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All Effortless time tracking methods

Track your time, not just guesstimations

Automatic time tracking

Automatically track which apps, websites, and docs you use at any time. It’s all stored on your computer – 100% in your control and privacy compliant.

Physical time tracker

Have you ever wanted to shake hands with your time? Our 8-sided time Tracker makes it possible. Simply put the next activity facing up and it starts tracking.

Capture, analyze and bill more time with the Timeular Tracker

One shortcut from anywhere

With Quicktrack, you can track time for your tasks from any app on your computer. Hit one global shortcut, choose the task you want to track, and voilá.

Leave and work hours tracking

Paid leave, sick leave, and all other types of leave can be requested with one click. Set total target work hours per team member and automatically calculate over-hours.

Billable time tracking

Track what’s billable and what’s not with one click. Set hourly rates and calculate totals automatically. Export a PDF or XLSX for further analysis or invoice transparency.

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Flexible work hours settings

Admins can set work hours per week and days for anyone. Do you have a special contract like 21h with 3 days per week split 6h + 6h + 9h? You can configure it all.

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Mobile companion

Our mobile apps can be used as a companion to the desktop version for tracking on-the-go, or as a ‘lite’ standalone version.

Smart time savers

Free up time for things that matter more

See everyone’s availability and plan ahead

Easily see and communicate leave totals to your payroll or HR department. Plan your project delivery based on everyones availability. Subscribe to see all leaves in your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar directly.

Personalised productivity insights

Productivity isn’t everything, but it’s still cool to know how much time is spent on productive things vs unproductive things right? Timeular shows you that without giving away your privacy. Only you can see your data and dashboard.

Get alerts when budgets get tight

Set budgets to monitor the progress and profitability of projects. Automatically identify those at risk of exceeding with alerts at e.g. 80% so you can shift your team’s focus or sit down with your stakeholders.

Automate time entry creation

Instead of adding the same time entries over and over again, Timeular’s AI suggests entries and let you add them with one click. It will learn and improve accuracy over time.

Automatically remind everyone

We all forget to track time here and there. Let Timeular check if 100% of the work hours have been tracked. If not, you and your team will automatically be reminded.

Privacy and Security at the core

360° privacy that protects you as well as your employees

Employees need to feel safe and trusted, which is essential to getting honest and accurate timesheets. Timeular goes to great lengths to protect the privacy of your company and your employees.

GDPR compliant

Unlike many other time-tracking tools, Timeular is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, ensuring that user data is protected and privacy rights are respected.


Employees will only track time honestly if they don’t feel monitored in real time. Therefore Timeular has a 24h delay for time entries to appear on the managers side.

10,000+ companies and counting

Replicate the success of other companies using Timeular

Everyone has testimonials on their website. We have fans.

“No more “lost” time spent on projects but not invoiced to the customer.”

“We’ve been able to bill clients more transparently and identified tasks that could be handed off, freeing up management’s time.”

“We are much better at accurately tracking our time, which improves client billing. It also helps our team focus on their work rather than skipping around from one task to another.”

“A better understanding of how long each step takes and an easier way to invoice for work. Clients love the reports I get right from Timeular.”

Seamless integration

3,000+ integrations for invoicing, payroll and more

Connect your favourite apps with the Timeular time tracking software. Use our integrations or create your own using our public API.


Bring together the power of Jira with the ease of tracking time with Timeular. Sync Jira with Timeular and track time against projects and issues.

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Enjoy the simplicity of Timeular without having to migrate everything over from Toggl. The integration will play back time entries from Timeular to Toggl.

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outlook calendar logoMicrosoft Outlook

Connect your Microsoft Outlook calendar with Timeular to track time spent on meetings and other scheduled tasks automatically.

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google calendar logoGoogle Calendar

Using Google Calendar to plan your day? Connect it with Timeular to automatically track time of scheduled tasks, meetings and events.

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Connect 3,000+ apps to your favorite tools without writing a single line of code. Track time and set a process in motion automatically.

Discover best time management tools Public API & Webhooks

Timeular offers a public API with webhooks so you can create your customer integration on your own or with our help.

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