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The 6 Best Productivity Blogs You Need To Follow

In our life-long quest for efficiency and productivity, we’ve poured over hundreds, maybe even thousands of personal blogs. With our productivity device Timeular Tracker we’re helping over 20,000 users track their time and improve how they work (you can check it out here). We ourselves follow several leading blogs and while they differ in philosophy, organization, and style, they certainly all know how to inspire. Read on for our top six productivity blogs to follow.

1. Zen Habits, Leo Babauta

Twenty minutes or so on Leo Babauta’s blog is all it takes to start making plans to become a serious yogi, cut out all sugar, write that novel you’ve yet to start, and declutter your home, top to bottom. Where other blogs mentioned here rely on a sort of “go gem em, tiger” attitude, Babauta instills a quiet, assuring confidence that makes you want to drink green tea on your back porch with him. He builds credibility with his readers through an impressive list of accomplishments ranging from quitting smoking to waking up early to running an ultramarathon. His tips and suggestions are oft-rooted in meditation, mindfulness, and willpower, but he also relies on simple consequences (tell a friend you’ll give them $100 if you don’t…) as powerful motivational tools.

2. James Clear

In his self-titled blog, James Clear, explores the behavioral psychology behind habit and productivity through real life application and interviews. We like his ability to present science-backed information and data in meaningful real-life ways through linking them to successful people. One of his most popular articles focuses on the UK’s professional cyclist team’s General Manager, Dave Brailsford’s, plan to win the Tour De France by improving everything they did by 1%. Spoiler alert: They win the next two Tour De Frances. In addition to having home-run content, Clear’s website is great. Like, really great. There’s a very natural and intuitive flow about the organization which highlights his best articles and arranges them by category, and all his tips are very hands-on and powerful. Not to be missed!

3. Lifehacker

Looking to improve productivity in all aspects of your life? Head to lifehacker where their encyclopedic website provides tips and tricks across the spectrum, from culinary skills to financial management to mental and physical health. Their colorful images and playful, easy to read style encourage delving deep into the archives, so, fair warning! We’ve found it’s best to head to lifehacker with a specific goal in mind, for instance how to create better deadlines, to avoid distracting yourself on your quest for productivity.

4. Scott H. Young

Head to Scott Young’s blog for some serious productivity inspiration. He has over 1000 article categorized under topics like “Social Skills,” “Discipline”, “Business,” and “Career,” as well as some truly impressive projects; Want to see someone who learned four languages in one year? Markedly improved his portrait drawing skills in thirty days? Learned MIT’s four year Baccalaureate computer science degree in ONE YEAR? Scott’s your guy. His awesome feats help you dream big and then make it happen with his specific tips and guidance. He writes in a way to encourage his reader to always be looking for ways to improve their everyday life – think Tim Ferriss-esque goals but even more specific and, at time, obscure.

5. The Four Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Workweek has been a fixture on our bookshelves and in our lives since it first hit stores in 2007. It regularly comes up in “have you read?,” / “you must read…” conversations, and his blog is no different. He is THE guy when it comes to lifestyle design and productivity. His blog is an eccentric collection of thoughts, musings, advice, interviews, and personal tales, much as you’d expect from a master of five languages, national Chinese kickboxing champion, and bestselling author, of which he is all. Ferriss is often the subject of his own writings and it’s this direct personal experience that make his call-to-actions that much more powerful; “If I was working too many hours, not making enough money and I changed things, why can’t you?” This simple but compelling argument will have you planning to join the new rich in no time.

6. Timeular

Time and money have a lot in common; they’re both resources, that require some planning, and they often seem to disappear before your eyes. You wouldn’t attempt to create a budget without first reviewing your spending habits, right? Similarly, the first step to better managing your time is knowing how you already spend it. Here at Timeular, our aim is to help you discover just that. Our Timeular Tracker together with our productivity software will handle the time tracking, while over at our blog you’ll find tips and tricks to living your most productive life. As religious readers and followers of the top blogs and experts for years now, we realized we’ve amassed some pretty valuable things to say on the topic. And we want to share them with you.