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Improvements to Public API, Shared Spaces and search

As we look to continually improve our core product, we’re delighted to share details of a major update to our public API. We’ve also implemented an overhaul of the analytics filter, and enabled an additional export option for your data.

More API endpoints and shiny new documentation 🤝

The Timeular Public API v3 documentation page has been revamped, improving the structure and making it easier to navigate and understand. Shared Spaces is also now available via the API, meaning that businesses can easily extract team data in a Shared Space.

Visit our public API documentation page to get started.

Improvements to our API

Earlier this year we launched Shared Spaces, giving you the ability to create a common data structure to track time together and create insightful reports. 

It’s now possible to access the data related to Shared Spaces via our public API with the following endpoints: 

  • We’ve added a “me” endpoint to retrieve information about the current user.
  • We’ve adapted the “Generate Report” endpoint so it includes data from Shared Spaces.
  • We’ve added a new “All data as JSON” endpoint where users can fetch all the data they have access to. This includes the data from their private and from their Shared Spaces.
  • We’ve added a new “Spaces with members” endpoint where users can fetch the personal and shared spaces for the current user, with the members and retired members for these spaces.

Shared Spaces mean that everyday tasks like timesheet management, billing projects, checking a project’s profitability and improving future estimations, have become more effortless than ever. 

If you haven’t already tried out Shared Spaces, this webinar gives a great overview of how to get the most out of it.

In addition to adding Shared Spaces access to our public API, we’ve also made a number of quality of life improvements:

  • We’ve removed the unnecessary activityID from the “stop tracking” request.
  • We’ve removed the unnecessary activityID  from the “edit tracking” request..
  • We’ve added a new section dedicated to Tags and mentions. It’s now super easy to create, edit and delete them

** Please note, with this release we’ve deprecated v1 of our public API. This deprecated version will be sunset at the end of 2020, so please make sure to switch to v3 until then.**

What else is new? 😎

More flexible and intuitive filters
We’ve revamped the filters on the analytics page, making it easier for you to dive into your data. There are more opportunities to filter your stats too – e.g. you can now search for entries that have either #this or #that tag, whereas before you could only search for entries that had both of them. 

PDF exports
If you’re a Pro user, you now have the option to export your data as PDF reports (just select from the dropdown in the top right corner of your analytics page). Give it a try. Who knows, it could be the most impressive time report your client or manager has ever received!

Auto-updates to avoid long interruptions
We’ve also improved the auto-updater, making it simpler than ever to update the app and ensure you have the latest features.

What’s in the pipeline? 🚀

If you’re interested in seeing what we’re currently working on, head over to the Public Roadmap. You can submit your own feature or integration requests and help us prioritize things by placing your vote.

Looking for extra guidance? 🤔

We’re always on hand to help you get the most out of Timeular. There are a number of articles and how-to guides at our Help Center, and our support team are also available to help you troubleshoot any other issues you run into.

Make your time fly – in a good way,
Team Timeular

Timeular 3.2 – introducing offline tracking 🛬

Let’s face it, internet connection problems happen and sometimes we’re working in places where we can’t rely on a secure data connection. But work still happens and time still needs to be tracked, which is why today we’re delighted to announce support for offline tracking with Timeular.


  • Continue to track time entries when offline
  • Entries are synced when you’re back online
  • Resolve any entries that conflict
  • Designed for when you’re working remotely or your internet drops

How does it work?

If you lose your data connection whilst tracking, our app will notify you that you’re now working offline. You’ll notice that any entry tracked prior to going offline will be locked and become editable when you’re online again.

When offline, you can carry on tracking time and the entries will be synced when your device is back online. Offline entries are easily identifiable until they’re synced.

If you happen to create overlapping time entries whilst offline, when the app syncs again you’ll be notified of the conflicts and invited to resolve them.

Hopefully your internet dropping isn’t such a regular occurrence that you need a ‘Fix internet’ activity on your Tracker, but if we’re going to get all meta about it then with today’s release you can now feasibly track it.

Demo – watch how offline tracking works

What else is new in 3.2?

Alongside from offline tracking, here’s what else to expect with the latest release:

Better weekly goals

In our first evolution of weekly goals you can now exclude certain activities from the weekly goal (for example Distractions or Coffee time), giving you a more accurate picture of your weekly time goals.

Tag improvements

We’ve made two changes to tags. Firstly we’ve made it quicker for you to find the right tag – instead of typing #/@ and a letter to bring up matching tags, now you just need to type #/@ and we’ll show you the list. We’ve also taken a small step to help you categorize your data better. Before, the “Create #newtag” action preceded the list of your tags. Now we’ve put the action at the end of the list, promoting nice, structured data.

Fill gaps on double-click

Mind the gap! When you have a gap in between time entries like this…

Now all you need to do is double click the space and you’ll be invited to create a time entry filling the time of the gap.


For the wordier activity names, we’ve extended the visible activity length so you can find the right one quicker.

Time entry longer activity names

Any questions?

For further guidance on getting the most out of the platform, head over to our Help Center for advice and answers from the Timeular team.

Learn more about using Timeular for your team

Timeular 3.0 – Shared Spaces 🤝

Timeular Shared Spaces empowers you and your team to track time together in one place and take full advantage of the simplicity and accuracy of Timeular.

Especially now in challenging times like this, it’s even more important to know how we are spending our time. Either to focus on the important stuff or to find the right balance while working from home for the first time.

What can I use Shared Spaces for? 🚀

Shared Spaces allows you to create a common data structure to track time together and create insightful reports for everyone.

Everyday tasks such as handing in timesheets, billing projects, checking a project’s profitability, improving future estimations and many more things will all become effortless and more accurate.

Shared Spaces is very smart indeed. I love the reporting I can do for my clients – without prompts.

Shared Spaces Beta Tester

How do Spaces work? 🤔

First of all, Spaces are shared with no-one by default. You can create as many Spaces as you want and invite unlimited people of your choice or keep them private.

When inviting someone, you can choose if they’re an admin and therefore have insights into everyone’s time tracking (with a 24h delay) or if they’re a member and only able to see their own data.

Within a space you can create a common data structure by adding activities and tags that everyone can track time on, e.g. you could create a Space for the whole company, assign all of your company’s projects as activities and set tags such as #billable and #non-billable.

In the analytics, admins will see the same insightful charts you’re used to using, but for the whole team. The charts can be customized through our simple-to-use filters. If the charts are not what you’re looking for, you can export the data to CSV/XLSX and create your own charts in e.g. Google Sheets or Excel.

Built with privacy in mind 🔐

We started Timeular because we want to make time tracking for our users as simple and fun as possible. The users that matter to us the most are the people tracking time, hence privacy is important to us.

That’s why you’ll always have a Private Space to track your most sensitive things which no-one but you has access to.

That’s also why everyone’s time entries within Shared Spaces will only show up in the shared analytics after 24 hours, so no-one will be able to check-in on anyone else in real-time.

How to start using Spaces today 👩🏻‍🚀

To start using Spaces just update the app (in your Settings > App Settings or download it here) to the latest version.

Then go on creating your first Space and invite your colleagues by simply clicking on Add Space on the activity screen. It’s as simple as that.

Spaces is a Pro feature only, but you can start a 30-day Pro trial in the app right after clicking on Add Space.

If you need help here is a support article to map your workflows.

What’s coming next? 😎

Right now Shared Spaces works on the desktop apps and we’re gradually working on bringing it to the mobile apps too, which will keep us busy for a little while.

What we work on after that depends on your feedback, so please keep sending it and vote on But first, make sure to share Timeular with your Team! 🙏

Make your time fly – in a good way,
Team Timeular

P.S. We are working fully remote since 4 years now. If you have any question about that, reach out to us, we’re happy to help!

Learn more about using Timeular for your team

Find out how web developer Chris increased his focus time

Timeular customer webdeveloper chris
estimated reading time: 3 min 

As a remote worker, it’s very easy to lose focus and get distracted by the things one needs to do around the house. “Every working day is typically about 7 hours of billable work, but if I take an hour lunch, walk the dog twice in the middle of the day, try to start laundry, etc… I found that I’m spending nearly 11 hours just to get my 7 hours of billable in to ‘call it a day’.”

Chris works as a web developer at Happy Cog.  When working remotely it can be challenging to not let other household duties stretch your workday.

Chris knew that the first step to master this challenge would be to get clarity about the situation and start tracking his time.

He could then use this data to focus on getting his work done in fewer hours.

How Chris tracks his time in detail

In the beginning, he had a long list of activities: “I used to have every individual side project as their own activity, but then I decided to merge them and use #tags and @mentions to track the individual projects”.

He narrowed the list down to a few personal and work activities. For work, he tracks his Top-level projects as individual activities and uses the @mentions for individual issues. For his side projects, he uses one activity called Personal activities. 

Additionally, he has one activity called General activity that is a catch-all during work hours. On this side he tracks things like stepping away to the bathroom, grabbing lunch and walking his dog.

More focus time by shifting non-work related activities

The distinction between “not working activities” and “working activities” helped Chris see how much time he wasn’t focused on work.   “The more time I spend on General every day the more time I need to make up later that evening.”

The analytics showed him that he had way too many tiny entries. “They were just 5-10 minutes long because my focus would keep shifting. ”  He saw that he needed 11 hours to get his 7 hours of billable work done. That’s when he knew he had to change something.

He started shifting his household duties to later in the day. In addition, he said no to a lot of other things that took away his focus for work.

This helped him narrow down his working day and created a longer period of focused time. AND more free time afterwards.


Chris works remotely as a web developer for Happy Cog, a full-service digital agency that combines design, development, and marketing to solve complex business problems using a creative and user centered approach. Timeular is on his side since September 2018.

Say hi to Timeular 2.0

Timeular 2.0 weekly overview

Our mission at Timeular is to enable you to spend more time on what really matters. Accurate time tracking and a great overview of your time spending is a crucial first step in that direction, which is finally available with Timeular 2.0 ?

To improve how we spend our time towards our goals, we strongly believe in the Track-Understand-Improve cycle.

  • Track your time and get objective data on how you spend it.
  • Understand where your time goes and discover timesinks.
  • Improve: Find ways to improve based on your possibilities and measure your progress.

This update marks a big milestone along our journey and after months of designing, discussing, development and testing we could not be prouder to finally get your hands onto it.

So what is new in Timeular 2.0?

Besides a ton of improvements and fixes under the hood, the interface of Timeular has fundamentally changed. Curious? Let’s dive right in. Here are the top 4 changes in Timeular 2.0.

TLDR;  ? See the walkthrough here

  • The weekly view is the all new calendar-like appearance of Timeular.
  • It shows you a whole week of time tracking at a glance and gives you a great overview over how you spend your time.
  • Zooming allows you to adjust the level of detail you want to get on your data from birds-eye view to being every minute of your time.
  • Creating and editing time entries has become very fast and seamless.
  • Starting/Stopping/Switching your time tracking is now way easier and running time entries can be edited.
  • Timeular can now handle collisions in your timeline and make sure you reach the state of your timeline you want.
  • The status of your Tracker is now always visible so you can be sure what’s going on.
  • Join our deep-dive-webinar on April 10th to learn more.
  • Download it here

1) Appearance

The weekly view is the all-new appearance of Timeular as a calendar like application. It gives you a view onto a whole week of your time data and allows you to easily spot gaps as well as things you might want to take a closer look at.

Seamlessly navigate through different weeks by using the week-by-week navigation or date picker. This allows you to easily check up on your time tracking for any weeks or discover time spending patterns across weeks.

You can easily zoom in and out to choose the level of detail you want to get on your data. So zoom out to get a rough overview over what you did when, or zoom in to get into the nitty gritty and inspect every short distraction and how it affected your day.

weekly overview of tracked data

2) Time Entries

Time entries in your timeline give you all the needed information like activity, duration or note at a glance or by hovering over small entries. Time entries can be dragged and visually modified in the interface making it easier than ever to apply small changes.

With weekly view, creating, changing and deleting time entries has never been easier. Simply drag or click to create or edit a time entry, get smart input fields and elements to apply your changes and visually move time entries around using drag and drop. Time entries smartly snap into place so you don’t need to edit them later.

Consecutive small time entries are grouped together so they are not overlooked while giving you all the needed information and access to more details with just a click. This allows you to have a birds-eye view on the structure of your week, while still seeing little distractions that pop out.

Timeular software time entries blocked

In your time tracking, you can’t do two things at the same time (don’t get me started on multitasking ?). So weekly view helps you to deal with conflicts of different time entries in your timeline. If you change a time entry and it conflicts with others, Timeular now gives you a great overview of the situation and allows you to easily overwrite interferences or revert changes.

3) Tracking

With weekly view, starting, stopping and switching your time tracking is always just one click away. With all your activities visible at the sidelines, simply click the play/stop icons to change the current tracking. Add notes and tags to your current tracking right here to categorise your time and get great insights later.

Timeular tracking with tags

4) Tracker Status

While all this gives you a great way to use the Timeular app, it all comes together with the Timeular Tracker. You can now always see the status of your Tracker right in the weekly view.

Timeular with no Tracker connected

We at Timeular believe that getting a clear picture and overview over where one’s time goes is the best starting point for understanding habits and patterns and discovering things to improve. This is why we built Timeular 2. Sounds good to you? Join our deep-dive-webinar on April 10th to learn more. 

Please let us know if you need help or have feedback for us. Happy to hear from you anytime.

Make your time count. ⏰

Team Timeular

P.S.: A humongous thank you to the whole team, Wolfgang, Oleksii, our alpha testers and all amazing people using Timeular every day and giving us such great feedback.
P.P.S.: Like the update? Please share the love: Twitter | Facebook

What’s new in Timeular 1.8?

Timeular 1.8

Partey Time ?? We have just released a major new version of Timeular (1.8) for Windows and macOS.

Besides many bugfixes and improvements, we introduced some new features and shortcuts that we hope will make your time tracking easier and give you more insights into where your time goes.

This article guides you through the major changes in 1.8. and highlights how the improvements might help you. Ready to dive in? Ok – let’s do it.

TL;DR: Here are some highlights

  • New: We reworked all notifications to better keep you up to date about your tracking
  • New: We made changes to the analytics and added more useful metrics like average start and end time
  • New: Timeular now reminds you to stop or switch tracking after a certain tracking duration. The optimal duration can be automatically calculated or manually entered.
  • New: We added shortcuts to the date picker (analytics) to make it easier to select common time frames such as yesterday, last week or this month.
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented some users from creating activities
  • Fixed: Date and time settings would sometimes not persist and thus reset upon restart.

1) Smart Reminders – Long Task

Timeular now reminds you to take a break or switch tasks after a certain time of tracking. So after you have tracked for an unusually long time, Timeular will give you a little heads-up by displaying the notification below. You can then either decide to stop your tracking or simply hit No and continue your work. The automatic estimation of the perfect time entry length gets better over time and makes sure you get enough breaks. 🙂

Time for a break notification

If you’d like to manually enter a time duration for this reminder, you can easily do so in the application settings as shown below. Simply enter a time and Timeular will make sure to remind you.

Reminders and Pomodoro Timer

We know that many of you really like the Pomodoro technique to manage your time and focus throughout the day (we love it too). This new reminder lets you define timer intervals, easily stop and take a break and get started again with the flip of the Timeular Tracker. Hope you like it.

No need for that time machine: Automatically stop tracking at the end of the day

Another great way to use this reminder is to make sure tracking is stopped at the end of the day. You can now configure Timeular to automatically stop tracking after a tracking exceeds a certain length. So if you leave your office and forget tracking, Timeular will stop the tracking for you.

Tracking was stopped notification

So no more tracked-through nights and awakenings full or remorse and regret where you just want to go back in time and stop that tracking. Wait … I’m mixing things up here. Anyways, you get the idea. We hope you like this feature and this makes your life easier.

2) Date picker shortcuts

When looking at the analytics of your time or if you want to filter your time for export, you will likely always go for time frames such as “last week”, “this week“ or “last month“. As we want to save you time that you can spend on the really important things, we added shortcuts that let you select these time frames with a single click.

Calendar filter

An overview of your time tracking this week/month or year is just a click away. Hope this saves you some time. ?

3) New metrics in analytics

Ever wondered what the short/medium/long time entries in the analytics were all about? I will say this: It made sense at some point ?. We replaced these with more useful metrics such as average start and end time of your tracking or average duration of tracked time entries.

4) Bugfixes

In this release, we were able to fix many bugs and lay the groundwork for great things coming up (can’t wait to get your hands on it).

The fixes include:

  • Some users were not able to create or change activities in the application. This is bad and we apologize – fixed. No jokes here, we messed up.
  • The time and date format settings would not persist after a restart of the application. Sorry about that. *restart* fixed/we/it *restart*
  • Random advice completely unrelated to this release: If you ever display notifications in your product, you better make sure they don’t crash your app. (…sorry)
  • Integrations were not showing up immediately upon configuration in the apps
  • Some users experienced that their software would not react to flipping the Tracker or putting it back into the base. As you suspect, this is kind of essential for our product to work. 🙂 We worked with those users and could fix it while improving overall connectivity and reliability for all users. Nothing can stop you now. Go get em, Tiger.
  • The calendar date picker could not scroll back/forward more than one month. While we encourage you to live in the moment, this was clearly too much. Fixed. Sorry.

We are very happy to finally bring this update to you. Please note: This update will be shipped to desktop users first. Mobile versions will follow.

In case you need help, have feedback/ideas or there is anything else we can do for you – Please reach out anytime. Happy to hear from you.

Christoph and the Timeular team.

P.S.: (Now more than ever) Value your time ?

What’s new in Timeular 1.6?

Timeular 1.6

The past months, we have worked very hard to understand current problems and improve the Timeular Tracker and our Timeular software for you. So here it is the Timeular 1.6 update.

We talked to hundreds of users and gathered feedback to build the easiest way for you to track your time and get meaningful insights into how you spend your time.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up starting with this update.

TL;DR: Here are some highlights

  • New: Update for your beloved Timeular Tracker which enables always-on mode. It will automatically reconnect when you flip it and therefore track more reliably. No need to hit the black button again.
  • New: Immediately see if your Tracker is connected via the menu bar icon.
  • New: Edit any time entry directly from the statistics screen.
  • New: Click start/stop notifications to directly modify the corresponding entry.
  • Fixed: Faster start and reaction time.
  • Fixed: Auto-Save of notes you enter.
  • Fixed: Default length of time entries slots is now 1h.
  • Fixed: App would not open properly after update.
  • Fixed: Wrong element highlighted in the navigation bar.
  • Fixed: Design improvements and color changes (especially Windows).

1) The always-on mode:

My Nana always used to say: “If your team ever builds a Bluetooth device, you better make sure it’s connecting properly son!”.

Well, we all have had our fair share of issues with that and we’ve been working very hard to fix it. So we are happy to announce that we started rolling out an update for the software on your Timeular Tracker (also called firmware) that will fix this.

But wait…

  • Does this mean I don’t need to switch the Tracker off and on ever? Yes. (Ok. You should switch it off when you take it with you…but that’s it)
  • Does this mean the device reliably reconnects (upon flip) when my computer went to sleep / wakes up? Yes.
  • Does this mean the Tracker reliably reconnects (upon flip) to my phone when I leave / and return to my desk? Yes.
  • Does this mean I don’t have to worry about if all is set up and working when I just want to switch tasks? Yes.
  • Will this reduce the battery life of my Tracker significantly? No. (no seriously, we promise)

(Making you proud here Nana – miss you)

What will the update look like? Easy:

1) You will receive an update of our apps (desktop, mobile)

2) A little red dot shows up next to your Settings

3) Simply “follow the rabbit red dot” to update your Tracker in a few minutes

4) Done.

Timeular 1.6 update

Note: You might need to insert a new battery to perform the update (we will guide you through the process) but can re-use the old one afterward. We need an 80% charged battery to make sure we don’t run out of battery during the update process.

We will ship this feature gradually to all our users. So it might take a few days till the update pigeon comes by. We are very excited about finally getting your hands on this and can’t wait to hear back from you.

❤️ Thanks very much to all our users who have helped with their time and feedback. Special thanks to Cindy, Christoph, Susan, Kaleb, Katrin, Tobias, Josha, Lars, Mirko and so many more. ❤️

2) Connection status in the menu bar:

Here’s the thing: It’s very important to us that you don’t need to worry about time tracking and don’t waste any time or energy on checking up on it – nothing should stand between you and tracking your activity with a simple flip.

We are working on many things to make sure you can rely on this under any circumstances. In addition to the always-on mode of the Tracker, the desktop applications now show you the connection status of the Tracker directly in the menu bar/status bar. When you see the check mark in the Timeular icon, your Tracker is connected and ready to track. Its always-on mode makes sure this checkmark is there.

Timeular 1.6 update ZEI connected

Please note: In order to be able to see the icon instantly under Windows, simply drag it into the visible area of your status bar.

3) Edit time entries in report screen:

Statistics are great. Most of us have been in this situation: You look at statistics and realize that you need to change a time entry or add a note. Up to now, it was not possible to do this straight away. Good news: now you can.

With this update, we made it possible to edit notes and time entries directly from the statistics screen. So with two clicks, you can now add a note including hashtags and mentions. With three clicks you can edit the time or activity or delete the entry. Did you know the average pc user clicks over 425 times a day (in all applications). Just saying.

Timeular 1.6 add entry

Other changes in this update include:

  • The desktop application is now faster to start and use. Still working on it but shifted up a gear for sure.
  • The applications now auto-saves notes you entered. So none of the notes can escape your tracking anymore.
  • Adapted descriptions texts at the top of the applications so the displayed expressions better explain offered functionality given the application state and usage context they are easier to understand.
  • Manually added time entries now have a default length of an hour. Whoever found the 13:00 – 23:59 default timeslot useful: I want to talk. About your life.
  • Design changes: The scroll bar now feels at home on Windows and we improved the color scheme.
  • Notifications on the desktop are now clickable and directly take you to the corresponding time entry.
  • Fixed: The app would not open properly after an update. Which is the anti-definition of an update, really.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the wrong menu-item in the left bar would be highlighted. No jokes about that – that’s just a bug.

We are very happy to finally bring this update to you. Please note: This update will be shipped to desktop users first. Mobile versions will follow.

In case you need help, have feedback/ideas or there is anything else we can do for you – Please reach out anytime. Happy to hear from you.

Christoph and the Timeular team.

P.S.: (Now more than ever) Make your time count. 🙂