10 Best Time Tracking Apps for Lawyers: Increase Accuracy in Billing Hours

Effective time management is crucial for any law firm seeking to ensure accurate client billing hours. Legal time tracking software provides an efficient solution to streamline these processes. 

Besides accuracy and user-friendliness, a time tracking tool should also be also versatile. For example, the possibility of using it on a smartphone is an excellent plus for lawyers because they might not have access to their laptops during the working day.

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This article will explore the 10 best legal time tracking software available in the market.

The 10 best time tracking software for a law firm

1. Timeular: the best attorney time tracking software

Timeular stands out as the most effortless and intuitive time tracking app for lawyers. Top 5 features tailored to a law firm needs include:

  • Billable time tracking allows legal professionals to capture every billable task without overservicing clients
  • Intuitive and automated reports which give an immediate picture of billed hours, time spent on clients or accounting
  • Automatic time tracking: Capture the applications, documents, and websites you’ve engaged with alongside your calendar events and effortlessly integrate them into your time tracking summary with just a single click! Rest assured; your privacy is fully safeguarded: all data remains exclusively stored on your device, making it inaccessible
  • Physical Tracker helps to build a time tracking habit, which ensures that all activities are tracked properly
  • A mobile companion app that allows lawyers to track time anywhere they go
  • Robust time budget feature helps to keep track of the time left for each client
  • Leave Tracking allows you to effortlessly track overtime and all types of leaves

Why Timeular is the best time tracking app for lawyers

  • Accuracy: the tracked data is more accurate than other solutions, minimizing discrepancies and ensuring correct client billing.
  • Detailed insights and reporting: Timeular is a time reporting system that generates amazingly detailed and automated reports that provide essential insights into your time allocation, productivity trends, and project performance. It also allows exporting reports in various formats if you want to share them with your clients;
  • Billable vs. non-billable hours. With Timeular, attorneys can mark an activity as billable or non-billable. This way, invoices will be much more accurate and reinforce client trust.
  • Tag and mentions: to add more details to the time entries, users can create tags, mentions, or add notes. With this, you can ensure every detail is considered when billing a client;
  • Mobile and desktop apps: Timeular offers incredible mobile and desktop applications that sync seamlessly with the Timeular Tracker. You can also track time manually through the apps;
  • Physical time tracking device: Timeular provides a physical tracking device called the “Timeular Tracker,” with customizable labels. You can use them for different clients, for example. Just flip it to track the time spent on each client. The software can be used without the device. Nevertheless, flipping the dice will help you build muscle memory and facilitate time tracking.

I’ve been using Timeular pretty regularly since 2020 to help me overcome my career-long struggle to remember to record my time. It’s the best tool I’ve found, and I’m grateful to have found it.

Rebecca R., Associate Attorney

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2. Clio

Clio is a widely recognized practice management software that offers time-tracking features tailored specifically for law firms. 

With Clio, you can track billable hours, generate accurate invoices, and monitor your firm’s performance.

Clio’s reporting capabilities give you valuable insights into your firm’s time allocation, productivity trends, and profitability.

Even though it is a comprehensive solution for time tracking, Clio shows some drawbacks, like limited report customizations and syncing issues with third-party integrations.

3. TimeSolv

TimeSolv is a user-friendly time and billing software for attorneys offering various features. With TimeSolv, you can track time, record expenses, and generate professional invoices.

Its reporting tools provide insights into your firm’s financial performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions. However, the generated reports must be downloaded to be analyzed, lacking the online reporting functionality that other tracking tools offer.

4. MyCase

MyCase is an all-in-one legal practice management software integrating time tracking capabilities with case management functionalities. 

With MyCase, you can conveniently track billable hours, log expenses, and manage tasks from a single platform. It can also be integrated with multiple accounting software, simplifying the billing process.

For legal workers looking into finding a complete time tracking software for lawyers, MyCase is a good option, even though it has been reported to have some usability issues and complex workflows.

This can make time tracking harder than it needs to be, which can lead to inaccurate billable hours tracking.

5. Bill4Time

Bill4Time is a cloud-based solution, and it’s one of the top attorney time-tracking software. Its comprehensive features include time tracking, invoicing, and client management. 

The software’s customizable reporting options offer valuable insights into time allocation, helping you identify areas of improvement and increase productivity. 

Bill4Time’s integration with popular accounting systems streamlines the billing process, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring accurate and timely invoices. 

With its focus on meeting the needs of legal professionals, Bill4Time is a reliable solution for efficient time tracking and billing management.

6. Zola Suite 

Zola Suite is one of the best time and billing software for attorneys that offers a comprehensive suite of legal practice management tools, including time tracking, billing, and document management features.

Zola Suite’s time tracking functionality allows you to accurately record billable hours, track tasks, and monitor productivity. 

The software can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and QuickBooks. Zola Suite’s document management capabilities ensure easy access to case-related files and collaboration among team members. 

With its focus on providing a holistic solution for law firms, Zola Suite enhances efficiency, simplifies workflows, and promotes effective client management.

These features make Zola Suite an interesting legal time-tracking software.

However, because it is not focused on time tracking, the software might not be the best solution for law firms looking for the most accurate solutions in the time tracking area.

7. Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a top-notch employee time-tracking app, and it’s used across various industries, including the legal sector.

Toggl Track allows users to track time spent on tasks, projects, and client matters. 

The software offers reporting features, enabling you to analyze time allocation, identify productivity patterns, and optimize resource utilization. 

With Toggl Track’s time-tracking capabilities, legal professionals can improve time management, bill clients, and gain insights into their productivity levels.

8. Rescue Time

This time tracking software tracks working hours automatically, without inserting them manually.

RescueTime offers reports and analytics, allowing users to gain insights into their productivity patterns and identify areas for improvement. 

Another valuable feature is the software’s ability to block distracting websites and send alerts for excessive time spent on unproductive activities. However, some users sometimes found the software’s categorization of activities inaccurate, leading to manual adjustments.

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9. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a versatile and remote time-tracking software that works for law firms. 
The software’s automatic time-tracking feature records billable hours in the background, eliminating the need for manual entries.

This timesheet software offers reporting capabilities into team performance, project profitability, and resource utilization. 

Its integration with accounting software also simplifies invoicing, enabling billing.

Since it’s such a complete tool, its learning curve can be steeper, taking teams a long time to learn how to use it.

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10. Chrometa 

Chrometa is at the top of legal time tracking software because it’s designed to simplify time tracking.

With its automatic time capture feature, Chrometa automatically tracks time spent on various tasks and applications, eliminating the need for manual tracking. 

The software can also be integrated with popular legal practice management tools, making it convenient to track billable hours and manage tasks within existing workflows. 

Chrometa’s time reports provide insights into time allocation, helping law firms improve efficiency and accurately bill clients.

How to choose the best legal time tracking software?

When choosing a legal time tracking software, there are a few key points to consider. Let’s check them.

  • Compatibility with devices: Look for a time tracking software compatible with the appliances you and your team regularly use, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. This allows you to track billable hours without working at a computer.
  • Team collaboration: Consider whether the software supports team collaboration features, like shared calendars, task assignments, and real-time updates. This allows you and your team to track time collaboratively, assign tasks, and stay informed about each other’s progress. As a result, productivity and time tracking, and billing accuracy are improved.
  • Billable vs. non-billable hours: Look for software differentiating between billable and non-billable hours. This feature helps accurately track time spent on client-related work that can be invoiced, ensuring accurate billing. (DOWNLOAD: Free attorney timesheet template)
  • Sharable reports: A time tracking software for attorneys should allow you to generate and share detailed time tracking reports. The reports should be easy to share and customizable, allowing you to include relevant information such as client details, project breakdowns, billable hours, and non-billable hours. 
  • The number of users: Choosing software that suits your team size is essential. Also, ensure the software allows you to easily manage permission and roles, to add new users in case of new hires, for example.

Remember to research and compare different time tracking software options based on these criteria to choose the one that best suits your needs as a lawyer or legal professional. Additionally, reading user reviews can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and reliability of different software options.


Effective team time tracking is crucial for law firms, allowing for accurate billing, efficient resource allocation, and better decision-making.

Choose the best legal time tracking software that meets your firm’s requirements.

Consider factors like ease of use, integration capabilities, reporting features, and pricing.


What is time tracking software?

A time tracking software is designed to help individuals and businesses track and manage the time spent on various tasks, projects, or activities. It allows users to record and monitor the amount of time they allocate to different activities, projects, or clients throughout the day.

How does time tracking software work?

Time tracking software captures and records the time spent on various tasks, projects, or activities. Sometimes, it allows you to differentiate billable from non-billable hours to ensure correct billing and increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

Is time tracking effective?

​​Yes, time tracking can be very effective. When appropriately used, time tracking can help teams allocate resources where they are most needed and increase productivity, efficiency, revenue, and profit. It can also help to maintain a transparent billing process, which can help the relationships with clients last longer.

Why is time tracking important?

Time tracking can help teams to be more productive and efficient, increase accuracy in billable hours, increase profits and revenue, and reduce operating costs for companies.

What is the most accurate tracking app?

Timeular is the most accurate time tracking software for lawyers. With its user-friendly interface and ease of use, Timeular helps attorneys bill all the little things.

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