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Your free timesheet calculator

Time Card Calculator

Calculate work hours with the free Time Card Calculator delivered to you by Timeular 💜.

Your free timesheet calculator

How to use the Time Card Calculator?

time card calculator

Use the Time Card Calculator to:

  • Calculate weekly work hours and create your weekly time card
  • Calculate overtime hours and overtime pay
  • Calculate total pay to share with payroll departments

To calculate total work hours for payroll purposes, input the relevant details:

  • Name and Date: Start by adding your full name and pick the dates.
  • Start time: Enter the time you started work on each weekday.
  • End time: Specify your clock-out times during the week.
  • Break times: Include information about total break time, i.e. lunch breaks.
  • Base pay rate: The hourly rate for your work.
  • Overtime rate: Enter the increased hourly rate paid for hours worked beyond the standard work schedule.
  • Overtime after: Input the number of regular hours you must work before overtime pay begins.

The Time Card Calculator will automatically calculate Base hours, Overtime hours, Total hours, and Total pay based on your inputs. Time will be converted into decimal hours automatically.

Download the timesheet data in PDF format and print it out to keep a hard copy, if needed.


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FAQ about the free Time Card Calculator

What is a timecard calculator?

A timecard calculator or a timesheet calculator is a tool that lets you easily calculate hours worked through the week, deduct breaks, and sum up overtime.

How to track employee time at work?

To track employee time at work, use a time tracking app or employee time cards where employees enter the exact time they worked. A work hours calculator helps business employers calculate pay, ensuring employee productivity and compliance with federal minimum wage. This tool converts hours and minutes into total hours worked, providing financial data to determine total gross pay.

How to calculate overtime in the Time Card Calculator?

To calculate overtime hours per week, insert start time and end time for each day during your work week. Next, go to the “Overtime after” field and enter the number of your regular hours per day. Based on that data, the work hours calculator will provide you with the invormation about weekly hours worked overtime. To additionally calculate overtime pay, insert your overtime rate.