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Meet the new Timeular Tracker: Same outside but different inside

As you all know, we take your feedback very seriously and after having shipped tens of thousands of Trackers to 100+ countries worldwide we've heard your most important needs loud and clear: faster, stronger and rechargeable. Starting today we are shipping the new version of the Tracker to everyone. We focused on keeping the much-loved [...]

Using David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) method in combination with Timeular

estimated reading time: 3 min  “I learned my limits. I learned how much more I can give and do. I learned which promises I can give and keep. I learned the difference between the truth and wishful thinking.” Joey works as a customer service agent. He’s constantly looking for ways to improve himself. He wanted [...]

How to generate more income and become better at negotiating on money

estimated reading time: 2 min  How to generate more income and become better at negotiating on money As a freelancer, Claire spends a lot of time quoting for jobs. Traditionally, the amount she suggested was based largely on her sense of how long these things typically took “but I realised that sense was far from [...]

How to get 4 hours of focused work a day

estimated reading time: 2 min  Tobi works for two companies at the same time. Taking care of both of them comes with a lot of different responsibilities and tasks. He always got distracted by subtasks and it was hard for him to stay focused. Furthermore, he was interested in how much time he is spending [...]

How To Become Ultra Productive Without Working Insane Hours

You feel that you’re not giving your best. You know you could perform better. And you fear that the lack of performance could cost you your job or business. So what comes in the way? Maybe it’s the lack of energy, motivation, focus or confidence. But… What if I told you that even the top-performers [...]

How to never overbook your schedule again

estimated reading time: 2 min  David White works as a managing director at Menlo Coaching. He and his colleagues want to make sure they have enough time for each of their clients and don’t overbook their schedules. Thus, it is very important for them to have records of how much time it takes to serve [...]

How to make better decisions by filling in your timesheet

estimated reading time: 2 min  Leona works as Senior Architect at Farnsworth Group. Some days Leona works on 5 to 6 different projects and juggles any general office administration tasks in between. It was difficult for Leona to know exactly how much time she spent on these tasks and to decide which ones to optimize. [...]

Ben’s story of balancing his life and creating jobs with Timeular

estimated reading time: 3 min  “Understand that time is your most precious resource in life. You can get more food, you can make more money, but you can never make more time. Use it wisely and spend it intentionally.” Ben not only needs to take care of his business. He also plays in a band, [...]

How Warren saves 1.5 hours per week and has more efficient meetings

estimated reading time: 2 min  Warren is the owner of Warren Laine-Naida Digital Consulting, a consultancy that helps small business manage their online tools. As an owner, he has many different responsibilities and he wanted to track them without putting too much effort into it. Before using Timeular, he was spending too much time tracking [...]

Find out how web developer Chris increased his focus time

estimated reading time: 3 min  As a remote worker, it's very easy to lose focus and get distracted by the things one needs to do around the house. “Every working day is typically about 7 hours of billable work, but if I take an hour lunch, walk the dog twice in the middle of the [...]

Ally’s story of having 4 times fewer disturbances with Timeular

estimated reading time: 3 min  Ally is an engineer and an author. As an engineer, she got interrupted a lot: “There were heaps of unplanned tasks delaying my actual work.” These tasks kept her from being focused and getting her work done. Furthermore, she had to hand in a timesheet for her work and provide [...]

How Alistair increased sales by 25% and learned Japanese with Timeular

estimated reading time: 3 min Alistair works as a director at Stretch Electrical Limited. The company is specialized in the electrical safety testing sector of the facilities management market. He splits his workday into administrative tasks in the morning and sales work in the afternoon. “I try my best to keep the split between admin [...]

Say hi to Timeular 2.0

Our mission at Timeular is to enable you to spend more time on what really matters. Accurate time tracking and a great overview of your time spending is a crucial first step in that direction, which is finally available with Timeular 2.0 ? To improve how we spend our time towards our goals, we strongly [...]

11 Ideas To Improve Your Time Management

estimated reading time: 4 min  We have so many distractions nowadays. Social media, updates, news, messages, calls and so on. Not to mention that family life and responsibilities are still not outdated. It seems like we don't have time for anything. It’s barely possible to stay productive. As a result, we are often rushed and [...]

Block Your Time Like Elon Musk

Elon Musk is possibly the busiest man on earth right now. The billionaire founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, spends up to 100 hours a week on both companies — whilst plotting to transport humans to mars and chowing down lunch meals within 5 minutes, before getting back to his work. Musk is also a [...]

Finding Productivity in an Unproductive Meeting

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a meeting and thinking about all the other things you could and should be doing. Unfortunately for most employees, this often happens with reoccurring meetings. But there are instances where a meeting is essential. For example, a health and safety training session would probably be useful for all employees, while [...]

The key to good time management

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now." - Alan Lakein The key to good time management is planning. Without it, our brain feels overloaded and puts us in ‘overwhelmed’ mode making it almost impossible to get difficult work done. I would suggest you start with this system [...]

Why A To-Don’t List Is As Important As A To-Do List

Time is finite. We all have the same amount of hours each day. You can’t store time, borrow it, or save for later use. You can only decide how to allocate it, spending it on activities of higher rather than low value. Time management is a game of choices: projects to pursue, tasks to complete, [...]

The Best Time Management Tips You Need To Know

All of us strive to get the most out of life. Here are my Top 10 time management tips on work, life hacks and life lessons which helped me to start two companies, build 4 top 100 apps in different categories, have my articles featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Fortune and Inc and write a [...]

10 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

If you want to increase your productivity and achieve more in less time, read on for 10 hands-on tips that you can start implementing today: 1. Prepare before you get started. Productivity doesn’t just happen “in the moment.” It happens long before you even sit down and get to work. The more you prepare ahead [...]

The biggest and most unusual deadline of the year

Every year before New Year we realize and wonder that a year has passed without really noticing it and very likely without having spent as much time on the important things as planned. In fact, 80% of New Year's resolutions don’t last. New Year is a deadline with an unusual dynamic. It’s not like all [...]

The Paradox of Choice: How Less Freedom Makes Us Happier

One of the biggest dogmas runs like this: If we want to maximize our happiness, the best way to achieve it is to maximize our freedom. This is because freedom is in and of itself something valuable, worthwhile and essential to every single one of us. It sounds logical. When we have freedom, we can [...]

How To Increase Your Productivity With Time Tracking

Do you ever get the feeling that you don't have enough time or that you haven't accomplished a fraction of what you’ve planned for your day? Well, whatever be the case, chances are that either you are not fully engaged or you need to be more productive at work. One way to make it happen [...]

What’s new in Timeular 1.8?

Partey Time ?? We have just released a major new version of Timeular (1.8) for Windows and macOS. Besides many bugfixes and improvements, we introduced some new features and shortcuts that we hope will make your time tracking easier and give you more insights into where your time goes. This article guides you through the […]

What’s new in Timeular 1.6?

The past months, we have worked very hard to understand current problems and improve the Timeular Tracker and our Timeular software for you. So here it is the Timeular 1.6 update. We talked to hundreds of users and gathered feedback to build the easiest way for you to track your time and get meaningful insights […]

How To Overcome Procrastination With The 2-Minute Hack

If you’ve found yourself putting off important tasks over and over again and you can’t control it, you’re not alone. In fact, it isn’t a bad thing for most people to procrastinate to a certain degree – but procrastination has affected some people chronically and destroy their relationship, career, and life. Many factors cause us [...]

Why You Are Working More And Getting Less Done

We’ve all been there. You’re finally ready to start working. You’ve made your coffee, checked your email, scanned the news, and you can feel the cogs of productivity beginning to turn.You jot down a few lines, crunch some numbers, or get the template made. You are a powerhouse of efficiency, and nothing, we repeat, nothing [...]

4 Ways Time Tracking Makes You More Successful At Your Job

As freelancers, entrepreneurs or ambitious professionals, we are always on the quest for more. Work faster. Think harder. Maximize efficiency. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know this feeling all too well. Whether your work is the culmination of your life’s work, hopes, and dreams, or rather a way to pay your bills and provide a living, it feels [...]

Maximize Your Performance With Decision Minimalism

To explain the concept of Decision Minimalism, let me start by telling you about an interesting experiment: The Chocolate-Radish Experiment Back in 1996, psychologist Roy Baumeister conducted an experiment together with his former Case Western Reserve University colleagues Ellen Bratslavsky, Mark Muraven, and Dianne Tice, examined the effect of a tempting food challenge designed to [...]

How Perseverance Can Change Your Life

It took me 31 years of living to learn that the most important character trait you can develop is perseverance. The good news is that you can learn this in one minute. I've summarized my life experiences into 3 main points that highlight why perseverance is the single most important character trait for you to develop. [...]

How To Know What To Prioritize In Life

Prioritize things according to how much they will impact your life, or by how much they will mean to you at the end. Try to imagine the moment of your death. ...I know, that might sound shocking but bear with me for a moment. You are lying on your deathbed, the people that mean the [...]

How To Do More By Doing Less

It might seem counterintuitive, however, the only way to achieve more is by doing less. Productivity is not about working harder. It is about working smarter. Do Less. Frequently, the desire to achieve massive results transforms into the desire to do everything and be everywhere at the same time, trying to seize every opportunity available. [...]

The Real Reason People Are Unproductive Isn’t What You Think

We are always looking for new ways to be productive. But why is it that we are unproductive in the first place? People tend to chalk it up to the following: Distracting environment Not enough sleep (or not enough coffee) Too many "priorities" Poor time management Etc. I don't think these are the real reasons [...]

3 Reasons You Are Not As Successful As You Could Be

Everybody wants to be successful in some way, shape, or form. The trouble is, most people want to be seen or known as successful--more than they want to break the necessary bad habits required to actually be successful. That's because the lifestyle and rewards that come with success make everything seem easy. People think: "Once I'm successful, I'll have all the time in [...]

5 Reasons Most Time Tracking Methods Don’t Work

Here at Timeular, we’re pretty obsessed with everything related to time. As engineers, developers, and designers, we’ve spent many years trying to get the best ROI on our time, and we’ve discovered a few things along the way, one of the most cost-consequential being the flawed ways we go about tracking our time. Much has [...]

Why Productivity Is More About What You Don’t Do

When we talk about productivity, we always talk about the "getting it done" side of things. We talk about To Do lists and "productivity hacks" and how to sacrifice sleep for the betterment of the project. My theory? Productivity has more to do with what you DON'T do. Too often, people focus on how to [...]