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Automate workflows with time data.

Connect Timeular with the tools you use daily.

Work smarter, not harder.

Turbocharge your productivity levels and make time work for you.

Connect to 2,000+ apps with Zapier

Connect Timeular with your favourite tools without writing a single line of code.

  • Set your Slack status when you start tracking a focus activity
  • Add entries into a spreadsheet to create custom reports
  • Send an email to a client when you start tracking their project

Learn more about how to integrate with Zapier.

Available on both Basic and Pro plans.

Connect to Jira.

Bring together the power of Jira with the ease of tracking time with Timeular. Sync Jira with Timeular and track time against projects and issues.

Learn more about how to integrate with Jira.

Requires Pro plan

Connect your calendar.

See how your time spent correlates with time planned. Track time with Timeular and push your time entries to your calendar (Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook). Great for seeing how long meetings actually take.

Learn more about how to connect with your calendar.

Requires Pro plan

Connect to Toggl or Harvest.

Need to see your Timeular data in Toggl or Harvest? Use the off-the-shelf plugins to sync timesheet data.

Learn more about how to integrate with Toggl and Harvest .

Requires Pro plan

Export to CSV, PDF or Excel.

Looking for something else or just need to download your raw data? Export any range of time entries to CSV, PDF or Excel and port your data where you need it.

Learn more about how to export.

Requires Pro plan

Develop with the Timeular API.

Prefer to write your own integration? We ❤️ developers and have made our API as accessible as possible with dozens of endpoints and webhooks enabled.

View API docs on Postman.

Available for both Basic and Pro plans

Do more with your data in the Timeular app.

Submit timesheets

Export your timesheets and share. Accurate timesheets, on-time, every time.

Bill clients

Analyze and share time reports by client or project. Produce quotes and invoices confidently.

Increase productivity

Use the insights to take back control of your time for the more important things in life.

Packages for every budget

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