66 Best Project Management Tools in 2024

Author: Madalina Roman

A project manager’s role is the most important one in the context of leading a team toward the achievement of its vision. Although it features its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, this job it’s not an easy task to take on.

However, as incredibly professional as a project manager has to be, it’s safe to say that there’s always room for improvement and resources that can impact their life significantly.

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Today, many Project Management tools can help you take a step back and evaluate your role and how you can be better for the sake of yourself, your team, and your project.

With that in mind, you’ll get the master guide you were waiting for, a complete list of the best Project Management tools.

The best tools for Project Managers

1. Timeular

Timeular tracking app

Timeular is the preferred tool for tracking team time and billable hours. It has a user-friendly interface, offline and online tracking, and offers calendar view, keyboard shortcuts, and a physical device. It provides reporting insights that can be exported in PDF, XLSX, and CSV. Timeular identifies time-wasting activities and helps maximize billable hours. It also offers a physical time-tracking gadget that links to application tasks via Bluetooth.

The software includes billable time, notes, reporting, timesheets, budgets, and integration with other tools. Timeular supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices and is suitable for individual and collaborative work settings. It distinguishes itself with its intuitive software, exceptional customer support, and adaptable time entry options.

Timeular key features:

  • Track time with the physical tracker
  • Infinite shared folders: Track time together with your team for multiple projects
  • Calendar integrations: See your Calendars in Timeular
  • Integrations with Zapier, Harvest, Jira, and all Calendars (Google, Outlook and Apple)
  • Add Notes, Tags, and mentions to time entries: Make time-tracking even more accurate
  • Set Time budgets: allocate time towards different clients and projects and monitor it in real-time

Pricing: From $6.3 user/month

Looking for the most effortless and accurate time tracking tool for your team?

Timeular’s easy and smart experience, paired with its powerful reporting functionality, makes time tracking a delight


This tool enables the capacity to manage multiple teams, projects, and workflows simultaneously while being in the loop of everything. This is the best tool for agile.

JIRA key features:

  • Roadmaps;
  • Scrum boards;
  • Reports and monitorization.

Pricing: From $7.75 per user/month (Free for ten users)

TIP: Learn how to track time in Jira

3. Notion

This app allows you to have everything you need in the same place. Planning for your personal and professional life has never been so easy.

Place your notes, and ideas and share them with the elements involved in the project. Notion is one of the best Project Management tools for professional and personal use. And that’s why it’s also one of the best productivity apps for iPhone.

Notion key features:

  • Designing your ideas;
  • Integration into all of your devices in real-time;
  • Centralized information.

Pricing: Starts at $8 a month (Free for up to 10 guests)

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4. Asana

This small business tool helps you organize the tasks amongst your whole team, allowing it to be divided into subtasks.

Asana is the best tool for content creators due to its features.

Asana key features:

  • Gantt chart appearance;
  • Planning and scheduling tasks for your team;
  • Prioritization of tasks.

Pricing: From $9.99 per user/month

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5. Monday.com

Monday.com is one of the best task team management tools and it is an excellent choice for the centralization of tasks, information, and projects.

Monday.com key features:

  • Integrations;
  • Centralized communication;
  • Optimized reports.

Pricing: From $10.72 per seat/month (Free for up to 3 boards and 2 seats)

TIP: Monday.com Time tracking

6. Smartsheet

This cloud-based software is perfectly suited for the development of your job as a project manager with various tools

Smartsheets key features:

  • Time-tracking;
  • Task planning;
  • Reporting.

Pricing: Individual plan from $14 and business plan at $25 per user per month

7. Trello

A great app to increase productivity on iPad, iPhone, and almost any type of device, this app follows the Kanban board premise by monitoring every task and managing the deadlines and your team’s progress.

This is one of the best tools for remote teams.

Trello key features:

  • Integrations;
  • Automated workflows;
  • Clear view of the tasks.

Pricing: From $5 per user/month (Free for up to 10 boards)

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8. Wrike 

This is a good prioritization tool that helps significantly with your team’s communication and collaboration and fantastic document management tool. Wrike is the best tool for a project manager freelancer.

Wrike key features:

  • Task and milestones that can be integrated into Google, iCalendar, and Outlook;
  • Gantt Charts;
  • Prioritization tools.

Pricing: Free (For a team from $9.80 per user/month)

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9. Zoho Projects

Zoho Project compiles many tools that are very useful to you as a project manager because they allow you to organize your work and prioritize your tasks.

Zoho Projects key features:

  • File management;
  • Gantt Charts;
  • Integrated with Zoho CRM.

Pricing: $25/month for up to 20 projects

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10. Microsoft Project

This is an incredible tool for the project life cycle phases, from planning tasks and delegating to monitoring your project’s progress. Being very intuitive, this on-the-go app combines tasks, resources, and a calendar.

Microsoft Project key features:

  • Easy collaboration and file sharing with the team and stakeholders;
  • Dynamic scheduling;
  • Interactive dashboards.

Pricing: SaaS: $25/user/month & On-Premise: $450/user

11. Microsoft Teams

This app is perfect for establishing communication with your team and clients. You can enjoy web conferencing, video and voice conferences, and conferences with telephone or instant messaging. This is the best tool communication app suitable for any business.

Microsoft Teams key features:

  • Edition of files and documents in real-time;
  • Dynamic meetings;
  • Calendars and tasks.

Pricing: From $4 user/month 

TIP: Learn how to track time in Microsoft Teams.

12. Evernote

If you’re involved in a project, there’s a lot of information that your brain can’t possibly retain for future reference.

Evernote helps you store all the essential information you might need for later and that you might share with your team. This is one of the best free tools you can use as a project manager.

Evernote key features:

  • Keyword tags;
  • Reminders and deadline tracking;
  • Flexible organization.

Pricing: Free

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13. Microsoft Visio

This vector graphics app is defined for its diagrams, shapes, and flowcharts used mainly by project managers. It’s a way of transforming your gathered data into easy-to-visualize charts for many presentations.

Microsoft Visio key features:

  • Narrator, accessibility checker, and high-contrast support;
  • Collaboration in real-time;
  • Customizable charts.

Pricing: From $5 user/month 

14. Slack

Manny project managers and workers consider Slack as one of the best Windows productivity apps. This intuitive platform allows you to share files and establish communication with your team on private and shared channels. 

Slack key features:

  • Channels to centralize tasks and files;
  • Workflows;
  • Integration with Google Drive and Office 365.

Pricing: From $7.24 per user/month (Free for up to 10 integrations)

TIP: Boost your productivity by adopting a Slack time-tracking integration.

15. GanttPro

GanttPro is an effective resource management and planning tool widely used by project managers due to its ability to plan, workflow tracking, and collaboration.

GanttPro key features:

  • Gantt charts and board view;
  • Project planning templates;
  • Project progress tracking in detail.

Pricing: From $7.90 per user/month

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16. Kissflow Project

This platform is great if you’re starting your career as a project manager. You can easily plan your and your team’s tasks for the day and monitor the progress.

Kissflow Project key features:

  • Kanban and matrix visualization of your projects;
  • Complete reports on the project’s progress;
  • Custom fields segment every task.

Pricing: From $15 per user/month

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17. ProofHub

This centralized platform represents all the features you need to plan and organize your projects and team.

ProofHub key features:

  • Discussion topics;
  • Table view for organized visualization;
  • Kanban Boards.

Pricing: From $45 per month

18. Paymo

This task management software helps you develop your planning, scheduling, and time-tracking skills.

Paymo key features:

  • Gantt charts and Kanban boards; 
  • Collaboration in real-time;
  • Customizable reports.

Pricing: From $15.16 per user/month

Did you know that Paymo is one of the best time-tracking apps for small businesses?

19. Teamwork

This Kanban-style management tool is similar to Trello but offers a more ranged reporting status. It creates tasks, assigns them to your team members, and monitors their progress.

Teamwork key features:

  • Integrations;
  • Automated workflows;
  • Clear view of the tasks.

Pricing: From $6.43 per user/month (Free for up to 5 users)

20. ClickUp

This productivity tool enables you to control the tasks around your projects, and the documentation needed. 

ClickUp key features:

  • Automatic scheduling; 
  • Monitoring over the entire dashboard;
  • Customized workflows.

Pricing: $4.99 per user/month

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21. Basecamp

This app centralizes everything you need to complete the tasks required to complete projects. 

Basecamp key features:

  • To-do lists;
  • Document and file database;
  • Card table.

Pricing: From $99/month

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22. Hubspot

With its centralized dashboard to manage your projects, this CRM tool is guaranteed to develop your marketing and sales skills. This is the best tool for marketing Project Management.

Hubspot key features:

  • Collaboration boards;
  • Detailed reports;
  • Customer database. 

Pricing: From $45 per month

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23. nTask

This app can help you define your project planning and the tasks that depend on the project for completion.

This is the best tool that a startup can you for project management.

nTask key features:

  • Kanban Boards;
  • Gantt Charts;
  • Time-tracking.

Pricing: From $3 per month

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24. Hive

This digital platform focuses on the team’s needs giving a Kanban-style dashboard to have a more accurate view of the tasks and their progress.

Hive key features:

  • Centralized platform;
  • Gantt Charts;
  • Kanban Board.

Pricing: From $12 per user/month

25. Flock

This app can help you define your project planning and the tasks depending on the project’s completion.

Flock key features:

  • Real-time collaboration;
  • File sharing;
  • Access Google Drive from Flock.

Pricing: From $3 per month

26. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is the tool you need for your presentations, with an extensive range of visual charts and graphs. It’s the best way to show the progress of your project to your stakeholders.

SmartDraw key features:

  • Data automation;
  • Integration with other tools;
  • Sophisticated collaboration.

Pricing: From $5.95 per month

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27. Clarizen

This is a cloud-based Project Management tool that develops collaboration between your projects and your team.

Clarizen key features:

  • Budget tracking;
  • Automation workflow.

Pricing: From $60 per user/month

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28. Airtable

This Project Management tool focuses on spreadsheets and databases, enabling their customization.

Airtable key features:

  • Data and workflows combined;
  • Automation workflow;
  • Kanban view.

Pricing: From $10 per user/month

29. Kanban tool

This app lets you view your workflow and track your time within your tasks. It’s easier to monitor with the help of notifications and extensive reports.

Kanban tool key features:

  • Real-time collaboration;
  • Detailed analytics;
  • Kanban view.

Pricing: From $5 per user/month

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30. Zenkit

This digital platform combines every element that a project manager needs, from to-do lists to planning your project and organizing its tasks. 

Zenkit key features:

  • Agile and Gantt planning;
  • All-in-One collaboration;
  • To-Do lists.

Pricing: From $9 per user/month

31. MeisterTask

This online Project Management tool is essential to establish real-time collaboration between the project manager and their teams through an activity dashboard.

MeisterTask key features:

  • Time-tracking;
  • Custom fields;
  • Multiple checklists.

Pricing: From $13.40 per user/month

32. Scoro

This end-to-end work management software offers the solution for your business through utilizing Gantt charts, time tracking, and prioritization.

Scoro key features:

  • Built-in time-tracker;
  • Detailed report on team’s activities;
  • Gantt charts.

Pricing: From $28 per user/month

33. Workzone

This tool is a centralized dashboard that manages the work that comes in, sharing it with the team so that they share the same vision.

Workzone key features:

  • Faster communication;
  • Creating tasks, to-do lists, and sharing files;
  • Possible to invite stakeholders.

Pricing: From $200 per month

34. Filestage

This marketing Project Management software facilitates getting tasks and projects approved. 

Filestage key features:

  • Real-time feedback;
  • Dashboard to keep up with updates on the project;
  • Fast-track of the processes.

Pricing: From $95.52 per month

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35. Proprofs

This app concentrates on all the different projects and helps you thoroughly manage each through progress tracking and real-time feedback.

Filestage features:

  • Kanban Board;
  • Custom Workflow;
  • Gantt charts.

Pricing: From $2 per user/month

36. Chanty

From this platform alone, you can create a task from a simple message and assign it to the expert in question, defining a deadline and the type of priority.

Chanty key features:

  • Kanban Board;
  • Prioritization of tasks;
  • Establishment of deadlines.

Pricing: From $3 per user/month (free up to 10 users)

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37. Redbooth

This online app aims to manage busy teams to keep them organized and focused on the tasks at hand.

Redbooth key features:

  • Intuitive task manager;
  • Simple delegation and assignment of tasks;
  • Apps for Android and iOS.

Pricing: From $5 per user/month 

38. Celoxis

An alternative to Microsoft Projects, this award-winning tool helps to plan and track projects, tasks, resources, and much more from a company. 

Celoxis key features:

  • Customizable;
  • Detailed report;
  • Easy and intuitive collaboration.

Pricing: SaaS: $25/user/month & On-Premise: $450/user

39. TeamGantt

This visual software allows you to save and optimize your time while managing multiple projects and teams.

TeamGantt key features:

  • Drag and drop method;
  • Real-time updates;
  • Easy to use.

Pricing: From $19 per manager/month

40. Proworkflow

This app is distinguished for its simplicity and ease to use while for project planning, task management, and time-tracking.

Proworkflow key features:

  • Simple to assign tasks to team members and track time;
  • Easy invoicing;
  • Custom workflows.

Pricing: From $21.46 per user/month

41. Insightly

Specializing in CRM, this cloud-based platform seeks to improve your company’s sales in an all-in-one capacity.

Insightly key features:

  • All-in-One platform;
  • Easy invoicing;
  • Easy integrations.

Pricing: From $29 per user/month

42. Easy Project

This app is adaptable and flexible so that your project can go through many phases, and you can still count on Project Management implementation that fits your needs.

Easy Project key features:

  • Time-tracking;
  • Project templates;
  • Agile management.

Pricing: From $5.90 per user/month

43. Teamdeck

This easy-to-use software provides the tools you need to put into practice your role as a project manager. It shares easy resource planning with a flexible team calendar.

Teamdeck key features:

  • Flexible scheduling;
  • Timesheets and time tracking;
  • Custom reports.

Pricing: From $0.90 per month

44. Freedcamp

This app helps to optimize processes through the contribution of many tools, such as the time-tracker and personalized workflows.

Freedcamp key features:

  • Milestones;
  • Gantt chart;
  • Kanban board.

Pricing: From $1.49 per user/month

45. Freshdesk

This platform is excellent for every project manager looking for a support desk to handle various issues.

Freshdesk key features:

  • Quick resolution of issues;
  • Prioritization and assignment of tickets;
  • Support through multi-channels.

Pricing: From $15 per agent/month (Free for up to 10 agents)

46. LiquidPlanner

This is the perfect software tool to improve your Project Management skills while balancing it with time-tracking.

LiquidPlanner key features:

  • Time and budget tracking;
  • Enabling notes to any given project;
  • Collaboration boards.

Pricing: From $15 per user/month

47. CoSchedule

This marketing Project Management tool aims to maintain your work in the most organized way possible. Your project’s workflow is easier to manage, along with a complete calendar.

CoSchedule key features:

  • Marketing calendar;
  • Integrated social campaigns;
  • Flexible planning.

Pricing: Free (Pro version from $29 per user/month)

48. Zistemo

Formerly known as Moneypenny.me, this platform specializes in time-tracking and invoicing software. It will help you track your project and your team’s workload.

Zistemo key features:

  • Attendance templates;
  • Project overview;
  • Online billing.

Pricing: From $16.10 per month with 1 user

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49. Podio

This platform easily adapts to any business and project you may have. You can attach important files and get real-time feedback from your team and clients.

Podio key features:

  • Custom structure;
  • Communication with the team and stakeholders;
  • Automated workflows.

Pricing: From $11.20 per month (Free from up to 5 employees)

50. Project Insight

This app includes integrations with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, etc. The main goal is to monitor the project from start to finish with the contribution of all of PI’s elements. 

Project Insight key features:

  • Time-tracking;
  • Intelligent scheduling;
  • Project templates.

Pricing: Free (For additional needs from $3)

TIP: Get daily, weekly, and monthly free work schedule templates

51. ProjectManager.com

This online interface transforms your Project Management method in the sense that it helps to plan and track the project’s progress.

ProjectManager.com key features:

  • Intuitive and easy to use;
  • Gantt charts;
  • Kanban boards.

Pricing: From $13 per user/month

52. Dropbox Paper

This real-time editing platform allows everyone involved in the project to collaborate to find the best solutions to achieve the project’s completion.

Dropbox Paper key features:

  • Real-time editing;
  • Organization of ideas;
  • Integration with Google Calendar or Microsoft Office 365 account.

Pricing: Free

53. Redmine

The final goal of this digital tool is to support you, your team, and your project in fixing potential issues throughout your project’s journey.

Redmine key features:

  • Project support;
  • Flexible issue tracking system;
  • Custom fields.

Pricing: Free

54. Advantage

Best used for marketing projects, this software tool functions as an agency that tracks your progress and helps you manage the time and production behind the project you’re involved in.

Advantage key features:

  • Reporting;
  • Media accounting;
  • Time-tracking.

Pricing: Upon request

55. Nutcache

This software is the correct answer if you want to improve your team’s productivity. It helps you track the time spent and the level of productivity in your group.

Nutcache key features:

  • Workload management;
  • Project budgeting;
  • Gantt charts.

Pricing: From $12.49 per user/month (Free for up to 20 users)

56. Cage

This software facilitates the method of the project process of approval. It shares a more effective way to approve tasks and a dynamic feedback form. This is the best Project Management tool for designers.

Cage key features:

  • Straightforward approvals;
  • Dynamic feedback with interactive notes;
  • Custom presentations.

Pricing: From $8 per user/month (Free for one user)

57. Avaza

This app improves the quality of the collaboration on each project, allowing the tracking of time and budget to evaluate its progress.

Avaza key features:

  • Online invoicing;
  • Online timesheets;
  • Project resource scheduling.

Pricing: From $11.95 per month 

58. Todoist

The perfect Project Management tool for midsize companies and one of the best productivity apps for Android.

This software contributes to a centralized dashboard where you can create tasks, assign them to each member and prioritize them according to your pipeline.

Todoist key features:

  • Clear view of the centralized dashboard;
  • Prioritization of tasks;
  • Assignment of tasks.

Pricing: From $4 per month 

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59. Confluence

This software functions as a digital workspace that allows you to keep up with all of the details of your projects. It aims to promote collaboration between the project manager and the team to work together on the project.

Confluence key features:

  • Unlimited spaces and pages;
  • Templates for marketing plans;
  • Jira integration.

Pricing: From $5.75 per month (Free from up to 10 users)

60. Functionfox

This timesheet tool can help you track your projects, monitor their progress, and evaluate their balance between productivity and quality. 

Functionfox key features:

  • Gantt charts;
  • Complete dashboard to analyze budgets and work hours;
  • Detailed reports.

Pricing: From $5 per user/month 

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61. Workbook

This software is designed for CRM, collaboration, and accounting. It brings your marketing business together with many elements that can take your project to the next level.

Workbook features:

  • Made to measure CRM;
  • Data management & targeting;
  • Manage and analyze campaigns.

Pricing: From $39 per month 

62. Height 

There are numerous ways to use this application; you can fit it to your project’s needs and goals. With a Kanban board view, you can organize your tasks, assign them to your team, and monitor their progress.

Height key features:

  • Spreadsheet tasks;
  • Kanban board;
  • Gantt charts.

Pricing: From $6.99 per user/month (Free from up to 10 lists)

63. Kintone

This digital workplace allows you to centralize all tasks and project-related issues and elements under one roof. This simplifies how a project manager leads a team toward a common goal.

Kintone key features:

  • Centralization of the workload;
  • Customized workflows;
  • Detailed reporting.

Pricing: From $24 per month 

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64. Project.co

This app transforms the view of your project into something more precise and organized. It helps you filter all the information about your project and the following tasks.

Project.co key features:

  • Real-time collaboration;
  • Dynamic notes on the project;
  • Custom fields.

Pricing: From $8 per month (Free from up to 5 creators)


With this software, you can keep track of every project and monitor the milestones that were established in the early stages. Plan every step of your project and assign tasks to every team member.

VOGSY key features:

  • Custom reports;
  • Built-in timer;
  • Monitorization of tasks’ progress.

Pricing: From $12 per user/month (Free for one user)

66. Forecast

This simple yet effective app aims to contribute highly to your potential to manage your projects and your team. 

Forecast key features:

  • Plan and track projects side-by-side;
  • Custom reports;
  • AI-powered platform.

Pricing: From $30.14 per seat/month 

13 Types of tools that every project manager needs

1. Time tracking applications

Time tracking is very important to maintain control of the progress of your project and your team’s performance. Time tracking allows project managers to:

  • Identify inefficiencies: it helps identify where your team spends too much time. By analyzing the data, project managers can identify areas where improvements can be made to increase efficiency;
  • Prioritize tasks: it helps project managers prioritize tasks and manage the team’s workload more effectively;
  • Accountability: these tools can help create a sense of accountability among team members. When team members know that their time is being tracked, they may be more motivated to stay on task and avoid distractions;
  • Plan: it helps with planning and scheduling because you can better estimate how long future tasks will take and plan accordingly;
  • Performance evaluation: time tracking data can be used for performance evaluation and feedback;
  • Billing and invoicing: for project managers and companies that work on client projects, time-tracking tools help with billing and invoicing. By tracking time spent on different tasks, you can accurately bill clients.
Looking for the most effortless and accurate time tracking tool for your team?

Timeular’s easy and smart experience, paired with its powerful reporting functionality, makes time tracking a delight

2. Cloud platforms

Google Drive, Sharepoint, and iCloud are cloud platforms where you can store all kinds of necessary documentation about tasks regarding your projects. You can separate them according to your projects and share them with your team.
This is an excellent tool in this digital era, where most of the tasks are done online, and most of the existing teams are hybrid or remote.

3. Customized reports

Apps such as Looker Studio (one of the best task automation software) can give you the full report and essential insight from all the data you collected throughout your journey. With that, you’ll have a clear view of the project’s progress, and you’ll conclude how far you’ve come since the beginning of the project.

It’s an important tool to show your team to motivate them, and also great to share with the stakeholders.

TIP: Get to know the types of project reports

4. Spreadsheets

Excel is a classic and great example of a spreadsheet tool. This software lets you create any template that might suit you and your project.
It can be a to-do or a budget list; your possibilities are endless with all of the features of Microsoft Excel.

5. Slides tool

Google Slides or Powerpoint can represent a great way towards many presentations you might have during your project’s journey.
You can use this tool to onboard new team members while you fill them in with the project and ground rules. You can also update your team and your stakeholders on the many steps you have taken for the established project management goals and vision.

6. Notes

When involved in a project, you must take notes and document everything that you think has relevance to the project itself or your team and newcomers.
Even if you’re doing simple tasks, you should gather all the available data to support future events.

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7. Calendar

With everything going on in your project, it takes a lot of work to keep up with all of the tasks, meetings, and pending subjects to work on.
A detailed calendar can help take on all of the elements you need to pay attention to. You can invest in a physical or digital one as long as you have a complete calendar where you customize how you want it to look.

8. Kanban Boards

Proofhub, Zoho Projects, Trello, and nTask are some of the apps known as Kanban Boards.
This concept envisions a more straightforward fashion of visualizing the work that’s being done while sharing it with your team. Besides the online platforms, you can also design your own Kanban board just by structuring it on a whiteboard.
This is a great purpose for the monitorization of every project and task, as well as the improvement of productivity.

9. Gantt Charts

Paymo, TeamGantt, GanttPRO, and Wrike are great platforms that show how you can develop your skills while using a Gantt chart.
With this type of tool, you’re able to see how you can prioritize your deadlines and how to delegate all of the tasks among your employees. Yet again, this is a fantastic tool that can give you the ability to be more productive in your projects.

10. Communication apps

Communication is key in every setting, regarding your professional or personal life. There’s no point in building and investing in a project if you’re not communicating with your team or your stakeholders.
You must share all information with everyone involved, as well as share the vision of the project so that everyone is on the same page.
Apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype Business, and Google Chat are safe bets for establishing communication.

11. Task management

There are several tasks and subtasks that you need to accomplish and delegate to your team.
It would help you greatly if you invested in an app for task management, such as Asana, Trello, and Basecamp. Through these apps, you can organize tasks, delegate and tag your team members, and watch the progress in real-time.

12. To-do lists

To-do lists are necessary for your organization, and also for your project’s success.

You can do it the traditional way and write your list, or create your own, with all the elements that you need to see through.

You must include a to-do list in your tool set because you must remember everything that you need to pay attention to.

13. Collaboration

There’s no project without collaboration, and in today’s world, it’s so easy to stay connected with what you’re doing and with your team.

Make sure that you keep everyone updated, and prepared for any step that you might take in your project.

Everyone must be on the same page, only then you’ll have the success you need for your project.


What are the four main types of project management software?

There are four types of Project Management Software: individual, collaborative, integrated, and cloud-based.

You can use the individual type, which requires only one application to organize, such as a spreadsheet.

There’s also a collaborative type where everyone involved in the process is invited to participate on a platform to monitor the progress.

The integrated type allows the monitorization of multiple projects while everyone can access it simultaneously.

The cloud-based type stores the data within the platform’s cloud, and it can be consulted at all times.

Who uses project management software tools?

Any company and everyone that’s involved in a business or a project of some sort use Project Management software tools. That happens because everything must be organized and monitored in some way.


With the article end, the conclusion is that you have several Project Management tools that could improve your skills as a project manager.

Many platforms are specific for certain areas of expertise, but that’s the beauty of exploring what works for you and your project. There are also tools that a project manager can’t live without and that she needs to be the best in the business.

You have to choose the best Project Management tool that suits better personal, project, company, and team needs.

Evolution never stops, and as a project manager, you should use and master a range of tools to increase your project’s efficiency, productivity, and efficacy.