Complete Guide To Rapid Planning Method (RPM)

Author: Madalina Roman

Nowadays, it becomes even more challenging to commit to a day-to-day routine. There’s a more visible struggle to complete the goals established for a great personal and professional life. The Rapid Planning Method was created to eliminate that frustration and transform your thinking.

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This method allows you to stay proactive while juggling all the aspects of your personal and professional life. This article lets you know what RPM is, how it works, and its effectiveness. 

What does Tony Robbins’ RPM stand for?

Tony Robbins created the RPM, universally known as the Rapid Planning Method. According to his Workbook – Time of your life:

“The first step toward taking back your focus and achieving the realization of your vision is to ask yourself three questions in a specific sequence on a consistent basis, the RPM system. Although RPM stands for the Rapid Planning Method, you can also think of it as a Results-oriented/Purpose-driven/Massive Action Plan.

The sequence is critical, because if you don’t know what you want, why you want it, and then create a plan for how to get to it, in that order, your actions will not be sustainable through life’s challenges, and you’ll have little possibility of experiencing what it is you truly desire.”

This evolved way of thinking grants you the pleasure of experiencing the goal fulfillment you’ve always envisioned for yourself. There are three distinct steps that you must take to step into the RPM’s management technique.

Through your daily, weekly, or even monthly tasks, this method guarantees that you accomplish its three pillars.

The achieved desired Result you want and/or need, for the Purpose you established. That concludes your power to get started on the Massive Action Plan.

What’s the Rapid Planning Method?

The Rapid Planning Method by Tony Robbins is a straightforward time management technique that helps you boost productivity and reach your goals by focusing on clear objectives, purposeful actions, and continuous progress toward success.

According to Tony Robbin’s Workbook – Time of your life: “RPM is a system of thinking, not a time management system. The goal in life is not to manage time, but creating a life that is absolutely fulfilling, a life that is always growing and contributing.”

This time management technique welcomes you to explore your potential to its fullest. Furthermore, it eliminates every negative aspect you may feel during your planning, such as frustration, fear, and stress. That effect leads your energy and focus to the desired result to get you started on your action plan.

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How does the RPM of Tony Robbins work?

The question that remains is – How does RPM work? Such as 3 pillars are standing on the method, and there are also 3 questions you must answer:

1. What do I want?

In this question, you must consider what result would be significant to you on a personal or professional level. 

For example, let’s say you have your own business with incoming projects from various clients. For that effect, you must look for a measurable result such as “I want to deliver five projects per month”.

2. What’s my purpose?

For this question, you need to dig deeper, to understand what drives you to need this result and why. 

It’s important to perceive this result’s general and objective impact and purpose in your life. For example, on the same topic of having your own business, it could be because you want to grow your company.

3. What do I need to do? What’s my massive action plan? 

This final question is the most complex, and yet it’s the one that will give you that jumpstart you need to implement the Rapid Planning Method. 

This is where you can combine multiple ideas and actions that better suit your result. For example, on the same topic of having your own business, you could promote your company via social media to gain more clients.

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How do you get the best from RPM?

There’s a rich learning experience you can take from Tony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method. There’s a structured way where you can place all of your insights from your results, purpose, and action plans. 

1. Capturing

Human beings are known for being great multitaskers. But the truth is that you’re inflicting stress on your brain accumulating all that information. 

The best solution is simply to put it on paper, and then you’ll be able to see your goals more clearly. 

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2. Start the chunking process

Once you’ve gathered all the information in your head, you can start the chunking process. 

This process consists of the filtration of everything because some things are in the business category, and others in the personal category. 

The goal is to assign what stands as a goal that you want to achieve or as something you need to do. For example:

1) Business: deliver five projects per month

2) Personal: organize a family dinner

3. Create your RPM chart

By creating your own RPM chart, you can really focus your energy on the important results you want to achieve. 

Through these organized insights, you can put into perspective what you want to do to feel absolutely fulfilled. According to Tony Robbins’ Workbook, your chart could be like so:

Massive action planResultPurpose
“Promote my company via social media to gain more clients”“I want to deliver five projects per month”“I want to grow my company”

4. Creating fun, empowering roles

It’s important to assign yourself to incredible and fun roles that you’d never imagined.

That alone will create a child-like mindset that will allow an amazing sense of enthusiasm that you haven’t felt since you were little.

tony robbins process

Is RPM effective?

Yes! The truth is that Tony Robbins’ RPM is a perfect tool for reorganizing your priorities. 

It’ll keep you on your toes to maintain you focused on the ultimate goal you want to achieve. With this new thinking method, you’ll:

  • Retrieve control in your personal and professional life;
  • Gain new energy focused only on the results you want to achieve;
  • Eliminate the psychological weight of a to-do list;
  • Evolve into a new way of thinking that gives you results, purpose, and action plans;
  • Get an incredible sense of fulfillment with the accomplished goals. 


In light of Tony Robbins’ RPM, it’s important to remember that this method doesn’t need to work for your life balance and productivity. 

It’s amazing the access we now have to explore new options that work differently. You must keep looking for the best time tracking tool to guide you to the results and sense of fulfillment you’ve always desired.

If this method isn’t the best for you, you can try the 5/25 rule of Warren Buffet, Eat the frog technique, MoSCoW method or the ABCDE method which allows you to prioritize your tasks and improve your time management.

FAQs about RPM

Who invented the “Rapid Planning Method”?

The Rapid Planning Method was created by the American author Tony Robbins. He’s recognized for being an excellent businessman, as well as a business coach and financial trainer. He has worked for more than 50 companies and hosts numerous events and seminars.

What planner does Tony Robbins use?

Tony Robbins has used RPM Life Planner since its creation.

Why did Tony Robbins create RPM?

Everything started when Tony had many dreams that he would like to accomplish, but he didn’t want just to think about them. With the RPM’s new thinking system, he could focus and fulfill his dreams. That was achieved due to the creation that gave him a clear view of his goals. 

Do I only succeed if I go by the rules of Tony Robbins’ RPM?

No. There are several time management techniques that can help you improve your productivity. You have to try them and choose the best that works better for you.

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