Timeular: The Best Toggl Alternative

Author: Madalina Roman

If you heard about Toggl or have already used it, but it doesn’t match your needs, you landed on the right page.

In this article, you will quickly understand why Timeular, an AI-powered time-tracking tool, is the best Toggl alternative despite Toggl’s popularity.

Tired of Toggl? Start tracking with an AI-powered time tracker instead

“We have become 20% more profitable because everyone is in the habit of time tracking.” – Richard Wingfield, Head Geek at Envision Design


  1. Timeular is overall more affordable while offering more advanced features;
  2. While Toggl requires users to upgrade to Toggl Plan to track leave time, Timeular includes all types of leave tracking at no extra cost;
  3. Timeular adds AI-generated time entry suggestions, allowing users to focus on their work rather than tracking, while Toggl doesn’t;
  4. Toggl allows users to track time only manually and automatically, while Timeular offers these two options, enhanced by AI and a physical tracking gadget.
Timeular tracking app

Is Timeular the best tool for you?

Timeular is an all-in-one time tracking solution that works both as an automatic time tracker and leave tracker without any additional costs for any of these key features. It’s loved by over 10,000 companies worldwide, including Google, Audi, Toyota, McKinsey, and Bang & Olufsen.

While there are multiple Toggl alternatives, here’s what makes Timeular a great alternative:

  • Includes an optional physical time-tracking gadget – unique among tracking tools, helps with the team’s buy-in into tracking, and makes the necessary evil (time tracking) enjoyable;
  • Covers leave tracking – whereas Toggl track doesn’t, if you need this feature, you need to upgrade to Toggl Plan, which is behind a price wall;
  • Includes AI context tracking – sends you tracking suggestions based on your calendar events; all you have to do is click once to accept a suggestion, so ditch manual time entries;
  • Offers an AI-powered productivity insights report – find out when and what tools, apps, or tasks make you unproductive or the opposite – so you can replicate your strengths or remove what makes you waste time.
  • Anti-surveillance policy allows managers to check the tracked data of an employee only at midnight, not in real-time, to offer 100% privacy.
  • Stores your data securely – only locally on your computer, while it’s 100% GDPR compliant;
  • Tracks up to 1000 activities with the physical gadget and works offline;
  • You can track time the way you want – whether you want to track with a calendar view, keyboard shortcuts, or the time tracking cube – it makes it easy to build a time-tracking habit;
  • Flexible setup with folders, activities, and tags lets you track time across your clients and projects the way you need it;
  • Easy-to-digest automated reports don’t require manual work;
  • Integrates with over 3000 other tools, from project management software to payroll and others;
  • Easy-to-use user interface ensures seamless navigation – Timeular allows tracking time without losing focus or opening the app.

“Since we started using Timeular and tracking our time, we’ve never made another mistake in planning, creating accurate proposals, or budgeting for clients. It’s so easy to use. Everyone uses it, and it shows.” – AC Coppens, Founder of THE CATALYSTS

Whether you need to collaborate with a team or just track your own time, Timeular is definitely the best choice for you.

Timeular is the automatic time tracker to go for if you want to invest in an easy way to track time, which is secure and versatile, too. It is a reliable choice if you’re looking for constantly updated software available through a monthly subscription.

Most of all, it’s the tool that offers the perks of AI features that come up with simple, done-for-you methods of tracking and the perks of a physical gadget, too.

If you prioritize features like billable time, automation, security, and responsive customer support, then Timeular is the right fit for you.

Features No physical device
Billable tracking
Editable time entries
Individual and multi-user collaboration and tracking
Pomodoro timer
Add notes in time entries
AI-powered time entries
Leave and overtime tracking
Automatic tracking
Billable tracking
Editable time entries
Tracks also without the device
Infinite private and shared folders
Custom Reminders, also for Pomodoro
Add notes, tags, and mentions in time entries
Drag and drop time entries
Copy-paste time entries
QuickTrack: Keyboard shortcuts
Custom Reminders
Unlimited projects
Import time entries from a calendar
Work collaboratively in teams
Permission management
Dark mode 
Platform compatibility iOS, Android, Web app    iOS, Android, Web app, Mac, Windows, Linux

Is Toggl the right tool for you?

Toggl is a popular time-tracking tool that tracks your time on different projects, tasks, and clients.

It offers an extensive range of features, including time tracking, project management, and reporting. It offers basic time tracking and project management features that allow you to track your time and manage projects.

Its key features leave users unsatisfied and on the hunt for better Toggl alternatives.

However, Toggl is a great option for anyone looking for a basic time-tracking tool. It’s simple to use, features an intuitive interface, and is available on multiple platforms.

Nonetheless, currently, it doesn’t have AI-powered automation that would speed up the time-tracking process.

time tracking tips

It’s time! Learn how set up your Timeular and Toggl integration with just a few clicks

Toggl offers a range of features that will help you track your time and manage your projects effectively, such as creating projects, tagging, and starting and stopping the timer with just a few clicks. You can also track billable hours and generate reports on your time usage. 

However, while Toggl is a great tool for basic time tracking, it may not be the best option for those looking for more accurate time tracking and reporting. Due to the way you track time within the app, it’s easy to forget to switch between activities, which leads to inaccurate reports. This can lead to poor project management application, too, as the starting premises of a project are poorly forecasted.

Its main time tracking features, reporting, and analytics are rather limited, preventing project managers from gaining access to insightful, comprehensive reports. Additionally, Toggl does not offer integration with physical time-tracking devices. So, if you’re looking for a more accurate time-tracking solution, you should identify Toggl alternatives.

In summary, Toggl is a good option for those looking for a simple and basic time-tracking tool, but it may not meet the need for more advanced use cases. If your needs are more complex, Timeular is one of the best Toggl alternatives.

Toggl vs. Timeular scores on customer reviewing platforms

These are Toggl’s and Timeular’s ratings on very popular software comparison sites. As you can see, Timeular has a higher rating than Toggl.

Product Hunt4.85
Apple Store3.24.6

Methods of tracking Timeular vs. Toggl


Timeular makes time tracking effortless with its intuitive interface and multiple tracking methods, available on its mobile or desktop app.

In Timeular, you can track time in many ways, based on what one suits you best:

  • You can flip the physical time tracker gadget to start tracking up to 1,000 activities. Allowing users to track up to 1,000 activities with a simple flip of the cube. Unlike other devices, Timeular’s app works independently from the tracker, making time tracking easy to remember and engaging.
time tracker
Track your time with a physical Tracker

Capture 100% of your time with a simple flip using the Tracker. A powerful eight-sided die that serves as a physical reminder to track your time

  • Automated time tracking – just do your tasks. Timeular records time spent working in the background and automatically adds AI suggestions to your calendar. Suggestions are created based on tool and app usage or past calendar events.
Timeular - best AI tools

  • QuickTrack – use keyboard shortcuts to start an activity with just one click, contrary to just a few clicks in Toggl.


Toggl Track offers the following tracking methods:

  • Timeline auto-tracking – allow Toggl to record your work automatically, either in the app or in the browser, and then choose what turns into time entries;
  • Favorite time entries – choose an activity from your most frequently used time entries to start tracking easily. Your favorite activities are available only in the Toggl Timer on the web app.
  • One-click timers – you can start tracking for a client project or in other applications and edit details later.

Reporting: Insights, Statistics, and Export

ReportingTime entries statistics
Export: .csv, .xlsx, PDF
Custom filters
Calendar picker    
AI-generated personal productivity insights
Time entries statistics
Export: .csv, .xlsx, PDF
Custom filters
Productivity trends comparison
Calendar picker
Rounding values

Timeular reporting

Take reporting to the next level with Timeular’s advanced time reporting system

  • The insights area gives an overview of tracked hours broken down by activity, category, team member, folder, and customizable time frames. You can also save your customized filters for easy access the next time you need them.
  • Additionally, the reporting feature offers detailed information on billable hours, including the total value of billable hours and a breakdown per activity.

  • You can also see the percentage of billable hours for each activity, providing you with valuable insights to improve your productivity and profitability.
  • Round time entries: make sure your data is precise with data entry granularity – Data entries in Timeular can be rounded in three levels of granularity: down to, to nearest, or up to.
Timeular time tracking insights

Timeular’s smart productivity report

Have you implemented a new tool in a project, but you are not sure about its impact on project cost calculation or progress? Did it impact your productivity positively or negatively?

You can identify what is stifling your project progress with Timeular’s productivity dashboard.

Understand work habits and identify productivity patterns and time sinks that lead to inefficiency.

Note: The data in this dashboard is accessible only to you.

Timeular - best AI tools

Toggl reporting

Toggl offers a variety of reporting features to help users analyze and understand their time-tracking data. Some of the key reporting features include detailed reports, time audits, and custom reports.

  • With project reports, users can see how much time was spent on each project, compare actual time spent to the estimated time, and also see how much billable time was tracked.
  • With Toggl’s team reports, users can view team members’ time entries, check how much time is spent on each project by each team member, and also generate reports to compare team members’ productivity. All these features allow users to better understand their time-tracking data. At the same time make informed decisions about managing their time and resources more effectively.

Billable time tracking

Billable tracking in Timeular

Stay on top of budgets and keep track of costs with Timeular’s automatic billable time tracking.

Here is how it works:

  • Easily add and edit time entries and use copy, paste, drag, and drop commands or
  • Use keyboard shortcuts
  • Your tracking with notes, tags, and mentions

Rest assured that all your data remains securely within Timeular. You can also choose to export it to your calendar (as detailed in the integrations & API section below).

Timeular’s billable time-tracking feature allows you to assign different hourly rates for different activities. Simply switch between billable and non-billable activities with a toggle, taking full control of your time.

Maximize your billing efficiency by being able to track the same activity multiple times — sometimes as billable and others as non-billable — and setting an hourly rate to fit your needs, available in multiple currency options.

Billable tracking in Toggl

Toggl’s billable tracking feature allows users to track billable hours and bill clients for their work. This feature allows users to mark specific time entries as billable and non-billable and also provides a way to associate a rate with each billable entry.

This way, when generating invoices, Toggl can automatically calculate the total amount due based on the hours worked and the rate associated with each entry.

Users can also set up different rates for different clients or projects. Additionally, Toggl provides a report that breaks down billable hours by client, project, or task, allowing users to easily see how much time was spent on billable work and how much revenue was generated. 

Timeular’s shared folders

Whether you’re working individually or with a team, in Timeular, you can create countless Private and Shared folders to manage unlimited projects. Timeular’s shared folders feature enhances team accountability, making it a great collaboration tool. By using shared folders, you can effortlessly keep track of the time of multiple team members and choose whether to view your own tracked activities. These folders give team leaders an overall view of their team’s tracked time.

In Timeular, you also have flexible permission management options to ensure everyone can access the necessary information.

Custom reminders and goals in Timeular

reminders feature timeular

Let’s keep it real. It’s easy to forget to track time. With Timeular’s custom reminders, that will not happen again! Set up the reminders according to your schedule, and never forget to track time again with personalized reminders.

You can even use this feature to put productivity hacks into practice, such as the Pomodoro technique. All you have to do is set reminders to stop tracking every 25 minutes, allowing you to have your 5-minute break before restarting.

Easily set and monitor time-related goals for yourself or your team within Timeular. For instance, if you want to achieve a daily goal of 2 hours of deep work, you can track that goal in the main calendar view and set multiple goals.

This function helps you to stay on top of your time usage, achieve project progress faster, and schedule tasks so that you make the most of your time.

Tracking: work time, overtime, and other types of leaves


In Timeular, beyond work hours, you can effortlessly track overtime and all types of leaves, providing comprehensive control over your work schedule.

Having all types of leaves included as time-tracking features at no added cost allows better task management. On top of that, for an optimized project management application.

All PTO requests in Timeular can be done in one click.

Toggl Track

Unlike Timeular, Toggl Track does not include a time off feature but requires an upgrade to the Toggl Plan, which comes us with either $8 per user/month for a smaller team or $13.35 per user/month for a larger business.

Toggl Plan indeed includes features to manage projects in more detail and task management. However, if you’re looking for time management software that includes all types of leaves with no cost added, Timeular is the best Toggl alternative.

Integrations & API

IntegrationsGoogle Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Apple Calendar
Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Apple Calendar
GitLab time tracking integration

Timeular integrations

Timeular’s comprehensive integrations allow you to experience the ultimate flexibility in time tracking.

Enjoy two-way integration between Timeular and your calendar, allowing you to effortlessly export time entries from Timeular to Google, Apple, or Outlook Calendars or import calendar events into Timeular and view them in Timeular’s main calendar view in read-only mode.

Timeular also seamlessly integrates with popular productivity tools such as Harvest, Toggl, Jira, and Zapier. The Zapier integration enables the connection to over 3000 different applications for free. Additionally, Timeular offers an API for users to create a custom time-tracking solution that fits their specific needs.

Combine your favourite tools with Timeular to track time automatically

Sync data with 3000+ tools so you can streamline payroll, 
billing, reporting, and other workflows

Toggl integrations

Toggl offers a wide range of integrations to make time tracking more seamless and efficient. It can integrate with various project management and task management tools such as Trello, Jira, Asana, GitLab, Basecamp, and Todoist. But also with team communication apps like Slack and Google Calendar. 

The 100+ integrations allow users to start and stop timers, see time tracked on a project and also to access data from different tools.

When comparing both, Toggl seems to have more integrations (on their website, they say they have more than 100 integrations). However, Timeular’s integrations are focused more on time tracking, such as integration with invoicing and reporting tools.

Data privacy and surveillance

Timeular stores data only locally

In Timeular, your data is stored solely on your computer rather than on the cloud. Only you, as a user, have access to your data on the computer where you’re tracking. If you’d use another computer, you wouldn’t be able to find that data, that’s how much Timeular cares about your privacy.

Your data is stored with 100% GDPR compliance in mind and doesn’t allow surveillance. Employees shouldn’t feel spied on when they track time, so in Timeular; managers can see their employee’s timesheets at midnight on a specific day.

Toggl stores data locally and in the cloud

Toggl Track stores some of your data on your device, while some will be sent to their servers – namely, to the public cloud. While Toggl mentions they are using multiple storage technologies to store a user’s data, the data is still stored in the public cloud, exposing it to threats.

Once more, when comparing both tools in terms of privacy, Timeular is one of the better Toggl alternatives, as it offers 100% data privacy.

Support and Onboarding

Support and OnboardingE-mail
Chat in App
Help Center
Live Demo
Community forum    
Chat in App
Help Center
Live Demo with Timeular’s co-founder
Onboarding call with a software wizard 

Timeular onboarding and support

Timeular’s onboarding starts with a user-friendly software wizard that guides users through a step-by-step process of setting up the tool for quick team adoption.

Furthermore, teams looking to utilize the tool fully can schedule a free demo with one of Timeular’s founders.

Timeular’s support is highly responsive, providing a wealth of touchpoints across all time zones for users to seek troubleshooting assistance. In addition to traditional channels such as email and in-app chat, Timeular offers a comprehensive and regularly updated Help Center page.

Toggl support

Toggl provides various support options to help users with their needs. The tool has a help center with articles, tutorials on how to use the software, and a searchable FAQ section. Toggl also has a support team that can be reached via email or live chat during business hours for more specific questions or issues.

In terms of onboarding, Toggl provides a step-by-step guide to help users set up and start using the software.

Pricing model

Pricing plans30-day free plan (trial) of the Premium plan
Free plan
Monthly or yearly subscription
Starter: $9/user/month
Premium: $18/user/month
 price/user/month unavailable ((unlimited users)
30 days free plan (trial)
Tracker $61,15 (€57.50)+2 months free
Monthly or yearly subscription
Personal: €6.30/user/month
Personal Pro: €9.60/ user/month
€14.60/user/month (unlimited users)

Both Toggl and Timeular offer a free 30-day trial.

Timeular offers a variety of pricing plans to make it accessible to all. The users who purchase a new Tracker receive an additional two-month subscription. Additionally, each Tracker comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The Tracker costs €57.50 (approximately $61.15), and multiple subscription plans are available to suit different needs and budgets. 

In fact, if you compare the prices of both software options, Timeular has more affordable options and more advanced features.

Start tracking you time automatically with zero effort

Try Timeular, which provides frictionless, automated, and secure time-tracking

Toggl vs Timeular: What is the best?

Toggl pros and cons


  • Free version available
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • 100+ integrations
  • Can be used offline


  • Limited functionality in the free version
  • Limited team management features
  • Limited budget tracking
  • Not all integrations are available in the free version.
  • Difficult setup and customization

Timeular pros and cons


  • 30-day free trial
  • Automatic tracking
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Tracking time with Calendar, Keyboard shortcuts, or a Physical device
  • The physical device that helps build a habit
  • Helpful and responsive customer support
  • Powerful, detailed analytics and statistics
  • Flexible, customizable reporting options
  • The software can be utilized independently of the device
  • Collaborative teamwork features, such as shared folders
  • Extensive integration capabilities
  • Dark mode option available
  • Goal tracking functionality
  • Offline tracking


  • 30-day free trial but no free plans
  • Mandatory software subscription

Why is Timeular a great Toggl alternative?

  • Includes AI capabilities, making time tracking a done-for-you automatic process, which reduces time wasted on manual tracking;
  • Includes all types of leave tracking, from PTO to sick to parental leave, as well as overtime tracking, without an additional cost, while Toggl Track requires upgrading to Toggl Plan ( conversely, a higher cost);
  • Has an optional physical tracking gadget, which helps in faster team adoption and makes tracking time more enjoyable;
  • Comes with multiple tracking methods, which we’ll explore further;
  • Smaller price, while it has more advanced functionalities powered by AI;
  • And others mentioned below.

In essence, both tools offer a range of features that make them great options for tracking your time, but they differ in how they operate.

If you would prefer these key features, you’d easily make your decision.