5 tips and tricks to get better at tracking time

Tracking your time is a habit and habits are not easy to build. We’ll spare you the science here but if you want to know more we recommend reading Atomic Habits. Instead, we’ll focus on the solution for how can you build a habit of tracking time?

Straight out to the point here are a few recommendations.

1. Go easy on yourself and start simple

Go easy on yourself if you missed tracking a few things or forgot to stop tracking. We all do. Especially at the beginning and even more so if we set out to track 100% of what we do. That’s a recipe for failure. Instead, start by tracking the big things first. One project, one client, or one type of activity e.g. meetings or emails. As soon as you’ve built the basic habit you can aim for more.

2. Use a visual reminder like a “Post-it” or our 8-sided dice

We tend to forget what we don’t see. Visual reminders somewhere around our monitor or notebook are a powerful way to remind us about things. Hence we recommend writing “Track” on a post-it or getting our 8-sided dice – the Timeular Tracker – and putting it where you can see it. And while you do so, maybe hide all the post-it-passwords in a safer place?

3. Set up some reminders to track

If you install the Timeular desktop app you can set up reminders for e.g. the start or end of the day. And even long-time entries reminders aka Pomodoro reminders. You can fine tune those reminders so they are actually helpful and not annoying.

4. Make it super low effort by using Quicktrack

Sometimes we just forget to start or stop tracking because it’s too much effort. Looking for the app, finding the right play button, and clicking on it is already too much. With our Quicktrack feature, it’s as simple as hitting CMD+E (Mac) or CTRL+E anywhere on your computer. This allows you to quickly start and stop tracking out from any app.

5. Quickly fix your timesheet with drag & drop

As we initially said, it’s normal to forget to track some things or stop tracking. Hence we’ve made it easy to correct your timesheets through drag + drop and simple click interactions. Just set aside a couple minutes at the end of the day or week to fix your timesheet and voilá. All good again.

If you have any others tips or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through support@timeular.com!

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