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Get creative with
your Tracker.

Inspiration from the Timeular community, highlighting the endless possibilities of customizing your Tracker.

Unleash your inner Van Gogh 🧑‍🎨

Your Tracker deserves a winning look. With 8 fully customizable sides to assign activities to, there’s plenty of scope to get creative.

Think of each side as a blank canvas and let your creativity flow.

Craft with polymer clay

If you want to get your hands dirty, then how about crafting each side of your Tracker using polymer clay?

That’s exactly what designer and illustrator Lena Shore did. The result is stunning! 😍

Take a rustic approach 🪓

If you prefer a more rugged look, then take inspiration from this effort from Timeular’s Michael Dukich.

He created a 3D print of his Tracker using PLA plastic, then mixed it with wood chippings and sawdust to produce a truly unique finish.

Channel superpowers 🧙‍♂️

It’s possible to give your Tracker a unique look using the stickers in the starter pack.

However it ends up looking, your Tracker is sure to intrigue your work colleagues, especially when perched on your desk alongside your favorite superhero!

Create custom stickers 🖨️

If you want to design your own stickers, download our sticker templates and get creative.

You can assign and re-assign activities to your Tracker as often as you want using the app, so there’s plenty of room for flexibility.

Keep it simple ✍️

Many users prefer to label the sides of their Tracker just using a pencil or marker – especially handy if you’re likely to change the activities you track more frequently.

Top tip: If you want to use a marker we recommend a non‑permanent dry‑erase marker, like the Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable. To erase writing on the sides of the Tracker use a Mars plastic eraser.

Create an illustration 💡

Once your time tracking efforts start helping you unlock time, there’ll be more space in your life to do other things. Why not rediscover a lost skill like drawing and create an illustration of your Tracker, like this beautiful sketch by Yvonne Arjes.

Have your Tracker featured 🔍

We love seeing how Timeular uses have customized their Trackers. Tag us on social media using the #timeular hashtag and we’ll share yours with the Timeular community.

Ready to unlock your time?