What’s new in Timeular 1.8?

Party Time ?? We have just released a major new version of Timeular (1.8) for Windows and macOS.

Besides many bugfixes and improvements, we introduced some new features and shortcuts that we hope will make your time tracking easier and give you more insights into where your time goes.

This article guides you through the major changes in 1.8. and highlights how the improvements might help you. Ready to dive in? Ok – let’s do it.

TL;DR: Here are some highlights

  • New: We reworked all notifications to better keep you up to date about your tracking
  • New: We made changes to the analytics and added more useful metrics like average start and end time
  • New: Timeular now reminds you to stop or switch tracking after a certain tracking duration. The optimal duration can be automatically calculated or manually entered.
  • New: We added shortcuts to the date picker (analytics) to make it easier to select common time frames such as yesterday, last week or this month.
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented some users from creating activities
  • Fixed: Date and time settings would sometimes not persist and thus reset upon restart.

1) Smart Reminders – Long Task

Timeular now reminds you to take a break or switch tasks after a certain time of tracking. So after you have tracked for an unusually long time, Timeular will give you a little heads-up by displaying the notification below. You can then either decide to stop your tracking or simply hit No and continue your work. The automatic estimation of the perfect time entry length gets better over time and makes sure you get enough breaks. 🙂

Time for a break notification

If you’d like to manually enter a time duration for this reminder, you can easily do so in the application settings as shown below. Simply enter a time and Timeular will make sure to remind you.

Reminders and Pomodoro Timer

We know that many of you really like the Pomodoro technique to manage your time and focus throughout the day (we love it too). This new reminder lets you define timer intervals, easily stop and take a break and get started again with the flip of the Timeular time tracking cube. Hope you like it.

No need for that time machine: Automatically stop tracking at the end of the day

Another great way to use this reminder is to make sure tracking is stopped at the end of the day. You can now configure Timeular to automatically stop tracking after a tracking exceeds a certain length. So if you leave your office and forget tracking, Timeular will stop the tracking for you.

Tracking was stopped notification

So no more tracked-through nights and awakenings full or remorse and regret where you just want to go back in time and stop that tracking. Wait … I’m mixing things up here. Anyways, you get the idea. We hope you like this feature and this makes your life easier.

2) Date picker shortcuts

When looking at the analytics of your time or if you want to filter your time for export, you will likely always go for time frames such as “last week”, “this week“ or “last month“. As we want to save you time that you can spend on the really important things, we added shortcuts that let you select these time frames with a single click.

Calendar filter

An overview of your time tracking this week/month or year is just a click away. Hope this saves you some time. ?

3) New metrics in analytics

Ever wondered what the short/medium/long time entries in the analytics were all about? I will say this: It made sense at some point ?. We replaced these with more useful metrics such as average start and end time of your tracking or average duration of tracked time entries.

4) Bugfixes

In this release, we were able to fix many bugs and lay the groundwork for great things coming up (can’t wait to get your hands on it).

The fixes include:

  • Some users were not able to create or change activities in the application. This is bad and we apologize – fixed. No jokes here, we messed up.
  • The time and date format settings would not persist after a restart of the application. Sorry about that. We.fixed.it *restart* fixed/we/it *restart* ah.damn.it
  • Random advice completely unrelated to this release: If you ever display notifications in your product, you better make sure they don’t crash your app. (…sorry)
  • Integrations were not showing up immediately upon configuration in the apps
  • Some users experienced that their software would not react to flipping the Tracker or putting it back into the base. As you suspect, this is kind of essential for our product to work. 🙂 We worked with those users and could fix it while improving overall connectivity and reliability for all users. Nothing can stop you now. Go get em, Tiger.
  • The calendar date picker could not scroll back/forward more than one month. While we encourage you to live in the moment, this was clearly too much. Fixed. Sorry.

We are very happy to finally bring this update to you because they’re “little steps” that show how important is to track your time. Please note: This update will be shipped to desktop users first. Mobile versions will follow.

In case you need help, have feedback/ideas or there is anything else we can do for you – Please reach out anytime. Happy to hear from you. support.timeular.com

Christoph and the Timeular team.

P.S.: (Now more than ever) Value your time ?