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Weekly insights

At Timeular, we value time a lot and are striving to build tools that help you to do more in less time. Your weekly time report is an integral part of this. How? Let’s dive in.

What are my Weekly Insights?

We see time tracking as the first step to taking back control over how you spend your time and becoming more productive. Your weekly time report gives you insights into how you spent your time last week, what you spent it on, and when and how you could potentially do more in less time.
Your Weekly Insights will be directly delivered to your email inbox every week and contains information and insights about your previous week.

What information does it contain?

The report answers the main questions about your time spent in the following sections:

This gives you an overview over how much time you tracked, what your daily average was, how many activities you tracked, how many time entries you tracked and how all of these values compare to the previous week. This gives you the main indicators for your time tracking and spending at a glance and shows your progress over time. This is what this section might look like:

What did I spend my time on last week?

This section gives you an overview of your time distribution on different activities. You can see if you spent your time on what you think is important and how you might want to change in the future.

When did I work on what?

This part gives you insights into when during the week you worked on different tasks. This helps to see ways to become more productive or cut out certain tasks straight away. Here is what this might look like:

How can I get my Weekly Insights?

Weekly Insights are a feature exclusive to our awesome Personal Pro and Team users. You can choose to receive your reports in the Settings > Notifications area of the Timeular app.