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How Ricola automatically populates timesheets for their team of 500+ people

Ricola uses Timeular to automatically populate timesheets

Ricola is one of the world’s most innovative confectionery producers. The family company exports over 60 different specialist herb products to more than 45 countries in Europe, Asia and America. All of the products are produced in Switzerland. Ricola uses the best Swiss herbs to contribute to the well-being of consumers across the world.

Challenge: capturing where time is spent to identify time-wasting activities

Like all forward-thinking organisations, the office team at Ricola were keen to capture where their time is spent in order to objectively identify perceived time-wasting activities and to have the data they need to make positive changes.

The team also needed to provide a simple management-friendly report to provide transparency over time spent on various innovation projects.

It was at this point that they learned of Timeular and embarked upon a 3-month data-collecting and learning period.

Solution: increased transparency into how time is spent

The Ricola team uses the Tracker to easily track how their time is spent and automatically populate timesheets in the Timeular app. With the insights, they can then analyze how they have spent their time and make data-informed decisions to optimize how they spend their time.

The team is able to easily and efficiently track where their time goes without losing focus on the task at hand.

Outcome: insights that help drive data-informed decisions

Using the full suite of Timeular products (Tracker, desktop and mobile apps) so as to ensure everyone can track, analyze and improve according to their platform preference, the team at Ricola have already started to see potential for where time can be optimized.

The data has helped them understand that they are spending a lot of time in meetings, and so they have reviewed the number of meetings and made changes accordingly.

Team members are also seeing the personal benefit of Timeular, with feedback that the Tracker is helping make individual task and project time more focused. The team are also finding that they switch between tasks less often and Timeular has converted even the initial skeptics.

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