RescueTime Alternatives: The 10 Best Time Tracking Apps On The Market

If you’re a RescueTime user, you have probably found yourself deep in some of their specific issues, like compatibility and flexibility. The very limited integration choice and the lack of the activities’ customization give a hard time to users.

RescueTime is primarily focused on personal productivity and not project tracking, and you might need a time tracking solution that you can use to track project’s and team’s progresses. Also, RescueTime relies only on automated time tracking, while you might also need other time tracking methods.

With that in mind, you’ll thoroughly list the best RescueTime alternatives. For each one, there will be advantages and cons of usage so that you see which is the greatest alternative to improve your time management.

Tired of RescueTime?

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The 10 Top alternatives to RescueTime

1. Timeular

Timeular is the most effortless and accurate time tracking solution designed for teams aiming to track billable hours, maximize productivity, and generate precise client reports.

The main element that stands out is that you can choose how you want to track time (through calendar view automatically, with a physical device and keyboard shortcuts), while in RescueTime, you have just one method to track time.

Timeular has its fair share of positive reviews since Capterra ranked this software with a 4.6 overall, with an 80% chance of recommendation, being declared a great tool to keep track of time.

Apple has also ranked Timeular with the same 4.6 points, with special attention to the balance between ease of use and its powerful features and reports.

I love how robust Timeular is. It’s increased our ability to see what’s going on in the business and helped us understand what changes are needed to maintain profitability.

Kaitlin Snow Seamons, Executive Creative Director at Harmon Brothers

Track your time with a physical Tracker

Capture 100% of your billable time with a simple flip using the Tracker. A powerful eight-sided die that serves as a physical reminder to track your time

Top Timeular’s features

  1. Intuitive calendar view: Team members can easily add activities by dragging and dropping them on the calendar.
  2. Handy keyboard shortcuts: Quick switching between different activities is possible with the use of convenient keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Physical time Tracking cube: By leveraging muscle memory, Timeular helps users build a habit of time tracking through a physical device.
  4. Automatic tracking: track websites, apps, and tools in the background. The data are only accessible to you and no one else!
  5. Leave tracking: easily manage all types of employee time off in one place: paid time off, sick days, time off in lieu, and many more.
  6. Automated reports: this feature automatically fills timesheets for contributors, saving them time and effort.
  7. Add notes and tags to time entries, and add more granularity to the time entries.
  8. Custom reminders to track time or take a break

Time tracking with a physical device

Timeular is widely known for its physical Tracker that connects to the app via Bluetooth. The Tracker works offline and can track up to 1000 activities with just 8 sides. Simply leave one or more sides of your Tracker empty. Every empty side will act like a joker side. It will open Quicktrack and let you choose what you want to track.

Please note: You don’t need the Tracker to use Timeular software.

I am not one that finds joy in tracking my time. Thankfully, I can now simply flip the Timeular Tracker.

Melissa, Senior Analyst in Health

Uplift your time tracking with Timeular

The most accurate and effortless time tracking solution for your productivity!

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Why Timeular is the best RescueTime alternative:

  • Track time in multiple ways- track time automatically like RescueTime, or manually, with keyboards shortcuts, or with the Timeular Tracker.
  • Timeular allows leave tracking while RescueTime doesn’t.
  • Super easy and intuitive interface: see what you’ve tracked at a glance.
  • Mobile and desktop compatible: use Timeular on your desktop and mobile to make your time tracking easier.
  • Accurate reporting: thorough reporting that shares real-time data with insights that you need in order to make your decisions.
  • Integration with tools: Integrate Timeular with your calendar and tools such as Trello, Asana, JIRA, and other 3,000 apps via Zapier.
  • Budgets: Establish a time budget for each project that you’re involved in.
  • Export and customize your data – you can export reports in CSV, XLSX, or PDF, and customize your report with multiple filters.
  • Add notes and tags to get more granularity on your task and categorize activities even better.
  • Track billable and non-billable hours with extra flexibility: the same activity can be tracked as billable or not simply by switching a toggle on.
Key advantagesCons of usage
Effortless time tracking for individuals and teams30-day free trial but no free plans
Integration with 3,000 apps
Track billable vs non-billable hours
Physical Tracker to reinforce time tracking habit
Automatic tracking
Add notes and tags to time entries
Accurate insights

2. Toggl

This is a popular and one of the greatest time tracking software that aims to take care of your team’s time and productivity through an intuitive dashboard.

Toggl is a valid RescueTime alternative because you can use it both for individual and team purposes. Toggl offers basic features such as time tracking, project tracking, and reporting. Also, Toggl offers more integrations than RescueTime.

Key advantages Cons of usage
Billing and invoicingComplex to understand
Integration with appsLimited features in the free plan
Easy to setupIntegration issues
Limited reporting features
No automatic tracking

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3. Clockify

clockify time tracking apps for accountants

Although Clockify is most effective when utilized in team settings, it has encountered criticism due to its alleged disregard for employee privacy rights. The way the software manages user data has sparked concerns among both users and privacy advocates, creating a contentious and controversial topic surrounding the platform.

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The more advanced paid plans in Clockify allow you also to register paid time off and vacation requests, including GPS tracking, expense tracking, progress alerts, and invoicing.

Key advantages Cons of usage
Free versionIntrude employees’ privacy
Integration with appsManual time tracking
Time off trackingNo personalized notification
GPSLimited integrations
Clunky mobile app

4. Timely

A reliable alternative to HoursTracker, Timely offers automatic time tracking, and that’s why it’s considered a valid alternative to RescueTIme

Timely’s most unique feature is the Memory Tracker, which allows users to switch between tasks, apps, and meetings while it quietly operates in the background, eliminating the need for manual entry.

The Memory Tracker automatically records employees’ activities across different apps and devices and then creates comprehensive timelines, and provides detailed insights into time allocation.

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Key advantages Cons of usage
Memory trackerLimited features
Hard to use
Only online
Limited support

5. QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time is a reliable RescueTime alternative for those looking for a basic time tracking, invoice and employee scheduling tool. Those features allow the creation of employee work schedules, tracking and managing employee time for payroll purposes, and invoices clients based on billable hours. It also features GPS time tracking to manage mobile teams.

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Real-time reports provide live-time monitoring of employees currently on the job while including overtime alerts to help you avoid exceeding your budgeted hours.

Despite some limitations, the mobile app enables users to track time while on the go.

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Key advantages Cons of usage
Integration with appsGPS tracking may lead to privacy concerns
GPS trackingThe mobile app is limited
Easy invoicingLimited features
Only online
Subscription cost

6. ManicTime

Like RescueTime, ManicTime automatically records your activities and gives you a full report on the time spent on each task or project. ManicTime is suitable for both teams and individuals and is a valid alternative to RescureTime if you’re looking for a very basic time tracking app with reporting capabilities.

Key advantages Cons of usage
Informative reportsSteep learning curve
Free trialLack of mobile app
Automated time trackingLimites search function
Not intuitive interface
Buggy app

7. Everhour

time tracker everhour

The tool is a basic time tracking app for teams that facilitates billing and invoicing, and that’s why you might prefer it to RescueTime. Everhour offers a budget feature that helps you monitor the progress of each project.

What stands out in Everhour is the large integration stack, but users lament the steep learning curve.

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Key advantages Cons of usage
Billing featuresClunky mobile app
Integration with appsLimited support
Detail reportsShort trial period
Steep learning curve

8. DeskTime

A reliable alternative to TimeDoctor, DeskTime is a real-time automatic time tracking software, a reasonable alternative to RescueTime because of its key feature of automatic time tracking. In DeskTime, user access productivity reports and project tracking. Also, the tool offers attendance management. You can use DeskTiem both as an individual or with your team.

Some users lament the steep learning curve and some compatibility issues with OS.

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Key advantages Cons of usage
Automatic time trackingPrivacy concerns
ReportsSteep learning curve
Integration issues

9. Harvest

Harvest is a valid RescueTime option if you need to track billable hours, manage projects and create professional invoices.

Nevertheless, Harvest does not offer automatic time tracking.

Harvest’s key features are easy time entry and tracking, project and task management, and flexible invoicing options.

The tool stands out for its large integration stack.

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Key advantages Cons of usage
Billing featuresManual time tracking
Integration with appsReporting is not that robust
Easy set upMore expensive than other tools

10. ClickTime

ClickTime offers a basic and straightforward time-tracking experience.

Its reporting and project budgeting features allow for better insights into project performance. However, some users might miss having advanced invoicing capabilities within the platform.

Project management featuresInvoicing capabilities
Custom integrationsUser interface
Steep learning curve


In conclusion, RescueTime is a popular time tracking tool, but it has some specific issues related to compatibility, flexibility, and limited integration choices. Users seeking alternatives can explore a range of options with various features and advantages, and we’ve provided a digestible summary of 10 of the best alternatives to RescueTime.

Among those tools, Timeular stands out as the best alternative to RescueTime because of its user-friendly and accurate interface, the multiple time tracking methods (including automatic time tracking), and the physical device. Moreover, RescueTime is solely focused on individual productivity, while Timeular goes beyond that, offering features for teams.

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