The Best Time Tracking Software for Accountants in 2024

Author: Karolina Matyska

Tracking billable hours, acquiring clients, and establishing efficiency and productivity are mandatory requirements for an accountant’s success.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn about the best time tracking software for accountants: these options are perfect for a freelance accountant, an accounting firm manager, or even if you’re taking care of financials within a corporate setting.

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The 10 best time tracking software for accountants

1. Timeular

Timeular is the best time tracking app for accountants that brings the power of a physical tracker device along with user-friendly software.

You’ll be able to use handy features such as automated tracking, reminders, and integrations with popular productivity tools: Asana, Jira, and more.

As an accountant, you’ll simplify the way you organize your time management and increase your productivity.

Why Timeular is the perfect time tracking tool for accountants

  • Easy time tracking: You can easily time track your tasks and projects, especially with the help of the physical Tracker;
  • Automatic time tracking: See which apps, docs, and websites you’ve used at which time and what was in your calendar, and then add them to your time tracking overview in one click! Your privacy is protected 100%: The data is stored solely on your local machine, so nobody else can access it.
  • Billable hours tracking: Every activity you’ll log into Timeular can be marked as billable or non-billable.
  • Leave time tracking: Track all types of leaves in one place.
  • Overtime tracking: Automatically track extra and minus hours worked.
  • Mobile and desktop apps: You get access to Timeular’s mobile and desktop applications so that you can track time from anywhere.
  • AI time tracking: Effortlessly track time using AI time entry suggestions based on your calendar and past entries
  • Detailed and accurate reports: You’ll be able to generate detailed and accurate reports that’ll grant you an overview of the time spent on numerous tasks and projects.
  • Export data: You can export your time tracking data in various formats, analyze it, and share it with whomever you want: clients or team.
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts: Allows you to quickly switch between different activities.

Timeular and its features have piled many receptive and positive reviews on different platforms.

Capterra ranks Timeular with a 4.6 overall, with an 80% chance of recommending it. It states that it’s a “great tool to keep track of time.”

Apple has also ranked Timeular with a 4.6 overall, where it’s mentioned “the balance between ease of use and its powerful features and reports” and the ability to get the “schedule back on track“.

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2. Harvest

time tracking software harvest

Considered one of the best HoursTracker alternatives, This is a flexible time tracking and invoicing software that can monitor the time spent on different projects and tasks, either manually or automatically.

You can integrate your software with popular accounting and project management tools and take advantage of the detailed reporting features.

Cons of usage:

  • The complexity of learning;
  • Pricing;
  • Limited customization on invoicing;
  • Restricted integration options.

Despite being one of the best time trackers for accountants, there are some Capterra about Harvest that you should consider:

  • extremely hard as a user to see and get a summary of this time without having to manually add it all up;
  • randomly stop tracking time when it was needed to track or keep track when it should have been paused;
  • Cost tracking is also tricky because there is no history of changed rates, so if something changes, it also changes in the past.

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3. Time Analytics

One of the greatest time tracking apps for accountants that allows having a full report on time usage in any given project.

You can track and assign categories to every single task and evaluate the insights provided by the report to make some decisions.

You’ll be able to increase efficiency, prioritize tasks effectively, and develop your productivity. 

Cons of usage:

  • Initial steps take time;
  • Difficult to navigate analytics and understand data;
  • Inaccuracy of insights;
  • Restricted integration options.

4. Myhours

This platform can simplify the act of monitoring and managing every task and project.

You’re provided with a lot of different features, such as manual time entry and the ability to set billable rates, which is perfect for accurate invoicing. You’ll also be able to evaluate the reports that are established in Myhours.

Cons of usage:

  • Limited features;
  • The user experience is not that intuitive;
  • Advanced project management capabilities are missing;
  • Restrictive customization for reporting and invoicing.

5. Clockify

Also known to be a great alternative to Timecamp, this time tracking software looks to improve your productivity and time management through its monitorization.

You can create customizable timers, log manual entries, and track time across different devices. You’ll have access to insights that can let you know more about your work patterns and how you can optimize them.

According to some reviews on Capterra, there are some cons to capturing:

  • Inaccuracy of numbers on reports;
  • Difficult to edit or personalize the billable hours;
  • Lost time entries;
  • Slow loading.

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6. Time Doctor

This versatile app, it’s a great time-tracking software for accountants because it has specific tools that help you manage time and increase productivity.

It provides intensive reports where you can observe how you spend your time, and define areas where it’s possible to improve and optimize.

Time Doctor also has integrations with various communication and project management tools through a user-friendly interface and features.

Cons of usage:

  • Privacy issues due to screenshots feature that monitors employees;
  • Restrictive customization for reporting and settings;
  • Pricing;
  • Difficult to navigate.

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7. Toggl

time tracking toggl

Toggl is an efficient time tracking software that allows you to monitor the time spent on tasks and/or projects, which optimizes your organization.

You can have a full report to evaluate work patterns, the progress of the project, and productivity. Integration with popular project management tools and platforms is also possible.

Cons of usage:

  • Very limited features on the free version;
  • Advanced project management capabilities are missing;
  • Difficulty in managing and organizing tags and projects;
  • Restricted integration options.

Capterra’s reviews describe Toggl as difficult because without “step-by-step directions, it’s hard to learn how to use it,” and “the most annoying feature is that you can’t pause sessions, you have to stop it and create a new one.” 

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8. Replicon

This time and attendance management software collects accurate employee hours, and time-off requests and monitors attendance.

You’ll get a chance to receive a full report that shares all of the employee hours, project costs, and resource allocation.

It’s also possible for your software to support integrations with popular HR and payroll systems, which simplifies the way the workflow is handled.

Cons of usage:

  • Hard configuration process;
  • Not very user-friendly to navigate;
  • Little personalization on reports and dashboards;
  • Restricted integration options.

9. TimeCamp

Timecamp is a time keeping software for accountants since its goal is to increase your productivity while you’re tracking the time spent on numerous tasks, projects, and activities.

You can help yourself by using features such as automatic time tracking, manual time entry, and unproductive time detection. Then you’ll be able to consult the full report that demonstrates insights about time usage, which will help you decide what to do next.

Cons of usage:

  • The user interface can be overwhelming;
  • Restricted integration options;
  • Advanced project management capabilities are missing;
  • Many features are only available on higher-priced plans.

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10. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is well-known for developing the power of productivity and efficiency through time tracking.

You can monitor activity levels and gather screenshots to gain insights into employee workflow and productivity. You have access to GPS tracking, geofencing, and integrations with project management and payroll tools.

Cons of usage:

  • Difficult to learn;
  • Very limited in the free version, which requires a pricey update;
  • Privacy issues due to screenshots feature that monitors employees;
  • Restricted integration options.

According to Capterra, users find it “terrible being monitored by mouse and keyboard usage for 8+ hours a day” and distracting because it “fosters an unhealthy urgency mindset.”

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How to choose the best time tracking software for accountants

When you’re exploring your options to choose a top time tracking app for accountants, you have to be aware of various factors that could impact your workload greatly.


First, you have to discover your compatibility with your accounting software and evaluate its integration with the most popular platforms.

You must ensure a smooth and safe data transfer and synchronization to decide it’s the right fit.

On the same page

Make sure you choose a tool that fulfills your needs, don’t be content with something good. Instead, be satisfied with something perfect for your accounting firm.

Test their time tracking capabilities, such as automated timers, manual entry options, and the ability to track time across different projects. Be also aware of features like invoicing, expense tracking, and reporting that could improve your efficiency.


Did you know that inaccurate billable hours cost $7.49 billion daily for US professional services sector providers? Accurate billable hours ensure that you receive for every hour your work for your client, which helps to ensure your profitability.
At the same time, transparent billing promotes trust and long, healthy client relationships.

Friendly interface

You must choose an app that has an interface that’s friendly and comfortable for your everyday usage.

It should be intuitive enough so that you’re able to simplify tasks that you would do manually on an average basis.

It’s also important that it’s friendly to the point that you can adapt to it and teach to your team.


Security, especially on time tracking software, is a priority when looking for the best option for your business. Do your research and discover their policies on security protocols, such as data encryption, regular backups, and access controls, to protect every piece of sensitive information that you have.


The price of a time tracking software can always impact your budget. Although you have to find the most perfect solution for your setting, you must balance it out on the price element. This means that you don’t only have to choose the greatest app for you; you have to choose the greatest that combines the best relation of quality versus price. Explore your options and see if it’s subscription-based, per-user, or with custom plans. 


It’s good to know what the other users think about the app: pros and cons.

First, experiences with the software could be valuable for making an informed and intelligent decision toward the best time tracking platform to use.

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In conclusion, choosing the right time tracking software for accountants is crucial for effective time management, increased productivity, accurate billing, and streamlined workflow. This article provided an overview of the top 10 time tracking software options available, highlighting their features, pros, and cons.

Each software has its strengths and weaknesses, catering to different needs and preferences. Timeular, for instance, stands out with its physical tracker device and user-friendly software, offering ease of time tracking and detailed reports.

When choosing the best time tracking software for accountants, several factors need to be considered. Compatibility with accounting software and integration with popular platforms ensure smooth data transfer.

The chosen software should align with the specific needs of the accounting firm, offering features such as automated timers, manual entry options, invoicing, expense tracking, and reporting. Accuracy in tracking billable hours is essential for profitability and client trust. A user-friendly interface is important for easy adoption and efficient usage.

Lastly, user reviews can provide valuable insights into the experiences and pros and cons of each software, aiding in making an informed decision.

Ultimately, by carefully considering these factors and evaluating the different time tracking software options, accountants can find the solution that best suits their specific needs and enhances their productivity and efficiency in managing time and tasks.

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