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How an agency increases their revenue by 25% with Timeular

How an agency increases their revenue by 25% with Timeular

Sascha Lindemann is one of 3 managing directors of Beilquadrat, a German communications agency for PR, social and leadership coaching with a focus on property and tech.

The challenge: increasing transparency for the team and their clients

The agency started out small in 2007 and over time, one happy customer after another, kept growing significantly. It reached a point when it wasn’t easy anymore to keep an overview of how time across the team was spent. For Beilquadrat and many other agencies, this is key to being able to understand which events lead to the required results and what is required to stay efficient.

However, as the digital world has become more complex, understanding projects has become harder too. More channels, more formats, more content. Visualising all the steps required that lead to a result wasn’t a quick list for them anymore.

At the same time, client demands have evolved too, with more transparency required around what they are paying for, being one of them.

The solution: keeping it simple and employee-friendly

When introducing time tracking, the team wasn’t really on board. Hence Sascha wanted to lower the entry barrier by picking a fun and playful solution, which ultimately led him to the Timeular time tracking cube.

The Tracker helped him to get the team into the habit of tracking time. Over time as the number of projects and activities grew, they looked at alternative solutions but ended up staying with the Timeular software as they felt it still best met their needs. The look and feel of the modern and simple interface won against spreadsheet-like looking tools. Additionally, the flexible Timeular reports allow them to understand who worked on any project with just a few clicks.

The outcome: up to 25% revenue increase per project

Timeular – the agency time tracking software has been really helpful for them in many ways, and in particular, at helping them understand and organise their time spent on various projects to increase internal awareness and efficiency. Ultimately, thanks to the transparent and accurate work-logs, Beilquadrat has been able to objectively bill up to 25% more time on different projects.

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