especially in the economic downturn, mastering the art of time management has become essential for business success.

Time blocking is one of the most popular time management techniques that promises to revolutionize how we approach and complete our tasks. Many industry professionals have already adopted it to optimize their time and efficiency.

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In this article, we’ll discuss the core principles of time blocking and explore a curated selection of the best time-blocking apps on the market that can turn even the most chaotic day into a well-organized structure.

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What is time blocking?

The time-blocking method is a time management technique where you break your day into clearly defined blocks of time and then allocate specific tasks or activities to each of these blocks.

The idea is to create a structured schedule where you allocate dedicated periods for focused work, meetings, breaks, and other activities.

This technique helps you prioritize tasks, manage your time more efficiently, and reduce the likelihood of getting distracted or overwhelmed.

What are time-blocking apps?

Time-blocking apps help individuals plan and manage their time using the time blocking technique. The primary purpose of a time-blocking app is to assist people in creating structured schedules by dividing their day into specific time blocks and assigning tasks, activities, and events to each block. 

The best time-blocking apps

1. Timeular

Timeular is a unique time-tracking app designed to help individuals and teams effectively manage their time and boost productivity. It stands out due to its tangible and intuitive approach to time tracking.

The app offers visual breakdowns of time spent on different activities, helping users understand their daily routines.

The visual representation of data helps users understand where their time is being spent, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about time allocation.

Timeular is the perfect timer app for individuals who prefer a hands-on approach to time tracking and appreciate visual representations of their activities.

Pricing starts at 6.30€ per month when billed annually or 8€ if billed monthly. 

Why Timeular is the greatest time-blocking app:

  • It’s effortless to use.
  • It has multiple time-tracking methods that help you and your team to remember to track.
  • Timeular provides transparent and accurate reports automatically.
  • It seamlessly integrates with 3,000 apps and all calendars.
  • The app eliminates human error with automatic time trackingBy automating the time tracking process, Timeular significantly reduces the risk of human error in manual time logging, ensuring accurate data for better decision-making.
  • It’s a popular team time tracker, which means that teams can track time together.
  • It assists in tracking billable vs. non-billable hours. With Timeular, you can mark an activity as billable or non-billable. This way, invoices will be much more accurate and reinforce client trust.
  • One of the best AI tools that helps you increase your efficiency and productivity.

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2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is widely used as a time management and scheduling app to help users organize their days. It helps to allocate time for tasks and events and optimize schedules using effective time-blocking techniques.

It stands out for its user-friendly interface, cross-platform accessibility, and synchronization with various devices.

It’s important to note that it primarily focuses on scheduling rather than other activities. Users can choose between different views, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, to tailor their experience and better visualize their schedules, as well as attribute different colors to different activities, meetings, or tasks.

Google Calendar is one of the best time-blocking apps because it supports creating events with specific start and end times, which is perfect for implementing time-blocking strategies.

Regarding pricing, Google Calendar is a part of Google Workspace that can be used for free in the basic plan, with paid professional plans starting at around 6$ per user per month.

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3. Trello

A top Android productivity app, Trello remains a productivity powerhouse due to its intuitive project management capabilities. That’s why it is considered one of the best team productivity apps.

The heart of Trello’s work is a Kanban board-based framework. This system enables the assembly of custom boards, lists, and cards, translating into a personalized task hierarchy that can be effortlessly established, relocated, and prioritized with the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

The system, while flexible, is more task-oriented, which could be a drawback for those who require other routes of time organization.

Trello integrates with various tools, enabling users to connect their time-blocking system with calendars, project management platforms, and other apps, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Its mobile app ensures that everything is accessible wherever you are, allowing you to modify tasks, view schedules, and track progress on the go.

Trello’s plans go from completely free to 5$ per user per month for a standard plan, to 10$ per user per month for a premium plan, and 17.50$ per user per month for the enterprise option.

4. Calendly

Calendly is one of the best scheduling apps designed to simplify setting up meetings and appointments. It offers an intuitive platform that allows users to share their availability and allows others to book time slots without needing back-and-forth communication.

It stands out for its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various calendars and platforms. Its primary focus is on efficient scheduling, making it an excellent tool for time-blocking.

Calendly eliminates manual scheduling by letting others choose from your available time slots, saving you time and reducing the constant exchange of e-mails or messages needed to set a time.

This is one of the greatest time-blocking tools because it also sends automatic reminders to all parties involved, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments and ensuring better time management.

Users can set specific time blocks when available, aligning perfectly with time-blocking strategies for focused work. However, Calendly users might have limited control over the specific order or arrangement of appointments.

The platform offers a free plan with basic features. The paid plans start at 8$ per seat per month.

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5. Todoist

Widely used as an app for focus and concentration, Todoist is an excellent blend of user-friendly design and robust functionalities, culminating in an adept tool for refining workflows, fostering collaboration, and tracking commitments and task lists.

It helps users when it comes to optimizing time management through time blocking. Todoist’s interface features boards and task boxes, that can be organized and prioritized. This streamlined approach simplifies adding, updating, and marking tasks as completed, allowing users to tackle their to-do list swiftly.

It’s a dynamic tool, with a user-centric design that promotes collaboration, allowing users to share projects and tasks with colleagues and team members seamlessly. It’s one of the best time-blocking apps because it integrates with several calendar and project management apps.

A free Todoist plan allows for maintaining 5 active projects. For more and to integrate more collaborators and tools, prices start at 4€ per month, when billed annually. 

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6. Notion

Notion is one of the best iOS productivity apps and a top-notch Windows productivity tool.

In sum, Notion is an all-in-one workspace app designed to empower users to create, manage, and collaborate on diverse projects and tasks.

It’s a versatile platform that can offer a specialized focus on time blocking, enabling users to optimize their time management strategies.

Notion caters to the needs of time blockers, providing them with a dedicated space to structure their schedules. They can craft an array of essential elements – from text documents and tables to task lists and calendars.

This platform stands out for its organization: information is presented in the form of pages and blocks, each presenting a visually captivating arrangement.

Users can effortlessly rearrange, resize, and personalize these blocks, turning their workspace into a dynamic being, tailored to their unique requirements. The possibilities for customization include a diverse range of templates, themes, and layout options.

Notion seamlessly integrates with calendars, cloud storage platforms, and project management tools, including Slack, Jira, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Zapier. Notion has an attractive free plan available, perfect for an individual worker or freelancer.

The Plus and Business programs, directed at groups of workers and companies start at 8 and 15$ per month, respectively.

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7. Asana

Asana is a powerful project management and collaboration platform that stands out as an excellent productivity tool. Beyond collaboration, Asana offers features that facilitate effective time-blocking, for example, enabling users to allocate time for tasks and create a structured approach to their schedules. It enables users to create, assign, and track tasks across projects, tailoring the workflows as needed.

Asana, also used as a workload management tool, integrates with calendar tools, allowing users to visualize tasks alongside their schedules.

Asana time blocking

Asana is an incredibly rich tool and this complexity may be too much for a more straightforward project. However, this tool misses an accurate time tracking system since its in-built features are very limited.

For individuals or teams just getting started with project management, there’s the option of the Basic plan. After that, the Premium plan starts at 10.99€ per user per month and the Business plan at 24.99€ with the same conditions. 

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8. Clockify

Clockify is a time-tracking app designed to help users monitor and manage their tasks, projects, and time allocation. With a focus on accurate time-tracking, it empowers individuals and teams to implement effective time-blocking strategies.

It offers features that facilitate monitoring of time spent on tasks, making it a good tool for those who prioritize time management and time-blocking.

clockify time blocking

Users can allocate specific time blocks for tasks, projects, or activities and generate reports and analytics to gain insights into their time allocation. However, it’s important to note that this tool requires some time to learn how to make the best use of its features.

Pricing for Clockify’s paid plans starts at 3.99$ (Basic) per user per month, including the basic administration features. There is the Standard (5.49$ per user per month), Pro (7.99$ per user per month), and Enterprise (11.99$ per user per month).

9. Week Plan

Week Plan is a productivity app designed to help individuals implement time-blocking strategies. It empowers users to plan, prioritize, and allocate time to tasks and goals, creating a structured approach to their days.

Week Plan excels in its specialized focus on time-blocking, transforming conventional task lists into a dynamic visual representation of time allocation.

The tool was designed with time-blocking at its core, allowing users to allocate time slots for tasks and visualize their entire week’s schedule. It also helps prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance, aligned with long-term goals.

Still, being a straightforward platform means that some advanced features available in more comprehensive project management tools might be missing in the Week Plan.

Week Plan is tailored for individuals who are enthusiastic about time-blocking and seek a dedicated platform to refine their time management skills. It offers a variety of package plans best suited for all your needs, with a monthly plan costing around 10$ and a yearly costing 104$.

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10. Things

Things is a comprehensive task management app, exclusive to Apple devices, designed to help users stay organized, manage their to-do lists, and optimize their time through effective time-blocking strategies.

Things’ interface is simple and user friendly, but with powerful features tailored to enhance time management. The app synchronizes tasks and schedules across macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices but it’s limited when it comes to integrating with more popular platforms.

Things offers a natural integration of time-blocking into its task management process, allowing users to allocate specific time slots for tasks and establish a structured schedule. Important to note that it’s a tool designed for individuals, not the best choice for teams. Things for Mac cost 49.99$, just once.

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The benefits of time-blocking apps 

Time-blocking apps are valuable tools that offer a range of benefits for individuals seeking to enhance their time management skills and overall productivity. These apps facilitate the allocation of dedicated time for specific tasks, ultimately leading to better focus and reduced distractions.

Improved productivity:

  • Time-blocking apps enable you to assign dedicated time slots to particular tasks or activities.
  • This focused approach reduces the likelihood of multitasking and distractions.
  • By concentrating on one task at a time, your productivity receives a significant boost.

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Enhanced time organization:

  • These apps provide a visual representation of your daily schedule.
  • This visual overview helps you identify gaps, overloads, or inefficient use of time.
  • It empowers you to make informed decisions about task prioritization.

Better work-life balance:

  • Breaking your day into manageable time blocks makes your schedule appear more approachable.
  • This approach helps reduce feelings of overwhelm and stress.
  • You can easily adjust time blocks as needed to maintain a healthier work-life balance.

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Time-blocking apps offer numerous advantages for effective time management. They enhance productivity by promoting focused work, help you visualize your schedule for improved organization, and contribute to a healthier work-life balance by making tasks feel more manageable. These tools empower you to take control of your time and make informed decisions about how to use it most efficiently.

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How to choose the best time-blocking app 

Choosing the best time-blocking app involves considering various factors to ensure the software aligns with your preferences, needs, and workflow. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision:

  • Features and functionality: Look for apps that offer dedicated time-blocking features, such as the ability to create and manage time blocks, set priorities, and allocate tasks to specific blocks.
  • Ease of use: Opt for an app with an intuitive interface and user-friendly design. It should be easy to create, adjust, and manage time blocks without a steep learning curve.
  • Customization: Choose apps that allow you to customize time blocks, labels, categories, and visual elements according to your preferences and workflow.
  • Notifications and reminders: An effective time-blocking app should offer reminders and notifications for upcoming time blocks and tasks. These alerts can help you stay on track throughout the day.
  • Flexibility: The app you choose should accommodate changes to your schedule. Look for apps that allow you to easily move, edit, or delete time blocks as needed.
  • Price: Price is always an important factor when choosing an app. You should buy a tool that suits your needs and budget.


Time blocking is more than a mere technique; it’s a mindset shift that empowers you to reclaim your time and prioritize what truly matters.

Each app presented in this article caters to diverse preferences and needs, and you have the power to curate your own personalized approach to time management.

Whether you opt for the visual clarity offered by Timeular, the collaborative prowess of Asana, the seamless synchronization of Google Calendar, or the simplicity of Things, your choice reflects your commitment to maximizing productivity and achieving balance.

Allocating time blocks for essential tasks, meetings, personal activities, and breaks helps you create rhythm within your day and go through your schedule in a balanced way.

Time blocking has many advantages, with one of the most important being relieving the overwhelmingness of a busy schedule.


What is the best time-blocking app for Windows?

Timeular is considered one of the best time-blocking apps for Windows due to its versatile features, customizable workspace, and seamless integration capabilities. It empowers users and teams to effectively track time and manage their schedules in a clean and organized manner.

What is the top time-blocking app for Mac?

One of the best time-blocking apps for Mac is Timeular, a seamless time tracking app that offers time-blocking features to help users manage their schedules and tasks on Mac devices.

What is the greatest time-blocking app for iOS?

Timeular and Google Calendar are considered one of the best time blocking apps for iOS. They complement each other in offering robust scheduling and time management features, allowing users to allocate and track time for tasks, events, and appointments.

What is the top time-blocking app for Android?

Timeular and Google Calendar are considered one of the best time-blocking apps for iOS. Use a Timeular and Google Calendar integration to schedule and track the time of meetings and other planned activities.

What are the best time-blocking app for teams?

For teams, Timeular and Asana are often considered the greatest time-blocking tools. Integrate them together to automatically track the time of tasks scheduled in Asana.

What is the best time-blocking app for employees?

Timeular is considered an excellent time-blocking app for employees as it’s easy to use, helps to build a time tracking habit, and makes time tracking fun.

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