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Effortlessly accurate time tracking.

If you and your team struggle with accurate time tracking, you’re in the right place.

  • To-the-minute timesheets
  • Increase your productivity through physical reminder
  • Capture, analyze and bill more time

Effortlessly accurate time tracking with Timeular
The easiest way to accurate time tracking data - image of Timeular in action

The easiest way to track time.

With Timeular, accurate time tracking is effortless and fun. Bill clients, measure projects and increase productivity. Capture your time by flipping the Tracker, understand where it goes with our apps and use the data to help you and your team become more productive.

Identify projects you’re really spending time on.

Smarter decision making

Capture to-the-minute accurate timesheets to quantify time spent. Use them to make objective decisions.

View data by client, project

Tag entries for more context on tasks. Analyze your time by activity (eg Social Media) client or project (eg @client-name, #product-x-launch)

Timesheets you can trust

Instil confidence in your timesheet data. No more forgetting to track and estimating time spent.

Accurate time tracking made simple. Here’s how it works.

Assigning activities to the tracker

1. Assign

  • Set activities and tasks within the app.
  • Create spaces for teams, projects, yourself or anything you like.
  • Assign and customize each side of the Tracker.

2. Track

  • Flip the Tracker to start recording.
  • Start/stop tracking from any device. Everything syncs.
  • Capture, analyze and bill more time.

Keyboard shortcuts help you get accurate time entries

3. Get insights and reports

  • Export customized reports.
  • See where every minute of your working day is spent.
  • Sync data and build powerful workflows in 2,000+ apps with Zapier.

Everything you need, everywhere

Timeular is available on macOS, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS.

Connect with your favorite tools

Integrations to Zapier, Jira, Harvest and Toggl. Build anything with our API.

Simple and accurate time tracking, powerful analytics.

Wave goodbye to manual time entry and be more productive. No more over or under-estimating time.

Drag and drop time entries for even more accurate time tracking

Drag and drop entries effortlessly.

We all forget to start or stop tracking. Simply add or edit time entries, just like you would with your calendar app.

  • Assign colours to tasks and activities
  • Sync data across multiple devices

Add notes to categorize time entries

Unlimited time entry categorization.

Use in-built tags to assign entries to @clients, #billable or just about anything you like.

  • Add notes, tags and mentions
  • View and export reports by tag

Track time together.

Increase accuracy and get your team’s timesheets without fuss.

  • Track, analyze and action your team’s time data
  • Assign activities, analyze & action data
  • Identify bottlenecks and time creep
  • Quantify distractions, organize and share activities
  • Sync data to 2,000+ apps with Zapier

Accurate time tracking for teams who are enjoying using Shared Spaces

Over 50,000 customers can’t be wrong

It’s incredibly easy for me to keep track of my time down to the minute.
Ashlee B.Founder & CEO
Timeular has revolutionized my time-tracking efforts.
Davis D. MManaging Associate at Law firm
I work on projects on an hourly base, this tool has more than paid for itself.
Earl L.Senior Software Engineer
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