10 Best TimeCamp Alternatives in 2024

Author: Madalina Roman

While TimeCamp offers many features for a time tracking tool, such as attendance management, work hour tracking, and geofencing, it still lacks advanced capabilities.

At times, it just won’t work. We have run into a few times that you just can’t do anything in Timecamp, and it looks like your entries are missing.

Capterra review

Reviews on Capterra demonstrate that TimeCamp users have expressed concerns about the software’s complexity, lack of flexibility, and reporting limitations. Considering these cons alongside its features is important when evaluating TimeCamp as a time-tracking software and productivity-tracking solution.

As TimeCamp doesn’t meet your expectations, dive into this article to find the 10 best alternatives to TimeCamp.

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Try Timeular – an AI-powered time tracker with robust software and flexible, detailed reporting functionality that just works.

Best TimeCamp alternatives for 2024

  1. Timeular
  2. TimeDoctor
  3. Toggl Track
  4. Time Clock Wizard
  5. Timely
  6. Clockify
  7. Hubstaff
  8. Harvest
  9. Quickbooks Time
  10. Everhour
timecamp alternatives

1. Timeular – smooth time tracking software for teams

Timeular is an AI time tracker that enables users to track time in a few seconds per day – with ease at the core, accuracy, and a privacy-first approach.

It is designed for small businesses and bigger teams aiming to track billable hours, increase productivity, and generate precise and easy-to-digest reports.

As a great alternative to Timecamp, it consolidates intelligent timekeeping methods into one platform and generates quick insights into budgets, time allocation, and overtime.

These in-depth insights empower data-driven decision-making and better resource management, as well as prompt client invoicing.

High employee buy-in

Fostering a safe and trusting environment is vital for team members to submit honest and accurate timesheets. Timeular prioritizes your company and employees’ privacy, leading to enhanced employee buy-in with:

  • Anti-surveillance measures for employees: Managers can see tracked data of a tram member only at midnight on the same day – with a short delay – this way, the team feels confident in working at their own pace and not micro-managed.
  • Data privacy: Unlike Timecamp, Timeular stores data only on the users’ computers, not in the cloud, with user-only access to it and 100% GDPR compliance.

The user-friendly interface and modern time-tracking features further amplify this by streamlining time tracking, making it fast and effortless.

“People complain a lot less about time tracking now because of the easy interface of Timeular.”

Kaitlin Snow Seamons, Executive Creative Director at Harmon Brothers

Automatic time tracking

With Timeular’s automatic time-tracking feature, you can effortlessly fill in your timesheets based on app usage, visited websites, and scheduled calendar events. Your data remains securely stored on your device, accessible exclusively to you.

Easily tailor your tracking preferences by adding specific apps and websites to a blocklist. Enjoy pre-filtered data, which provides easy analysis without overwhelming dashboards.

automatic time entries

AI-generated suggestions

Taking time-tracking one step closer to seamless, in Timeular, you receive AI time entry suggestions based on your calendar and past entries.

Skip the manual timesheet hassle for good – click once to accept the suggestion, and that’s your time tracking for the day.

Timeular - best AI tools

The physical tracking gadget 

At the heart of Timeular is the physical Tracker, an 8-sided dice on your desk, fostering a habit of time tracking. With this intuitive tool, employees find it easy and stress-free to log their time, ensuring relevant and detailed reports. 

Track time with a physical Tracker

“We have become 20% more profitable because everyone is in the habit of time tracking” – Richard Wingfield, Head Geek at Envision Design

Quicktrack – add time entries effortlessly with a keyboard shortcut

Timeular users can choose to use the physical Tracker or a digital alternative, Quicktrack, that allows them to begin tracking a time entry using a keyboard shortcut.

Budget management

Assign a budget to each project and track project progress. Manage expenses by tracking time spent on specific tasks and customers.

Track over time and any type of leaves

Timeular allows teams and individuals to track all types of leaves and absences in a single platform. If one or more team members are going on holiday, they must add a leave entry directly in your calendar view. Specify the type of absence and its duration, and add an optional note. You can do it both on your desktop and in your mobile app. 

“As a busy manager, I needed an agency time tracking software with leave tracking functionalities that was as efficient as it was user-friendly. Timeular exceeded my expectations with its simplicity and effectiveness. Managing leaves is now a breeze.”

Andrew W, Team Leader at a Marketing Agency

Personal productivity insights dashboard

Generated by AI – helps users identify app usage, procrastination patterns, and times when they are productive or unproductive.

Timeular - best AI tools

Key features:

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Team time tracker
  • Overtime and underwork tracking
  • PTO tracker
  • AI time tracking
  • Personal productivity monitoring dashboard
  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Overtime tracking
  • Time tracking methods that allow tracking time in a few seconds per day
  • A physical Tracker fostering the habit of tracking
  • Helps to manage budgets
  • Detailed reports
  • Protected employee privacy
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Unlimited projects
  • Cross-platform tracking (Linux, Android, Windows, and Mac time tracking)
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Offline and online time tracking


  • 30-day free trial
  • Paid plans start at 6.30 EUR per user
Track time with zero effort

“Since we started using Timeular and tracking our time, we’ve never made another mistake in planning, creating accurate proposals or budgeting for clients” – Roman Haag, Partner at iAgentur

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a robust time-tracking app offering a wide range of time-tracking features that help to improve employee productivity. While it includes employee monitoring capabilities like screenshots, screen recording, and activity level tracking, it’s important to note that such monitoring features at Time Doctor can raise privacy concerns among employees

Striking the right balance between productivity tracking and respecting privacy is crucial to ensure accurate and effective time-tracking data.

For teams seeking a TimeCamp alternative, it is essential to prioritize employee buy-in and address privacy concerns to maintain a positive and productive work environment.

Key features:

  • Employee monitoring
  • Project management and budgeting
  • Detailed reporting
  • Distraction alerts
  • Screenshots, screen recordings, and activity levels


  • 14-day free trial
  • Paid plans start at $5.90 a month per user


  • Distraction alerts
  • Offline time tracking
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Email notifications
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Employee monitoring


  • Privacy concerns
  • Employee monitoring

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3. Toggl Track

Toggl Tracker is a well-known time-tracking app that offers a convenient one-click time-tracking experience across various platforms. It includes useful features such as idle time detection to remind you when you’re not using your computer and customizable reports.

Whether you’re an independent worker or part of a team seeking alternatives to TimeCamp, Toggl Tracker provides flexibility with project tagging, reminders, and customizable reports.

However, while it serves as a solid tool for basic time tracking, individuals seeking heightened precision in their time tracking and reporting may find some occasional oversights in activity switching, leading to less precise reports.

Additionally, Toggl lacks integration capabilities with physical time-tracking devices, which can be essential for building a consistent time-tracking habit.

Key features:

  • Employee time tracking
  • Client billing and client invoicing
  • Project budgeting
  • Reporting
  • Payroll management
  • Idle time detection


  • Free plan available
  • No employee monitoring
  • Multi-user collaboration


  • No physical tracker
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Limited functionality in the free version
  • Limited team management features 
  • Limited budget tracking 


  • Free plan available
  • Paid plans start at $9 per month per user

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4. Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is an online employee time-tracking software and workforce management system designed to streamline attendance tracking and payroll processes. 

Its interface and features enable employers to monitor time and attendance, leave requests, and generate payroll reports, aiming to optimize workforce productivity and compliance. 

However, user reviews on Capterra mention concerns about an outdated and less intuitive user interface, occasional technical glitches, limited advanced features and integrations, subpar customer support, mobile app performance issues, and confusion around the pricing structure. 

Key features:

  • Employee scheduling
  • Tracking working hours
  • Time tracking
  • Task management
  • Payroll reporting


  • Task management
  • Mobile app
  • PTO reports
  • Payroll reporting


  • Less intuitive user interface
  • Occasional technical glitches 
  • Limited advanced features and integrations
  • Subpar customer support 
  • Mobile app performance issues


  • Free plan
  • Paid plans start at $34.95 per month per user
Timely - time tracking app

5. Timely

Timely is another noteworthy tool on the list of best TimeCamp alternatives. It is great time-tracking software for users seeking automation. Timely, just like Timeular, are the alternatives to TimeCamp that are AI-powered automatic time-tracking software. It ensures time tracking features, allowing for precise and effortless daily records of time employees spend on activities like document work, meetings, emails, website usage, and video calls. 

A standout feature, the Memory Tracker, operates silently in the background, eliminating manual entry by seamlessly capturing tasks, apps, and meetings users engage in. This is one of the main features that makes Timely a valid time tracker replacement for DeskTime.

With a strong focus on data privacy, Timely does not endorse employee screenshots, keystroke monitoring, or any surveillance methods, making it a reliable and secure option for generating comprehensive timelines and detailed insights into time allocation across different apps and devices.

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Key features:

  • Automated time tracking
  • Project tracking
  • Memory tracker feature
  • AI-driven
  • Protected user privacy


  • Saved time thanks to automated time tracking
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Memory tracker feature
  • Anti-surveillance policy


  • Steep learning curve
  • No offline mode
  • No manual time entry option


  • Paid plans start at 9 EUR monthly per user
clockify time tracking apps for accountants

6. Clockify

If you’re searching for TimeCamp alternatives, Clockify could be the best free alternative, especially if you have a large workforce with budget constraints. Clockify offers a free plan with basic time-tracking features, allowing unlimited users and projects. Their paid plans are also affordable, making it a cost-effective choice.

Clockify is particularly beneficial for industries that require effective employee monitoring. With features such as GPS tracking, screenshot captures every 5 minutes, and the ability to disable manual time editing for specific workers, it ensures efficient project management.

However, keep in mind that Clockify’s interface might feel overwhelming with some duplicate features that cannot be turned off. But if you need sophisticated management and administration capabilities, Clockify excels in providing those. It’s worth noting that the software focuses more on managers’ experience than on regular employees’ motivation and productivity.

Overall, Clockify remains a strong contender for those seeking reliable time-tracking alternatives to TimeCamp.

Key features:

  • Ideal for industries requiring effective employee monitoring, like construction
  • GPS tracking for accurate project management
  • A screenshot capture every 5 minutes for enhanced monitoring
  • Option to disable manual time editing for specific workers
  • Cost-effective solution for efficient project management and tracking billable hours
  • Provides sophisticated management and administration capabilities


  • Free version available with basic time tracking features
  • Invoicing is not available in the free plan. The software also lacks integrations with payroll providers
  • Clockify integrates with several apps, and the setup process is simple


  • Some users experience occasional glitches while using the mobile app
  • Limited resources: it limits users and billable clients. If you need more resources, you will have extra costs, which means that it’s expensive to scale up
  • You can’t pause sessions. You have to stop it and create a new one


  • Free plan
  • Paid plan starts at $3.99 per user
hubstaff time keeping app for iphone

7. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a robust time-tracking software designed for effective employee time monitoring and management. With accurate time tracking, GPS-based location monitoring, project management, and invoicing functionalities, it’s a reliable TimeCamp alternative for teams. 

One standout feature is Hubstaff’s automatic time tracking, which eliminates manual entries, ensures precise recording of work hours, and streamlines payroll and invoicing. GPS tracking benefits mobile workers, optimizing resource allocation and workflow management. 

However, it’s essential to consider that while Hubstaff is highly regarded for employee time tracking, some may find it intrusive and potentially promote toxic micromanagement due to its tracking of keyboard and mouse activity, raising concerns about privacy and autonomy.

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Key features:

  • GPS-based location monitoring 
  • Project management functionalities 
  • Client invoicing capabilities 
  • Automatic time tracking 
  • Streamlined payroll and invoicing processes
  • Includes advanced reporting


  • Easy to use
  • Free plan


  • Low number of integrations (only 30 apps, which is not much compared to other TimeCamp alternatives)
  • Privacy concerns due to employee monitoring features
  • Smaller teams or organizations with a more flexible work structure might find the software to be too robust for them


  • 14 days for free
  • Paid plans start at $4,99 per user
time tracking software harvest

8. Harvest

Harvest is a robust time-tracking tool with functionalities that make it a viable alternative to Timecamp. It is designed to simplify time management for users, offering automation for invoicing and reporting to enhance efficiency. With an extensive list of integrations, it seamlessly works with various applications, providing a comprehensive experience. Accessible across multiple platforms, Harvest ensures convenient time tracking and management.

While Harvest may not introduce groundbreaking features, it serves as a reliable option for straightforward time-tracking needs. However, it’s worth noting that recent updates have led to mixed reviews, with some users on the Google Play Store reporting challenges with app performance and usability.

For those exploring alternatives to TimeCamp, considering user feedback is essential in finding the right fit for their time-tracking requirements.

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Key features:

  • Time tracking
  • Invoice management
  • Analytics features


  • Detailed reports and analytics
  • Integration with management tools
  • Invoicing


  • Some users have reported occasional issues with working offline
  • Users report that recent updates to the mobile app created glitches and made the app slower
  • Users are generally not happy with the new interface and say it became overly complicated, slow, and clunky


  • Free plan
  • Paid plans start at $10.80 monthly per user

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Why is Timeular one of the best alternatives to TimeCamp?

9. Quickbooks Time

good alternative to Time Doctor, QuickBooks Time is a time-tracking and employee scheduling software designed to help businesses efficiently manage and track employee hours.

QuickBooks Time allows its users to create employee work schedules, track and manage employee time for payroll purposes, and invoice clients based on billable hours.

It also features GPS time tracking and geofencing tracking as a reminder for employees to clock in or out upon entering or leaving a job site.

Real-time reports provide live-time monitoring of employees currently on the job, while the inclusion of overtime alerts helps you avoid exceeding your budgeted hours.

Furthermore, it works as a timesheet software because it allows you to track and approve employee timesheets through the convenience of a mobile or desktop app.

QuickBooks Time offers various plans, each comprising a monthly base fee along with a monthly per-user fee. 


  • The software offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand.
  • It integrates smoothly with other QuickBooks products like QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payroll.
  • The software includes employee scheduling capabilities, allowing businesses to manage work shifts and optimize workforce allocation.


  • It has a monthly base fee along with a monthly per-user fee. Depending on the size of your team, the cost may be a consideration
  • Some users may find that the mobile app lacks certain features or experiences occasional performance issues 
  • It primarily operates online, meaning an internet connection is required to use the software

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10. Everhour

The tool is a basic time-tracking app for teams that facilitates billing and invoicing, and that’s why it’s considered a great alternative to Timecamp.

Everhour offers a budget feature that helps you monitor the progress of each project.

What stands out in Everhour is the large integration stack, but users lament the steep learning curve.


  • Billing features
  • Integration with apps
  • Invoicing
  • Detail reports


  • Clunky mobile app
  • Pricing
  • Limited support
  • Short trial period
  • Steep learning curve


  • Free plan
  • Premium plans start at 5$ per user/month

Why is Timeular one of the best alternatives to TimeCamp?

If you are looking for the best time-tracking apps to easily track time spent on individual tasks and projects, Timeular is your best choice. With its automated time tracking, AI-powered capabilities, physical Tracker, and unlimited smart time tracking features, it helps you log your day within a few seconds per day. 

It’s a perfect TimeCamp alternative for small teams, remote teams, as well as on-site teams, ensuring all essential features to:

  • Track time seamlessly
  • Simplify time management
  • Provide valuable insights
  • Increase the team’s productivity
  • Manage remote employees
  • Create project estimates

Tracking time and billable hours with Timeular is easy! Imagine the world without manual time tracking and guesstimations and try Timeular 30 days for free.