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Complete timesheets with no effort

Never forget to fill in a timesheet again. Fun, minute-accurate accurate time tracking without a spreadsheet in sight.

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Timeular Tracker tracking phone call

Forget forgetting to do timesheets

Timesheets are a pain. They’re easy to forget and even easier to just estimate.

With Timeular, tracking time is effortless and fun.

The Tracker is an 8-sided dice that sits on your desk. Assign an activity to each side and flip to start tracking.

Our desktop or mobile apps will complete a beautiful timesheet for you to submit.

Time tracking made simple. Here’s how it works.

Hand writes on the Timeular Tracker to define the tasks

1. Define

Define the activities you need to track.

Switching the Timeular Tracker from one side to the other to start tracking

2. Track

Start tracking a task by flipping the Tracker so the activity is facing up. Flip again when you change tasks.

Detailed Timeular time tracking report in a donut chart

3. Discover

View timesheets, analyze your data and action. View breakdown by activity or project.

Start getting value out of timesheets

No more chasing (or being chased) for timesheets

Capture to-the-minute accurate timesheets easily and on time.

Never guesstimate again

Forgetting to track and estimating time is a thing of the past.

Timesheets you can trust

Instil confidence in your timesheet data.

Timeular customer Leona standing in her office

Success story

“…more accurate and providing a better value to the clients for my time.”

Find out how Leona at architect firm Farnsworth Group uses Timeular to make smarter decisions about where her time is spent.

Meet the tracker

Wave goodbye to manual time entry.

The Timeular Tracker is the world’s first 8-sided tracking dice that automatically tracks activities when flipped.

It sits on your desk and acts as a visual prompt.

No more over- or under-estimating time.

Timeular App Analytics

Simple tracking, powerful analytics

Use the tracked data to help:

  • See where your time really goes
  • Quantify how much time distractions cost
  • Take control of your time

Tag to bill unlimited clients

Unlimited time entry categorization

Use in-built tags to assign entries to @clients, #billable or just about anything you like. View sophisticated reports by tag.

Track time together

Invite colleagues and clients into Shared Spaces to track and analyse project time together. Spot team time trends, identify bottlenecks and provide a new level of billing transparency to clients.

Why our customers love Timeular

40,000+ time trackers worldwide. Used by time pros at Audi, Google and KPMG.

I have to say, I absolutely love it. It’s just fantastic – the way I can see my day at a glance, what I’ve been working on, with the ability to add more entries and run data summaries and such like is excellent.

Partner, executive office

(Timeular has) addressed my two primary needs in one perfect solution. Electronic time tracking with a physical component to keep the process in your consciousness.
Project Architect, architecture and planning
I have used it for almost a year now and I still use it almost every day.
Analyst, oil and energy

Take control of your time