The Best Project Management Blogs in 2024

There is no lack of Project Management sources of information out there. We can argue that the difficulty lies in choosing the best type of medium or the best topic or subject to fit our needs.

Every author of every video, book, podcast, and course claims to have found more efficient work techniques. To enrich that list of possibilities, we’ll present the best project management blogs.

Get what you need from these informative spaces, written and maintained by Project Management professionals with different backgrounds and degrees of experience.

They provide readers with helpful information, templates, software reviews, and time management tips and tricks, among other good topics.

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The 23 best Project Management blogs you need to follow

1. Rebel’s Guide to PM

Elizabeth Harrin is the face behind the Rebel’s Guide to PM. Besides being considered one of the most critical and knowledgeable women in Project Management, she’s the author of several books, such as “Collaboration Tools for Project Managers” and Shortcuts for Success”.

Her blog provides intel from a female perspective. You can read about several hacks for Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin’s observations, news about courses and events, and guides for courses and projects.

An important and recent piece on her blog is “Managing A Remote Team? Remember These 3 Key Tips For Success”, which focuses on three crucial areas to focus on when managing and working remotely. Another good example is a Project Management software review article: “Runn Software Review”.

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2. The Digital Project Manager

Sharing tips and tricks also via podcast, The Digital Project Manager blog was created in 2011 by Ben Aston.

It’s one of the largest and most visited Project Management online platforms. There are over forty contributors to the articles of this website, sharing thoughts and experiences on Project Management, thought leadership, and task organization.

Articles are organized in a few exciting and well-organized sections: Trending Now, How-To Guides, the Project Manager’s Tool Box, and DPM Shorts (practical tips and tricks in five minutes or less). For example: “How to Run a More Effective Stand-Up Meeting: 6 Expert Tips” and “The 10 Best Workflow Management Software Of 2022”


On’s blog, there are several exciting and practical tools available, such as tutorials and other resources. The content available goes from more technical pieces to job interview tips and management techniques’ how-tos.

The blog is part of the Project Manager’s software website, but even if this is not something that you use, the resources and tools are available for everyone interested.

Explore their articles for career advice, written by the company’s content team, like “What Is a Scrum Master? Here’s Everything You Need to Know” to more technical and specific pieces, such as “Project Quality Management: A Quick Guide”.

Read our article about time tracking and find out how it’s useful for project management.

4. Dotto Tech

Dotto Tech, run by Steve Dotto, goes a bit further on than regular blog posts and articles. The website has several thought pieces but is also filled with productivity tips and knowledge on how you should master a digital toolkit as a Project Manager.

Steve Dotto also makes videos on YouTube and hosts webinars devoted to different topics under the management umbrella. There are several reviews on different tools and software and he also hosts courses, including free ones.

5. Susanne Madsen

As a co-founder of The Project Leadership Institute (a learning institute built to help people hone their leadership and key project management skills), Susanne Madsen is one of the most recognized professionals in the area.

Before becoming an influencer in the Project Management space, she leads corporate sector processes at companies like JP Morgan and Citigroup. 

Aside from her two books, she shares knowledge and experience through her blog, with pieces like “How to Prevent Chronic Stress and Burnout” and “What are the differences between management and leadership – and how does it relate to PMs?”, a fascinating blog post that focuses on the debate on how to characterize management versus leadership.

TIP: Enrol in one of the best online project management courses to improve your skills.

6. Workzone

The blog of the company Workzone caters, in terms of information and post type, to different companies and industries.

The blog has many contributors writing in a very comprehensive way. The articles, both in subject and content, cover every aspect of a project in detail. Great examples of this are the pieces “Defining the Arrow Diagram Method” and “Operationalized Project Management Processes”.

7. The Lazy Project Manager

The Lazy Project Manager is one of the most informative, accessible, and popular Project Management blogs out there. It’s curated and managed by Peter Taylor, who approaches project management strategy blended with everyday pragmatism and approachable metaphors. Peter Taylor, who is also an author has been keeping this blog for a good number of years. 

You can get informed about the basics of a Project Management job or role in a specific industry to complex topics that involve business and management decisions.

Being an effective manager, excelling in teamwork, and making use of the best Project Management tools to achieve success, are some goals you can reach when reading Lazy Project Manager’s posts, such as: “Now is the time to invest in learning and so I offer you six ways to develop your personal or team skills” or “Creating a Common Collective for Distributed Teams”.

8. Guerilla Project Management

Even though this blog is no longer being updated, it’s worth a look. Samad Aidane is the main contributor on this educational platform that doesn’t leave interesting questions left unanswered.

In this blog, there are several resources for those interested in boosting their career. The articles are very thorough and very reader-friendly.

Explore the blog, and pay close attention to these pieces: “Is Project Management jargon keeping us from truly communicating?” and “Which Software will Give Your Project Management a Boost?”.

Read our article and get to know examples of milestones in a project.

9. Elise Stevens

Elise Stevens is a big advocate for women working in several fields, one being Project Management. She says she is “the person you talk to about your career when you’re tired of getting the same results, and you know you need out-of-the-box thinking to get unstuck”.

Elise is the author of several successful books, such as “Unlocking The Opportunity – How Over 150 Women Navigated Their Careers In Project Management” and “Age Defying Careers For Women At 40”.

Get to know this career tactician through her articles, focused on motivation and empowerment in the Project Management world, “Career Advice from Women in STEM” and “The Importance of Saying Yes to New Opportunities”.

10. PM Basics

Also known for his popular YouTube channel, Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy offers helpful advice for those who want to get into the Project Management industry. His work focuses on the IT industry and considers different methods than usual.

PM Basics ends up being a great Project Management blog choice for beginners. The resources available are a great guide, such as the article “How to Become a Software Project Manager (Full Guide)”.

Learn how to improve project management skills.

11. The Tao of Project Management

John Carroll is the man behind The Tao of Project Management blog, where he incorporates lessons of the Taoist philosophy applied to Project Management in his blog. John realized that an overwhelming and stressful routine is not sustainable nor compatible with a Project Management career. Carroll is also a successful author.

Check out his very interestingly named posts, such as “The Way is Not a Thing” or “Grass Doors”

12. ProjectSmart

With a clean and modern layout, ProjectSmart features a never-ending world of resources. They’ve been active since 2000, owning by now an incredible archive of articles about Project Management. You can search by specific categories to find information, and they also offer tools and white papers that aim to inform on plenty of topics.

All articles on ProjectSmart are quality assured and highly valued by professionals in the field. Explore the different categories from Cost Management to Communications Management or even the history of Project Management. We have to highlight “A Brief History of Project Management”.

Read our blog about Project Management checklist and learn everything you need about it.

13. Finding Marbles

This catchy blog name belongs to the trendsetter in the industry, that unfortunately is no longer being updated. However, the extensive amount of knowledge you’ll find there is worth the time you’ll spend exploring it. The main contributor is Corinna Bauldauf, a german web developer.

Finding Marbles helps make Project Management simpler and faster with relevant information about PM, especially Agile, Lean, and Scrum methodologies.

The information is friendly to the reader and reliable, based on real experiences. It’s a great choice for valuable information about developing a career concerning methodologies like Agile, Lean, and Scrum. Worth checking out posts such as “Ad-Hoc Leadership” and “How we take decisions without managers and teamleads”.

14. Brad Egeland

Brad Egeland is a contributor to some websites on the field but also manages his own blog, with articles drawn from his own experiences as a Project Manager.

Brad’s articles are very insightful, with him assuming a teacher’s position regarding the knowledge shared. This is a great blog with many resources, with examples of what to do in several situations.

Check out the very interesting article “Three Types of Problematic Project Customers”.

15. PMStudent

The blog PMStudent is run by Margaret Meloni, a PM professional focusing on IT Project Management and leadership.

As the name may suggest, this platform has a goal of teaching new professionals in the field and informing the ones who already have a steady career. This blog has the resources for the intensive and continuous learning every professional should try to achieve.

PMStudent includes posts on various topics, from building and maintaining a good relationship with a team to project strategy. Some o their posts are, for example, “10 Benefits of GOOD Project Management”, “Underrated Yet Essential Project Management Skills Needed To Succeed” and “Lessons Learned Improve Future Performance: Do Not Rewrite Project History”.

16. Sarah M. Hoban

Known as a project and product manager, as well as a strategy consultant, Sarah M. Hoban refers to herself as passionate about productivity techniques and tips.

In her career, Sarah has led big team collaboration teams that execute multi-million dollar projects. Hoban is PMP-certified and has an extensive Project Management blog that includes product reviews, Project Management guides, and career advice.

Two great posts of hers are “Remote is Work: Tips on Setting Up Your Organization for Success” and “How to Tell Your Team You’re Leaving”.

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17. Project Bliss

With a unique and quite smooth name, Project Bliss is a blog run by Leigh Espy, where various topics within Project Management are discussed. Aside from the articles, several resources are available, like guides for job interviews or free templates, just to give an example.

This blog remains active with the mission to make the journey into Project Management easier for others. Leigh Espy also shares thoughts about her own experience in the industry. 

Let yourself be helped by Espy’s work, which covers dozens of useful management topics that include many different industries. Her path as a woman in the field is an excellent example for future professionals.

Check out “15 Powerful Benefits of Project Management”, “11 Effective Ways to Deal with a Difficult Boss” and “Running Great Virtual Meetings: Everything You Need to Know”.

18. Project Accelerator News

Project Accelerator News joins great advice and the latest news on the world of Project Management. This platform is UK-based and run by Adam Morrell and Paul Naybour, who regularly post.

You can get the latest news on events and learn about Project Management from real-life situations that are used and analyzed. The collaborators’ advice is based on experience and historical facts. Two good examples are “Is Project Management Certification Worth It?” and “Advantages of Project Management Training”.

19. PMHut

Sadly, PMHut is another blog that doesn’t seem to be updated in a while but still offers several practical articles, detailing lists and advice on making the right choices as a Project Management.

The resources try to help you decide on the best technology or software to use and what are the best decisions for your team. A valuable vault of resources that includes advice for PMs and quality tools.

Its content is aimed at both professionals and beginners, with informational posts such as “Simple Guide to Choose a Project Management Software” and “The Importance of Effective Communication in Project Management”.

20. Musings on Project Management

Focusing on agile, general Project Management topics, and collaborative culture, Musings on Project Management is run by John Goodpasture.

His witty tone and fun posts are fed by his experience of more than 30 years in the Project Management space, where he also serves as a coach. Aside from his blog, he is also an author.

Take a look through his pieces, such as “Nobody Follows the Plan” and “Layoffs in the middle of your project?!”.

Read our guide if you need help or if you’re looking for tips to manage multiple projects

21. Simpletivity

Running both a blog and a YouTube channel with the same name, Simpletivity, is managed by Scott Friesen.

He posts on several topics, such as productivity, efficiency, and time and Project Management. In the Simpletivity blog, you can explore many resources, including Scott’s videos and training opportunities.

Explore posts such as “7 Google Contacts Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Yesterday” and “5 Easy Ways to Organize Ideas with Walling”.

22. Projects at Work

Projects at Work is a collaborative blog with tremendous success in the Project Management field. Adding to the knowledge and expertise of many collaborators, Projects at Work also features a thriving hub of resources. The advice given here is efficient and valuable, and the blog falls under the umbrella of the platform.

Find all the answers to every question you have on managing your project. Contributors include Kathleen Ryan O’Connor, Bart Gerardi, Keith Duncan, and many more.

Check their piece “The Power Skills Difference”, which focuses on communication and problem-solving playing a leading role in project success.

23. Eye on the Workforce

Another handy blog under the platform is Eye on the Workforce. It’s written by Joe Wynne, who has been producing content since 2000 for people in the Project Management profession.

The name says it all: this is a platform for workforce management that for Wynne is a crucial component in project success. Joe Wynne is a Project Management with experience in different industries.

His blog posts reflect his expertise by providing tips for managing and creating a sense of community within the workforce, improving productivity, morale, and profit.

Read some of his posts, such as “Leading Questions with Focus on Project Team” and “Keep Workers from Quitting”.

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Reading Project Management blogs is an excellent way of gaining awareness of project management tools and techniques.

Using the knowledge you acquire, you can further develop your career in Project Management, both as a manager and as a team member. There’s no lack of platforms to choose from, and doing so accurately is a critical way of helping your professional path.

Save and bookmark all the blogs we showed you here for an opportunity to grow your career and achieve customer success by following the advice of experts.

Since Project Management is one of the most important aspects of any business or industry, the Project Manager role is crucial. The fact is that without a Project Manager, projects can quickly fall apart, and deadlines can be missed.

The key to success in every endeavor is a great Project Management team in place. If you are part of one, ensure you are always on top of the industry news.

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