Microsoft Teams Time Tracking in 3 Easy Steps

Author: Madalina Roman

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular tools for communication, collaboration and file sharing between team members. However, when it comes to time tracking, Microsoft Teams lacks features to provide proper ways to do so.

Thankfully, there’s a solution that can fill this gap for you, so that is why in this article, we will introduce you to the best way to track time in Microsoft Teams: Timeular.

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Looking for a fast, simple and accurate way to track time in Microsoft Teams?

The importance of tracking time in Microsoft Teams

Tracking time in Microsoft Teams is essential as it helps you identify time wasters that you and your team might not be aware of, as well as finding other inefficient processes or bottlenecks that prevented you from improving business efficiency.

Some of the key benefits of tracking time can be:

  • Increased productivity: time tracking helps teams build awareness of their time allocation and time-wasting tasks, which, when adjusted will boost overall employee productivity.
  • Resource allocation: by understanding how much time is needed for specific tasks, managers can make better capacity planning and assign the right people to the right jobs.
  • Data-driven decision-making: By collecting data on your time usage, you can run time audits and make informed and accurate project estimates.
  • Continuous improvement: Do you know if you are spending too much time in internal meetings or with another task? By analyzing time-tracking data, you will find the answer. This supports an ongoing cycle of optimization and enhancement.

Does Microsoft Teams provide time-tracking features? 

No, Microsoft Teams does not have a native time-tracking feature. So, in order to track time in Microsoft Teams, you need an integration with an effective and easy-to-use time-tracking tool

Timeular: the best way to track Microsoft Teams time tracking integration 

microsoft teams time tracking

Timeular is a powerful and effective tool for tracking time in Microsoft Teams. Its features allow teams to track and optimize their time to get the most out of their work in Microsoft Teams.

Timeular can be extremely beneficial for companies, teams, and project managers that aim to streamline their processes, increase productivity, and provide valuable insights for more efficient and effective project management

Over 3,000 integrations

Timeular integrates with over 3,000 applications for invoicing, payroll, and the most popular calendar apps. You can connect with your most used tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Asana, and ClickUp, seamlessly and without writing a single line of code.

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Track your billable hours more accurately

Labelling tasks as billable or non-billable is captured with 1 click in Timeular. The billable hours tracker allows you to tag your tasks as billable or non-billable and assign your billing rates. By assigning the hourly rates to tasks or team members, costs are auto-calculated.

This helps you to stay on top of project expenses, ensures precision in project billing, and gain valuable insights into your team’s performance.

billable hours tracking in Timeular

Effortless overtime tracker 

Timeular also works as an automatic overtime tracking system. It automatically records extra hours of your project or team based on your configured work schedules.

With Timeular, you can calculate both overtime and any shortfall hours from your team automatically and accurately. 

track overtime in Timeular

Accurate work hours tracker

Individuals and teams enjoy using this work hours tracker due to its seamless time-tracking experience. This, in turn, leads to higher adoption of time-tracking habits and more accurate timesheets.

Please note: Even if a user forgets to add a time entry on time, an automatic time tracking feature will help them retrieve this information quickly, providing information about the apps and websites used at a given time.

A solution for all team sizes, roles and industries

Timeular is a productivity tracker designed to facilitate collaboration and resource allocation. Teams can track time spent on activities, share entries, and coordinate tasks better, improving overall productivity. Its high adaptability makes it suitable whether you’re a project manager, developer, or in customer service.

Project budgets under control

Through this Microsoft Teams time tracking integration, Timeular also works as a project time-tracking software that allows you to effortlessly monitor the time dedicated to particular projects, tasks, or clients.

Just set time budgets for each project or client, and you’ll receive notifications as you approach predefined limits (as 80% or 90% of time spent on that project or client). This will prevent exceeding budgets and over-serving your clients.

project budget tracking in Timeular

Leave Tracking Software

Timeular’s leave tracking system can be a great asset for Microsoft Teams, offering a streamlined solution to effectively manage various types of employee time off in just one place. This includes paid time off, sick days, time off in lieu, and a range of other leave categories, which simplifies and enhances the leave management process.

With this, the payroll tracker makes HR life much easier!

leave management in Timeular

Reports made easy 

Comprehensive reporting features offer a range of filters and perspectives, giving you practical insights into productivity and the status of projects in Timeular. Access to these in-depth reports doesn’t require additional fees or premium plan subscriptions.

Physical Tracker to track 1,000+ activities

Timeular is the only time tracking tool that in which users track time with the flip of a physical dice – the time tracking cube. This device sets it apart from traditional digital-only tools and is a visual reminder to track time.

Each side of the device represents a different task, project, or activity, and users can simply flip the device to the corresponding side to indicate what they are currently working on – and the activity will automatically be recorded in the software app via Bluetooth. The Tracker can be simply flipped as many times as needed to track up to 1,000+ activities.

  • Please note that the tracker is optional. You don’t need the physical tracker to track time with Timeular. 
Timeular Tracker

User-friendly interface

With a simple, calendar-like interface, Timeular is easy to navigate on mobile or desktop, so that you can track time intuitively and use all its functionalities effortlessly without interfering with your day-to-day tasks.

Features summary

By integrating Timeular with Microsoft Teams, you gain valuable and actionable insights into your time allocation, optimizing efficiency and boosting productivity.

This integration streamlines the time-tracking process by allowing you to directly import events into time entries, ensuring accurate time allocation and enhancing your overall time management experience.

How to track time in Microsoft Teams with Timeular 

Integrating Timeular with Microsoft Teams via Zapier is a simple operation and doesn’t require coding skills or a paid Zapier account. See how to do it in three simple steps:

1 –  Sign-up 

First, make sure you’re logged into Microsoft Teams. Then, you can sign up in Timeular for free if you don’t have an account yet

And if you’re new to Zapier or haven’t used it yet, go ahead and create a free account, which gives you up to 100 tasks per month at no cost.

2 – Set up your “Zap”

In Zapier, click “Make a Zap” and select Microsoft Teams as the trigger and Timeular as the action. For Teams, set to “new task,” and for Timeular, choose “create activity.” Follow the prompts to set up the trigger, specifying the criteria you want.

3 – Launch the integration

Once everything is set up, you can activate your Zap. Your actions in Microsoft Teams will now be synchronized with Timeular, and you can start tracking time in Microsoft Teams.

Effortless time tracking in Microsoft Teams

In conclusion, while Microsoft Teams is one of the best team communication apps, in the current business landscape, with remote work, hybrid settings, and ever-tightening budgets, integration with a time tracking tool such as Timeular has become vital for companies.

Whether you’re seeking to have better reports on your team’s activities or to gain better insights into the tracked client work, you’d obtain both in Timeular and in the longer run, using the two tools in conjunction, you will increase productivity, build better estimates and forecasts, while boosting profitability.