15 Best AI Tools For Productivity in 2024

Author: Madalina Roman

AI is changing the very fabric of how we operate, and you’re probably in the search for tools to ride the new productivity wave. 

But there’s an overload of shiny AI apps with never-heard features promising to enhance productivity.

As there’s no time for decision fatigue or wasted resources on the wrong tools, I researched thoroughly to give you an overview of the best 15 AI productivity tools in 2024.

time tracking tips
Want to boost your productivity levels? Start with tracking your time

“My time spent on revenue-generating projects has increased by ~10% each week and time in meetings decreased by about 1-2 meeting per week.” – Angela Morisette, SVP Business Operations at Scratch Financial

What are AI productivity tools?

Artificial intelligence (AI) productivity apps employ machine learning algorithms to automate tasks – mostly the redundant parts of your work such as admin work, compiling reports, conducting research, etc.

In essence, if the best AI productivity tools excel at taking over and automating repetitive tasks, then you’re enabled to focus on strategic and creative endeavors.

How do AI tools improve productivity?

AI has made your go-to productivity tools much better at fostering collaboration, managing time effectively, and so much more.

There are AI-powered tools for virtually any productivity need on the market, enhancing almost any operation.

I’m not saying artificial intelligence is a silver bullet, but it significantly enhances business performance at unprecedented speed.

Here are some ways:

  • Tailor interactions with savvy customers: Customers are savvier than ever, so your digital space has to include personalized recommendations and support at scale – AI can do it for you.

  • Make reasonable time estimations based on data, no gut: It’s easier than ever to aggregate data without dedicating manual work – make quicker decisions with auto-generated time-tracking reports.

  • Predict the future with done-for-you analytics: Predictive analytics helps you be proactive and ahead of customer behaviors or potential challenges.

  • Automate routine and repetitive tasks: data entry, email sorting, time tracking, and scheduling – use AI tools for task automation.

  • Ditch spending hours making sense of data: An AI-powered tool can instantly navigate large datasets. So why not leverage AI data analysis to identify trends and insights faster?

  • Continuous learning and improvement: Machine learning, by definition, learns from its operations and continuously optimizes processes, leading to workplace automation – all that at a higher speed than humans.

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Best AI productivity tools by category

The Best AI tool for time-tracking and leave management

Timeular - AI productivity tool


Timeular is an all-done-for-you AI time-tracking tool that includes leave-management features, too.

This AI productivity tracker promises to automatically do all time-tracking operations for you while you dedicate only one minute a day to it.

It’s recognized for bringing ease into time tracking by Capterra’s “Best Ease of Use Tool in 2023” award, and its customers, too:

“People complain a lot less about time tracking now because of the easy interface of Timeular.”

Kaitlin Snow Seamons, Executive Creative Director at Harmon Brothers

  • AI suggested time entries: Work without bothering to track time – you’ll get time entry suggestions based on scheduled calendar events, app usage, and visited websites. Click on the suggestion to accept it, and you’re done with time tracking.

Timeular - best AI productivity tools
  • Automatic time tracking: Navigate your work day without adding entry after entry to your manual timesheets. Timeular tracks all your activities automatically. All you have to do is to decide which calendar entry becomes a time entry in your timesheet.

automatic time entries
  • AI smart productivity dashboard: If you and your team consider you could improve productivity, in Timeular, you have a special tab:

Timeular - best AI tools
  • 100% privacy and GDPR compliance: Your tracked data is stored on your personal device only, not in the cloud as other time tracking tools – and no one else can access it!

  • Anti-surveillance: Everyone deserves to track time and work at their pace without being spied on. Timeular doesn’t allow live-time tracking, but only with a delay – so managers can see an employee’s tracked data at midnight on the same day.

Other features making Timeular a great productivity tool:

  • A physical time-tracking gadget that is highly appreciated and easily adopted by teams, which ultimately enhances productivity;
  • Customizable and easy-to-digest time reports that make reporting easy and easily reveal team efficiency and project or client profitability;
  • 3000+ integrations with virtually any tool, either directly or through a quick Zapier set-up;
  • Budget notifications and alerts to keep budgets and projects on track and profitable;
  • Tracking overtime hours;
  • Leave hours tracker: PTO, sick, and parental leave for accurate resource allocation;
  • Non-billable and billable time tracking in one click.
Start tracking your time in the most effortless and productive way

Join 100,000 happy users worldwide. Try Timeular 30 days for free.

Product Hunt: 5/5


  • Free 30-day trial

  • Personal: €6.30/month

  • Personal Pro: €9.60/month

  • Teams: €14.60/month

Knowledge management

Notion AI

The knowledge platform you were used to is now an AI-powered platform, too. Notion AI enhances your experience by making documentation, task tracking, and insight discovery faster and more efficient.

You can now generate ideas while the AI digs into your data to fetch answers and connect to past insights or create a summary of an entire document, so you don’t have to.

In essence, based on your data, it generates answers and directs you to your sources, making task management easier and connecting the dots between data.

AI features:

  • Automatic to-do lists and key takeaways generation based on meeting notes;

  • AI-generated text summaries ( from large transcripts, articles, and others);

  • Extracts key takeaways: Identifies and summarizes important points from large text or transcripts.

  • Insightful data analysis: You might have forgotten about some insights into your target audience, but Notion AI points you back to those past entries;

  • Auto-generated text drafts: Drafts text for you, which can be used to enhance your writing skills or generate ideas for brainstorming ( supports language translation, too).

G2 score: 4.7/5

  • A free plan is available

  • Paid plans start at $10 per member per month


Mem transforms traditional note-taking with its advanced AI features, streamlining how information is organized and retrieved. With its AI algorithms, it intelligently tags and connects your notes and ensures that every piece of information is easily accessible whenever you need it.

AI features:

  • AI-powered tagging and connectivity: Automatically tags and connects your notes, removing manual search and organization.

  • AI chat with contextual assistance: Integrates ChatGPT with your notes – you can ask questions about your notes, like optimizing your time management strategy, and receive relevant suggestions based on your stored data.

  • Mem X: Get real-time insights into your notes as you type. This feature suggests related notes and auto-tags people – so you take your note-taking experience to a different level.

Mem – The AI Notes App That Keeps You Organized

Workflow automation


Zapier is the ultimate productivity tool, a third-party connector between any two tools you’d choose. The only requirement is for these apps not to have a direct integration already, as, in this case, it is unnecessary.

In other words, with Zapier, you can create workflows and integrations possible without any coding skills.

AI features:

  • Instant automation: Specify the integration you need, and Zapier automatically generates workflows;

  • Integrate virtually any app: Zapier supports 6871 platforms, so you’ll be able to effortlessly connect your tools;

  • Filtering feature: This feature allows users to run filters only once specific conditions of the workflow are met.

G2 score: 4.5/5


  • A free plan is available 

  • Paid plans start at $29.99 per month 

Zapier image AI tools

Transcription and meeting assistants


Fireflies is an AI tool that generates meeting notes in real-time. It transcribes your calls and converts them into detailed notes.

Its AI assistant, known as Fred@Fireflies, joins your calls across all meeting platforms like Google Meet or Zoom, enabling you to have access to all that has been discussed.

AI features:

  • Automatic smart summaries: Gathers meeting highlights, next steps, and clickable timestamps;

  • Sentiment analysis: Its machine learning algorithms help you identify the tone of a call and highlight critical parts;

  • Editable transcripts: You can edit, correct, or comment on transcripts;

  • Versatile sharing: Fireflies.ai’s sharing options make it easy to share a transcript via link or QR code.

Product hunt score: 4.9/5


  • A free plan is available 

  • Paid plans start at $10 per month 

Fireflies homepage

Fellow app

Fellow is an AI meeting transcription and management software that claims to enhance meeting efficiency. Fellow’s mission is to reshape meeting culture towards fewer, shorter, and more effective meetings.

That is why Fellow has built-in features like meeting guideline prompts, meeting templates, and collaborative agendas.

AI features:

  • Suggested agendas: Speed up preparation for meetings with pre-made agendas by AI;

  • Automatic meeting summaries and action points;

  • Synced actionable insights: Captures and synchronizes key action points during meetings;

  • Automated meeting recordings and transcriptions

  • Free—$0/month (for teams of up to 10 team members)

  • Paid plans start at $7 per month 

Fellow App Screenshot

Task and project management


Asana, one of the leaders in project management tools, started integrating AI within its core product, saving valuable time by automating repetitive tasks.

Like other AI apps, Asana added AI-driven insights to allow better control of project outcomes and an enhanced capacity to plan projects realistically.

AI features:

  • Smart goals: Based on historical goals, generate better goals in your next projects;

  • AI-identified project risks: Automatically identifies bottlenecks and project risks so you can proactively control expected outcomes.

  • Smart answers: Ask Asana questions and get insights about your projects to determine the next steps.

G2 score: 4.3/5


  • A free plan is available

  • Paid plans start at $10.99 per month

Meet Asana Intelligence


Any.do is one of the most comprehensive AI productivity tools for task management. It’s designed to help both individuals and teams stay organized, manage tasks, and reach their goals with efficiency.

It comes up with task automation, such as generating tasks and AI suggestions for you whenever you’re not sure about the sequence of steps in a project.

AI features:

  • AI-powered suggestions: Provides smart suggestions for task prioritization and due dates set-up and sends reminders for your approaching deadlines;

  • Advanced task management: You can create tasks effortlessly, assign due dates, and categorize them into lists. You’re able to add subtasks, notes, attachments, and set recurring tasks, too;

  • Voice command: Using voice recognition, Any.do allows you to add tasks, set reminders, and manage your to-do lists hands-free while on the move.

  • Calendar sync: Seamless integration with most popular calendar apps such as Google Calendar and synchronizes tasks and schedules to avoid scheduling conflicts.

G2 score: 4.2/5


  • A free version is available

  • Paid plans start at $10 per month

The Best To do list App for Desktop | Any.do

AI tools for scheduling meetings


Just as its name says, this AI productivity tool is meant to help teams reclaim time spent on one of the most repetitive tasks out there: Scheduling meetings. Reclaim is great at protecting one’s time and even rearranging your schedule so you can have time to finish urgent tasks.

AI features:

  • Automatic team meetings: By using advanced prioritization controls, you can schedule team calls automatically;

  • Smart scheduling links: Reclaim automatically books appointments at the best time for you based on your meeting hours, workload, or personal events;

  • Habits, tasks, and focus time protection: You can set up these items, and the AI tool will automatically add them to your calendar.

G2 score: 4.7/5


  • A free plan is available

  • Paid plans start at $10 per month


Clockwise is better suited for teams, as it addresses the challenge of schedule overload and lack of time for what matters most. This artificial intelligence app eliminates this problem by allowing teams to prioritize essential focus time and availability and a smart schedule.

AI features:

  • Optimized meeting planning: Clockwise generates meeting times and calendars aligned with goals for availability and focused work to minimize disruptions;

  • Automated meeting conflict resolution: With its natural language processing capabilities, it automatically identifies and solves meeting conflicts by moving meetings at better times;

  • Seamless integrations: Works in tandem with tools like Asana, Google Calendar, Jira, or Slack to adjust schedules automatically based on project timelines or task priorities.

G2 score: 4.8/5


  • Free plan available

  • Paid plans start at $6.75 per month

AI tools for content creation

How to get started with Clockwise – Clockwise Help


Jasper allows marketing teams and content creators to produce high-quality, brand-aligned content at unprecedented speed. This AI productivity app is great for long-form content creation, such as blog posts, outlines, or scripts.

Don’t be let down, as the AI app can jot down multiple writing tasks for your marketing campaigns, social media posts, and product descriptions, and can even do image generation with Jasper AI generator.

One of the advanced features of Jasper is scanning your website when you start using it to quickly learn your brand, products, or services and tone of voice.

AI features:

  • Dozens of templates to get you started writing and skipping the blank page;

  • Jasper Everywhere: Extension that reads your texts and identifies it if it aligns with brand tone correctly;

  • SEO mode: This allows you to get keyword data directly in Jasper once SEO mode is turned on, so it makes it easy to optimize content for search engines, too.

  • Collaborative content creation at scale: Can automatically turn content pieces into full-scale marketing campaigns.

G2 score: 4.7/5


  • A free trial is available

  • Paid plans start at $39 USD per month

How to use Jasper AI as your writing assistant | Zapier


Copy.ai, one of the pioneers of AI productivity tools for writing, is currently used by 6 million teams and professionals. It is argued that it’s better suited for shorter forms of copy like social media posts, but it does have templates for long-form writing, too.

AI features:

  • Access to 45 templates: Create virtually any content piece for every platform.

  • Instant language translation: Offers the capability to quickly translate existing copy into various languages, saving time and other resources with translation.

G2 score: 4.8/5


  • Free version is available

  • Paid plans start at $36 USD per month

How to Use AI for Marketing (with Examples) | Copy.ai

AI app for video creation


You save time by automating repetitive tasks such as video creation and editing, right?

Well, Descript revolutionizes video generation and video editing and makes it much more accessible for non-specialists.

Here’s how the process works:

The AI app transcribes your videos into scripts; then, instead of editing on a video timeline to trim it, you get to edit the text script. You’ll obtain a trimmed video automatically.

AI features:

  • AI voice cloning: Descript creates ultra-realistic voice clones and has a library of stock AI voices – this feature generates voiceovers from text without ever recording;

  • Text-to-speech: Transcribes video and audio content into text with its artificial intelligence algorithms, and you’ll be able to use that text in content creation, social media posts, and other;

  • Transcript edit instead of video editing: Once the text is generated, you can edit directly on the text to transform the video, not the other way around, saving time with editing.

  • Overdub – turn the text back into audio: Artificial intelligence getting to the next level? Yes! Type what you meant to say in a video, and Descript will turn it into a video instantly.

G2 score: 4.5/5


  • Free version is available

  • Paid plans start at $12 USD per month

Descript | All-in-one video & podcast editing, easy as a doc.

Best AI tools for image generation


The AI productivity tools list would not be complete without Canva – it’s the easiest way to create social media graphics without investing massively in design resources. While Canva was not initially an AI platform, they have recently added AI features to enhance users’ experiences.

If you haven’t tried it, know it doesn’t require graphic design skills or knowledge.

AI features:

  • Magic media: Allows you to generate unique images and videos based on text prompts, ensuring dynamic and differentiated image generation for your brand;

  • Magic edit: Transforms one object into another with simple text commands, making your design alteration process quick and efficient.

  • Magic design: Generates design templates from text queries or uploaded photos, streamlining your creation process.

G2 score: 4.7/5


  • Free version is available

  • Paid plans start at $104 per user per year

Magic Design: AI Design Tool | Canva

Adobe Firefly

It is one of the most praised AI productivity tools that generate AI images; it comes as an extension of Adobe. Adobe Firely is crafted mainly for designers and marketers looking to bring their visions to life with minimal effort but with high-quality content output expectations.

AI features:

  • Text-to-image: Converts text prompts into high-quality images, ideal for stock photo-level compositions;

  • Superior user interface: It is super user-friendly in the AI image generation space and comes with a “wall of inspiration” and prompt adjustments to see what else is possible when you run out of ideas.

  • Generative fill: Highlight what you don’t want in an image and easily replace that selected part with AI-generated content.

G2 score: 4.6/5


  • Free version is available

  • Paid plans start at $5 USD per month

Adobe Firefly AI productivity tool

Final mentions

Time management is an integral part of a professional’s success and ultimately results in a business’s success, too. Timeular makes it easy to track time and manage it better – it automatically tracks work time; the AI time tracker creates time entry suggestions based on your calendar events or app usage and generates productivity insights so you can understand what needs to be optimized.

Start tracking your time in the most effortless and productive way

Join 100,000 happy users worldwide. Try Timeular 30 days for free.


What steps should I take when deploying AI productivity tools in my organization?

Deploying AI productivity tools within your organization or personal workflow needs careful planning, thorough change management, and execution to ensure seamless integration and optimal use. I’d recommend obtaining details on these, but here are some steps briefly:

  • identify your needs and objectives, select your tool, evaluate compliance and security;

  • plan for integration and migration, train your team;

  • implement in phases, monitor and adjust, and evaluate the outcomes.

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