Top 5 Time Tracking Timeflip2 Alternatives

Author: Madalina Roman

Timeflip2 is mainly a physical timer. It connects with Android or iPhone apps, as well as a web app, to sync project and time info.

But here’s the catch: there’s no desktop app, and you need the actual Timeflip2 device to use the mobile or web time tracking app. The physical device is not easy to assemble and is buggy.

This is why it is worth looking for a powerful Timeflip alternative. Below, you will find the top 5 alternatives to help you with effective time tracking and time management.

Timeular shared spaces
Tired of Timeflip2? Try Timeular!

It’s more than just a physical tracker, though it includes one. And it comes with smart software powered by secure AI capabilities, too

Here are the 5 alternatives to Timeflip2

Before seeing the alternatives, Timeflips’s users lamented about other issues, too, namely long shipment times and absent customer support.

Considering these matters, finding another time-tracking solution becomes vital. So, here are the 5 popular alternatives to Timeflip2:

  • Timeular
  • Timely
  • Harvest
  • Toggl
  • RescueTime


Timeular is an effortless, secure, and smart time-tracking app powered by AI capabilities.

Like Timeflip2, Timeular has a physical time tracking device that you can flip to track time. However, the Timeular Tracker is much more robust and reliable than the Timeflip2 one.

Contrary to Timeflip2, at its core, Timeular is a robust software with automatic time-tracking and leave management functionalities and a data privacy-first approach. Moreover, the software can be used independently from the tracker cube.

Among Timeular’s customers are over 10,000 businesses, including Google, Audi, Toyota, McKinsey, and Bang & Olufsen, which makes it a trustworthy Timeflip alternative.

Top features of Timeular that Timeflip2 is missing:

  • Track time collaboratively with your team: Thanks to shared folders, teams can track time for one or more projects. 
  • 100% data privacy and GDPR compliance: In Timeular, tracked data is stored only on the local computer, not in the cloud.

  • Billable hours tracking: By switching a toggle in Timeular, it is easy to track when a task is billable or not, also using different currencies and rates.
  • Automatic time tracking: Without lifting a finger, Timeular tracks your work in the background while you perform it and automatically adds suggestions to your calendar.
Timeular - best AI tools
  • Accurate and customizable reports: filter, customize, and group data to get the full picture of your projects and bill clients accurately.
  • Leave and time off tracker: when tracking, you can add leaves and time off, so estimated hours will be adjusted. On top it also works as an overtime tracker, so you keep your team’s workload balanced.
  • Control over budgets: Set hourly budgets for each client and project, and see with a glimpse how much time you’ve left for each.
  • Productivity insights dashboard: Generated by AI to identify app usage, procrastination patterns, and times when you are productive or unproductive.
Timeular - best AI tools
  • Alerts: Maintain your productivity levels. Receive custom notifications to start or stop tracking or taking a break or emails prompting you to fill in your timesheet.
  • Add tags and notes to time entries: add more details to your time entries for more transparency.
  • Calendar integration: add your calendar entries in Timeular and vice versa to have a full picture of your day. (Read: Google Calendar time tracking integration) & 3000+ other integrations with tools of your choice.

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“Since we started using Timeular and tracking our time, we’ve never made another mistake in planning, creating accurate proposals, or budgeting for clients. It’s so easy to use. Everyone uses it, and it shows.” – AC Coppens, Founder of THE CATALYSTS

Timeular Tracker vs. Timeflip2 Tracker

The Timeular app works separately from its tracker, enhancing simplicity and concreteness in time tracking. Unlike Timeflip2, Timeular’s tracker is pre-assembled and features 8 sides that can be customized with stickers. Offline functionality allows tracking up to 1000 activities, with empty sides acting as versatile options. Charging the tracker with USB-C is needed every 3-12 months, depending on usage frequency.

In contrast, the Timeflip2 time tracking feature is limited to use with its physical tracker, which may inconvenience travelers and those who wish to avoid carrying an extra item. Relying on the physical tracker means no tracking when it malfunctions or runs out of batteries during work.

TrackerComes already assembled
Track up to 1000 activities
Bluetooth connection
8 sides tracker
USB-C charging 
No LED flashes
Offline tracking
It needs to be assembled
Bluetooth connection
12 sides tracker
Needs AA batteries
LED flashes
time tracker
Discover the Timeular Tracker!

Make time tracking tactile and easily track 1,000 activities using just 8 sides. Build a habit using muscle memory and a powerful physical reminder. All new users get 2 months free subscription when connecting a new Tracker.

Time tracking is more effortless in Timeular

Timeular makes tracking time effortless with its intuitive interface and multiple tracking methods. While in Timely, the only way to track time is in the calendar interface, in Timeular, you can track time with multiple methods, finding the one that suits you best:

  • Flipping the physical Tracker – and hardware that you can flip to start tracking up to 1,000 activities 
  • Enabling automated tracking – do your task, and Timeular will record your work on the background
  • Using keyboard shortcuts

Timeular is perfect both for teams and individuals

Timeular lets you track time and customize the time entries with notes and tags, which the whole team can share. You can track time together with your team using shared folders and create both individual and team reports.

Track billable hours and budgets

Timeular is the best billable hours tracker and has gone further than other time tracking tools. The very same task can be set as billable or not whenever you think it is necessary. 

With Timeular, you can also closely monitor project budgets, ensuring efficient oversight of their progress and profitability. Swiftly identify projects at risk of exceeding budgets, and quickly reallocate your team’s time to prioritize where it’s most needed. This powerful feature empowers you to maintain control and optimize resource allocation for enhanced project management.

Track work time, overtime, and all types of leaves in Timeular

Beyond work hours, Timeular allows you to effortlessly track overtime and all types of leaves, providing comprehensive control over your work schedule.

Why Timeular is the best alternative to Timeflip2

In summary, Timeular is the first best alternative to Timeplip2 because:

  • Timeular Tracker works better and is easy to use
  • You can track up to 1,000 activities with the Tracker
  • Timeular has AI-powered capabilities to suggest entries based on your calendar
  • Users can track time in the Timeular app independently from the Tracker 
  • Timeular allows collaborative time tracking – track time with your team
  • Users can track billable vs. non-billable hours
  • You can gain productivity insights at a glance by checking your dashboard
  • Timeular has multiple time tracking methods: automatic, with keyboard shortcuts, or Tracker
  • Timeular works as a payroll tracker, timer app, work hours tracker and others.
  • It offers up to 3,000 integrations, including time-tracking integration with Jira, Github, and other tools.
  • Timeular’s support is responsive and answers in less than 24 hrs
“People complain a lot less about time tracking now because of the easy interface of Timeular.”

Kaitlin Snow Seamons, Executive Creative Director at Harmon Brothers

Timeular vs. Timeflip2 pricing


Timeular offers a 30-day free trial for the software, and all new users get a two-month free subscription when purchasing a new Tracker. Each tracker costs $69, and there are multiple subscription plans available when billed annually:

  • Personal: $7.50 / month 
  • Personal Pro: $11.50 / month
  • Team of all sizes: $15.80 / month


As of today, Timeflip2 doesn’t offer a free trial; the software is forever free, and the tracker can’t be purchased separately from the software. Here are Timeflip2’s deals for trackers:

  • One tracker costs $59
  • Three trackers cost $169
  • Five trackers cost $269
30 days free Trial
Tracker costs $69 with 2 months for free
Personal – $7.50 / month
Personal Pro – $11.50 / monthTeam – $15.80 / month
One tracker costs $59 – no other cost

Considering all the functionalities and benefits presented in the Timeular vs Timeflip2 section, Timeular is better equipped both by its software and tracking device to offer a comprehensive experience to its users.


Timely - time tracking app

Timely is an AI-powered time-tracking tool that comes as another Timeflip alternative. It offers automatic tracking, eliminates manual input, and supports billable hours. However, Timely still comes with drawbacks:

its AI still lacks precision, and the tool misses a solid invoicing feature, while the price wall is a pain point, and they do not offer a free version.

Top Timely features that Timeflip2 is missing:

  • Automatic time tracking: Let Timely automatically monitor your time spent in apps, meetings, and emails.
  • Billable tracking: Keep up with billable and non-billable hours for accurate client invoicing.
  • Track as a team: Add your time with your team and collect insights for projects and clients.
  • Integration with popular project management and productivity apps such as Jira, Asana, ClickUp, and Gmail.

In conclusion, Timeflip2 offers some features that make it a viable alternative to Timeflip2, but it may leave you lamenting once you have analyzed all the best solutions like Timeular, for example.

Timely vs. Timeflip2 Pricing

Starter -$9 per user per month
Premium – $16 per user per month
Unlimited -$22 per user per month
One device is $59 – no other cost

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time tracking software harvest

For small businesses, Harvest presents a viable alternative to Timeflip, particularly excelling in optimizing invoicing and payment workflows. However, it’s important to note that Harvest significantly relies on manual data entry, potentially making tracking time more cumbersome.

Top Harvest features that Timeflip2 is missing:

  • Project and task tracking: Harvest, users can craft and arrange projects with specific tasks, enhancing organization and resource allocation.
  • Expense tracking: The tool offers expense tracking, enabling users to log and categorize project expenses. This ensures accurate billing and budget management, enhancing project cost monitoring.
  • Timesheet approvals: Harvest offers timesheet approval for team projects. Managers can review and approve timesheets before billing or payroll, ensuring precision and responsibility.
  • Invoicing and payments: Harvest simplifies invoicing with customizable options based on tracked time and expenses. It generates professional invoices and facilitates direct payments, streamlining billing.

Finally, while it is one of the notable alternatives to Timeflip2, Harvest comes with the same issue you stumble upon as a Timeflip2 user: manual tracking, which hinders efficient task management.

Harvest vs. Timeflip2 pricing 

Free plan
Pro – $10.80 per user per month
One device costs $59 – no other cost

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Toggl, a widely used time-tracking app, provides an array of functionalities, enabling tracking time both automated and manually. It is a valid alternative for Timeflip2, particularly appealing to those seeking a cost-effective option with seamless timesheet management, offline tracking, and project estimations. 

Top Toggl features that Timeflip2 is missing:

  • Chrome Extension: Enhances user experience by providing swift tracking time access, eliminating the need for app switching.
  • Integrations: Toggl seamlessly merges with project tools like Asana, Trello, Slack, and more, syncing data for efficient workflows.
  • Pomodoro Timer: Boosts productivity with work intervals and breaks, aiding focus and work-life balance.
  • Billable tracking: Allows you to stay on top of of billable time.

Toggl vs. Timeflip2 pricing 

Free up to 5 users
Starter – $9 per user per month
Premium – $18 per user per month
Enterprise – tailored solution
One device costs $59 – no other costs

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The last time tracker competing with the Timeflip app as an alternative is RescueTime. It is a comprehensive automated time-tracking tool and effectively rivals Timeflip2. However, it prioritizes individual productivity rather than teamwork and project management.

Top RescueTime features that Timeflip2 is missing:

  • Smart coaching: delivers personalized messages drawn from past activities, offering productivity advice to maintain focus and momentum.
  • Activity categorization: sorts tracked tasks into productive, neutral, or distracting categories, revealing valuable insights into time usage.
  • Goal setting: enables users to establish productivity targets based on specific categories or tasks, fostering efficient work habits.
  • Productivity scores: assigns scores to websites and activity types, gauging their impact on overall productivity.
  • FocusTime: it blocks distracting apps and sites during dedicated work/study sessions, enhancing concentration and efficiency.

Curiosity: Did you know that RescueTime is considered one of the best time tracking apps for designers?

RescueTime vs. Timeflip2 pricing 

Free version
$12 per month
One device costs $59 – no other costs


Timeular stands out as the superior alternative to Timeflip2 for efficient tracking.

Unlike Timeflip2’s limitations, Timeular offers a pre-assembled and reliable time tracker that seamlessly integrates with its software.

This allows for diverse time-tracking methods, collaborative teamwork, accurate billable hours, customizable reports, and more.

Its competitive pricing, 30-day free trial, and responsive customer support further enhance its appeal. Timeular’s versatility caters to individual preferences and team needs, making it a top choice for renowned companies like Google and Audi.

With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and consistent innovation, Timeular emerges as the ultimate alternative for effective time management. It surpasses Timeflip2 and other alternatives in delivering a comprehensive and effortless experience.

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