Microsoft Outlook Time Tracking: An Easy and Accurate Method

Microsoft Outlook is a popular and versatile personal information manager and email client offering a wide range of features and functionalities for both businesses and personal users. It doesn’t provide a time tracking feature, which means that in order to track time spent in Outlook, you need an integration with an external tool.

Looking for the smoothest timer tracker for Microsoft Outlook?

You’ve just found it!

In this article, we introduce you to Timeular, the time tracking app that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook. You will learn why Timeular is the best choice for a Microsoft Outlook time tracking integration and find out how to create an integration in 3 simple steps.

Why is it important to track time in Microsoft Outlook

When you work on a specific project, there is usually a budget set for all your activities. As you probably already track time dedicated to tasks assigned to a specific client, emails tend to go unnoticed.

However, in some cases, even emails expand to big, time-consuming tasks. This is why, to diligently capture all the time spent on a project in order to bill it accordingly, you need to track time spent in Microsoft Outlook, too.

Time tracking has many advantages. One of them is accurate client billing. However, it’s also essential to help boost employee productivity and efficiency at work. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Improved time management: With time tracking, you can allocate specific time blocks for activities, for example handling emails. This prevents constant interruptions throughout the day and allows for more focused and efficient time management.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity: You can identify areas for better productivity and efficiency by tracking how you spend your time. For example, if you are spending a lot of time on low-priority tasks, you can make an effort to delegate or automate those tasks.
  • Better management of workload: Time tracking can help you to manage your workload better and avoid overcommitting yourself. By tracking how long it takes you to complete different tasks, you can create more realistic estimates for future projects.
  • Identify areas of improvement: Time tracking can help you to identify areas where you need to improve your skills or knowledge. For example, if you are spending a lot of time on a particular task, it may be a sign that you need to learn a new skill or software program or just change a process.
  • Better decision-making: Time tracking can help you make better decisions on resource allocation. For example, if you find that you are allocating too much time to low-revenue projects, you may want to reconsider whether that is worth your time.

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Does Microsoft Outlook provide time-tracking features? 

No, Microsoft Outlook doesn’t provide a native time-tracking feature. If you want to track time in Outlook, integrate the application with an external time-tracking tool like Timeular. 

Effortless Microsoft Outlook time tracking with Timeular

Timeular is a robust and user-friendly timesheet app trusted by over 50,000 users and countless teams worldwide. It serves as the ultimate project time tracker, delivering a range of benefits:

Physical time tracker

Does your team need a motivational boost to track time regularly? If so, the time management cube by Timeular will help you solve this issue. It’s a physical time tracking device complimentary to the Timeular app.

Each side of the tracker represents a different task or activity. So, all the user needs to do is flip it when they change a task to indicate there’s a new activity to track, and that will be automatically updated on your laptop.

Please note: The Tracker is optional. You can use the Timeular app without the Tracker, too.

Timeular Tracker

Multiple integrations

Timeular integrates with a variety of popular tools and apps for invoicing, payroll, and popular calendar apps.

You can automatically track time spent on tasks such as emails, calendar events, and tasks in Outlook without writing a single line of code.

This can be a huge time-saver, and it can also help you to understand better how you are spending your time.

Overtime tracker 

Timeular also includes an overtime tracker, which can be handy for employees who are paid overtime, or freelancers and consultants that track their billable hours.

The extra hours spent on projects are recorded automatically, making it easier to calculate overtime and deficit hours. 

A perfect match for teams

Timeular is built to facilitate collaboration among team members and resource allocation. It makes it easier for teams to track time spent on their activities, share their entries, and manage their tasks better, which helps increase productivity.  

Project time tracker

Working as a project time tracker too, Timeular allows you to effortlessly capture and manage your work hours directly within Outlook, allowing for precise tracking and analysis.

Stay on top of tasks, optimize productivity, and gain valuable insights into your time allocation. Say goodbye to to a more efficient workflow with Timeular and Outlook. Manual tracking is way to tedious

User-friendly navigation

If you’ve struggled with unfriendly apps, you’ll find Timeular’s interface intuitive and easy to navigate, whether you use it on mobile or desktop. The app is made to facilitate your task management, and track time quickly and accurately. 

Easy reporting 

Timeular’s reporting feature allows users to generate reports on their tracked data. It aids in identifying areas where users can improve their productivity and efficiency, for tracking progress on projects, and for billing clients. You can generate reports for specific tasks, projects, or clients. 

Accurate tracking of billable hours

In Timeular you can arrange your tasks as billable or non-billable, as well as assign billable rates. The billable hours tracker also allows users to generate reports of their billable hours to submit to clients, for example.

Leave management system

Timeular provides a leave tracking system, which is very helpful for managers who need help tracking their employees’ time off and simplifying their management process. The leave tracking includes paid time off, sick days, and other categories in the same place. It is a very streamlined solution to facilitate daily work. This function works perfectly with the payroll tracker to make all your operations much more efficient.

How to track time in Microsoft Outlook with Timeular 

Integrating Timeular with Microsoft Outlook is straightforward and follows these steps:

  1. Create a free Timeular account.
  2. Sign in to the Zapier account and select “Make a Zap.”. Select Microsoft Outlook “trigger” and Timeular as “the action”.
  3. For Outlook set to “new task,” and for Timeular, choose “create activity.” Follow the prompts to set up the trigger, specifying your criteria.
  4. Launch the integration: activate your Zap, and start tracking time!
  5. Now All actions in Outlook will be synchronized with Timeular, simple as that.

Conclusions about Time Tracking in Microsoft Outlook

While Microsoft Outlook shines in its main capabilities, time tracking is not one of them. For this reason, integrating it with a standalone time tracking tool such as Timeular, would be beneficial to fulfill your time tracking needs.

In turn, you’d enhance productivity and efficiency for your team, while having a robust solution for precise time management, detailed reporting and better optimized work processes.

Looking for the smoothest timer tracker for Microsoft Outlook?

You’ve just found it!

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