The Best Time-Tracking Apps for Small Businesses in 2023

If you’re managing your own small business, you must understand how your employees spend their time at work and their working schedules. This kind of awareness will help you and your team optimize how you spend your time if there are any blockers or unbalanced workloads. Time tracking for the team should not be used to micromanage how your employees use their time.

Make sure to communicate transparently why and how you, as a manager, decided to introduce time tracking.

Tracking time also helps get extra support on some tasks, such as managing your employee’s timesheets, scheduling their shifts, and organizing their daily to-do lists.

That’s why having advanced, intelligent, and easy time-tracking software is necessary. Features such as productivity monitoring, payroll automation, and actionable data visualization and insights can make your life a lot easier. 

But how do you know which time-tracking software is ideal for your small business? With the crazy amount of time trackers available, how to know which one will be the perfect fit for you and your team?

Grab a coffee and check our complete list of the best time-tracking apps for your small business and why you need to use one.

The 10 best time-tracking apps for small businesses

timeular - the best time tracking app for small business

1. Timeular

Timeular is a powerful time-tracking app for small businesses, provides easy and accurate time tracking and has essential features for a small business, like billable tracking, goals, and calendar integrations.

With Timeular, you track time together with your team. See where your team’s time goes and increase profits by doubling down on the most profitable activities.

Every time entry is customizable with tags, notes, and mentions.

You can easily create customizable dashing reports, share the information with your clients, and export your data to CSV, PDF, and Excel.

Also, the Timeular app can be paired with a time-tracking dice. With eight sides, this cube automatically tracks your activities. The tracker is connected to the app via Bluetooth, making time-tracking concrete and playful. You can track what you’re working on by flipping the tracker.

The cube is a visual reminder to keep you focused on the task and is customizable: you can play with stickers and colors to differentiate different activities.

Timeular is available on the desktop on macOS, Windows & Linux, or via the web App. There’s also a mobile companion app available for iOS & Android. With Timeular, multiple native integrations are available (Jira, all calendars, Harvest and Toggl), and you have endless choices for connecting to over 3,000 apps via Zapier.

Timeular also has different pricing plans for you and your business, starting from €7.50/month. You can also profit from a 14-day free trial; no credit card is needed.

Top Features

  • Billable tracking
  • Goals
  • Calendar integrations
  • Shared spaces (track time with your team)
  • Private space (track your own time)
  • Design your own tracker, a physical remote control for the app
  • Actionable data visualization and insights
  • Accurate billing with custom reports & data export
  • Responsive customer support
  • Over 3000 apps integrations with Zapier
  • Try Timeular for free>>

2. Timeneye

Timeneye is a user-friendly platform for time tracking, available on Android or iOS. Timeneye mainly focuses on project time tracking. Every minute tracked will be assigned to a project, phase, and client. By clicking on a single button, you can track your time quickly. 

As a team leader, you can also monitor work by receiving a weekly recap on the work your teams have done and checking the latest tasks someone has been working on. 

Like many others, Timeneye fully integrates with a variety of software and service, such as Microsoft Office. You can also time track anywhere on the web with the browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. 

Top Features

  • 100% online timesheets
  • Fully integrated with a variety of software and services
  • Weekly email recaps
toggl time tracking tool

3. Toggl Track

Toggl Task is one of the best time trackers for Android and it has over 100+ integrations, from Asana to Zapier, Jira, Salesforce, and many others, making it easy to integrate with tools your team is already using. 

It’s a simple and versatile time-tracking solution for small businesses. You can add information on your client’s projects with just a click of a button. It also has important features, such as idle detection and email reminders, to help you stay on top. 

You can add it as a browser extension, as well as use it on mobile or desktop, depending on which device you’re using. 

As a very polished and well-established app in the world of time tracking, the pricing is a bit higher than in some other tools.

Top Features

  • Get the data you need without disrupting your team’s workflow. 
  • One-click time tracking syncs across multiple platforms.
  • Get employee buy-in with a tool designed to empower teams with the knowledge, not micromanage them.

Timeular vs Toggl: Get to know which is the best app for your business.

beebole time management app

4. Beebole

Beebole is one of the best time trackers for small/medium companies and teams because you can track time and attendance or time spent on your projects, tasks, and clients. 

As a small business manager, you can track the time your employees and contractors spend while controlling project costs. Also, get customizable reporting and KPI dashboards with intuitive drag-and-drop.

If you work remotely with people from around the world, this time tracker supports multiple currencies and is available in 11 languages. 

As for pricing, Beebole’s features are all available for one flat rate. For 6.99€/user/month, you can have full access to all the features.

Top Features

  • Good reporting with valuable data for unlimited projects, clients, and activities.
  • GDPR compliant
  • Mobile app
  • Available in 11 different languages 
  • Billable hours
time tracking software harvest

5. Harvest

Harvest is an effective time-tracker for small businesses, allowing users to send invoices directly.

Apart from time tracking, you can also get budget and expense tracking and the possibility to create and send invoices.

Once a specific task is done, you can send invoices to your clients straight from the app, avoiding having to get accounting software. And, if a client ever forgets to pay on time, Harvest will automatically remind you. These are some reasons why Harvest is one of the best time-tracking apps for iPhone.

With Harvest, if you’re the admin of the account, you can see summaries, detailed reports of users’ time, and approving timesheets.

Track time on your desktop or mobile or by integrating Harvest with your favorite app – via Zapier, their native integrations, and browser extension. 

Top Features

  • Automatically create invoices and receive payments from clients
  • You can send reminders to clients about invoices to be paid
  • Visual reports
tick - time tracking software small companies

6. Tick

Tick is a simple time-tracking tool with many budget-related features. Besides being easy to use, Tick is well-designed and offers insightful information regarding your budget management, which can be very important for a small business.

This software diverges from the competition in its pricing system: Tick has plans with a fixed fee, not user-based. Moreover, due to its simplicity, this time tracker doesn’t allow you to have many projects per plan and doesn’t have many features or integrations. 

With this app, you can profit from a 30-day trial, and pricing starts from $19/month for 10 projects.

Top Features

  • Intuitive and straightforward time-tracking software 
  • Available for iOS, Android, the Apple Watch, or desktop computers
  • Budget related features
float - time tracking tool

7. Float

Float is one of the best time-trackers for small businesses because it’s made for users that require simple scheduling and time tracking.

You can easily plan and track time on the Kanban board by dragging and dropping tasks, users, and projects. The same applies when you want to analyze your team’s performance.

With the collected data from the app, you can create reports showing you everything you want to know, as well as your clients or managers.

It also integrates with some of the most used apps, such as Jira, Asana, Trello, Slack, and Zapier.

As for pricing, with Float you pay only for the people you schedule, with limitless projects and accesses, starting from $6 /person/ month.

Top Features

  • Straightforward scheduling and tacking with a great UI
  • Visual team availability planning and performance analysis
  • Pre-filled timesheets based on your scheduled apps
  • Invoices based on actual worked hours
time tracker everhour

8. Everhour

Everhour is a time tracker that helps managers of small businesses stay on top of important workflows such as invoicing, payroll, and budgeting.

With this time tracker, you can get simple and flexible project billing, set budgets to track progress in real-time, receive timely notifications, and much more. 

This software integrates with many apps, such as Asana, ClickUp, Monday, Basecamp, Jira, and Notion. 

Everhour also comes with important features that can be helpful for your small business, such as receiving notifications about long-running timers and reminders to track time, tracking paid time off, vacations, sick days, and leave types, and others.

Top Features

  • Set billing and budgeting with timely notifications
  • Timecard calculator
  • Invoicing and reporting
  • Weekly timesheet template
avaza time tracker

9. Avaza

Avaza has features ranging from project and expense management to scheduling, chat, resource scheduling, and more if you’re into more complex things.

The tool allows you to configure everything and can be adapted to almost every need. It’s an all-in-one kind of thing. 

You can create detailed reports and drill deep into your data. However, the size and features of this time tracker may be a little too much for some users because it has everything in just one place. Therefore, even the most basic settings can be a bit too complicated for some.

Top Features

  • All in one app, with everything you could possibly need
  • A lot of settings for you to configure
  • Flexible project budgeting & billing methods
  • E-mail conversion to tasks
  • Visualise, filter & group tasks both within & across projects
Paymo - project management and time tracking

10. Paymo

Paymo has developed many project management functionalities around time tracking over the years to assist small businesses and freelancers better.

This time tracker is an excellent solution if you need to collaborate, manage a team, and bill clients. With this software, you can manage expenses, create invoices, and automate payments. 

Paymo has strong time tracking capabilities thanks to its in-built stopwatch, desktop widget, mobile app, and automatic time tracker, thus making logging time a seamless experience. 

As for pricing, you can start for free with a maximum of just one user and only basic tools; you don’t need a card. The price plan starts from $ 4.95/user/month. 

Top Features

  • Strong time-tracking capabilities
  • Online invoicing
  • Gantt charts
  • Team scheduler 

Make time tracking effective with these time tracking tips.

How to choose the best time tracker for small businesses

With a small business, you aim to be as productive as possible and have an efficient and organized daily schedule.

We’ve all heard the ancient motto that “Time is money.” But that doesn’t just mean counting the hours you work. 

By having a time-tracking tool that fits your company’s needs, you ensure greater accountability and create a workplace that requires less micromanagement.

It will help your team to hit deadlines, manage their schedule, and stick to budgets, not to mention manage payroll and invoices. 

See how just much time is spent on each project so you can optimize your efficiency and give accurate information to your clients. 

With this, here are some of the key features you should look for in a time tracker for your small business:

  • Easy to use in a remote setting.
  • User friendly.
  • Must support reporting and analysis from managers.
  • Work with other tools already used by the team. 
  • Customer support is present.
  • Accessible pricing.

Some of the more basic features you may want to look for are:

  • Track the time you spend on activities in real time or add it manually.
  • Create projects and tasks, and associate with your clients.
  • Add tags depending on the type of work you have.
  • Indicate the billable time and set your hourly rates.
  • Generate reports for clients, and export them to PDF, CSV, and Excel.


What is time-tracking?

Time tracking is recording time against assigned tasks and planned activities to have accurate information about your working habits. By learning how much time you spend doing your daily tasks, you can take conclusions and set action plans to become as productive and efficient as possible.

How much does a time tracker cost?

There’s no set price for a time tracker. It ultimately depends on what kind of time-tracking tool you’re looking for. Depending on the features the software may have, the price point can vary. Meaning that more complex time trackers with more features, such as billing and invoicing, can be a little bit pricier than more simple ones. 

Does Google have a time-tracking app?

No, Google itself does not have a specific time tracker. However, many time-tracking apps, such as Timeular, have a browser extension that you can add and access easily. If you’re looking for a solution for your smartphone, you can check the best time trackers for Android and the best time tracking apps for iPhone.


Choosing the best time-tracking software for a small business can determine whether your business is successful. But between all the great time trackers that exist out there, how do you know which one better works for your business? Is there a correct answer?

In our opinion, there’s no right or wrong. The right time tracker for you and your teams depends on your daily needs and what features you value the most.

Things like physical time trackers, customizing your reports, managing invoices and payroll, using the software offline, and accessing it across various devices are some of the features that not all time trackers may have.

In conclusion, there are many great time trackers; you must choose the best that suits your needs.

It doesn’t matter if it has 1000 features if you need to track time. You’re not going to use those features, and you’re going to pay for them!

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