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How an IT Team saves 10 hours a week thanks to Timeular

How an IT Team saves 10 hours a week thanks to Timeular

Noah Ruseng Bested is IT Support Assistant at Bang & Olufsen, a Danish high-end consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures audio products, television sets and telephones.

Noah works within a team of five who are responsible for end user experience. They support Bang & Olufsen employees with all IT requests.

The challenge: finding a way to easily understand where time is being spent

Before they discovered Timeular, Noah and the team didn’t have a way to track their time and were in the dark when it came to knowing where their time was spent. They needed to find a way to effortlessly log where their time was going so that they could gain a better understanding of resource allocation and improve task management.

When looking for a tool, they had a couple of goals in mind: to unlock a diverse and deep understanding of each team member’s role and to ensure that they were working as efficiently as possible to maximize overall productivity within the team.

The solution: the ability to better plan time going forward

Noah and the team track their time using several different activities including: meetings, walk-ins/disturbances, projects, service now (their ticketing system), unspecified (for activities that fall outside of the main categories), transport (to capture time spent traveling to and from work), breaks and administration. The ‘walk ins/disturbance’ activity is used when a user requires immediate help and the team stops working on their set task.

Most of the team uses the Tracker, Noah included: “I find that using the Tracker speeds things up and makes it really easy to track my time.” The entire team uses the Timeular mobile companion, which allows them to easily track time on the go, with the option of adding notes and tags.

The team uses hashtags to include further detail relating to logged activities. They also track their projects using hashtags, which allows them to easily see how much collective time has been spent on each project. With this information, they are able to accurately bill any external companies they are working with.

With the data provided by Timeular, the team has a precise understanding of exactly where their time is used and this allows them to better plan their time going forward.

The outcome: maximising profitability by prioritising ‘focus mode’

“Our manager is really happy that we all use Timeular, and we are all very fond of it. With the data, our manager can see how we allocate our time and resources, and also see which areas require resources to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

Thanks to Timeular, the IT team at Bang & Olufsen are able to easily see how much time they’re spending on small tasks and how much time this all adds up to. Before using Timeular, they weren’t aware of just how much time doing all of the small tasks took out of their working hours that they usually spend working on the things they actually have to work on.

As a result, they now have dedicated times when they are in ‘focus mode’, which is when they only have to work on projects or IT support and are not open to disturbances.

“Timeular has allowed us to work more efficiently. Thanks to the insights, we have been able to make a lot of changes to the IT structure to work more efficiently. This has saved each team member around two hours per week, which is 10 hours gained in total across the team, each week.”

By tracking how the team spends their time, they are able to identify how much time is spent on tasks that do not contribute towards overall profitability. With this data, the team can now ensure that they focus their time on activities that are valuable to the business, which boost profitability.

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