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Budget elevates the time tracking experience for both individuals and teams, helping you allocate time towards different clients and projects and monitor it in real time. This new feature is an excellent way of ensuring projects don’t go over time or budget and help your team to increase their focus and efficiency. With budgets, you can:

  • Monitor profitability of clients and projects
  • Instantly identify projects at risk of exceeding their budget
  • Shift your team’s time and focus where it’s needed the most

How to set up budgets

  1. Go to the Budgets tab in the left navigation menu and click New
  2. Add a Title to name your budget
  3. Select if you want the budget to be set on a Space, Activity, or Tag level, and choose the relevant ones
  4. Select a start and end date and specify the amount of time that should be allocated to this project
  5. Decide if you want to share the budget with someone or keep it private

Share your budget with others

Budgets can be private, or shared with other Admins, or the whole team. Select with whom you want to share the budget and monitor projects together.

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