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How a mobile app software agency captures every minute of the working day

software app development company tracks every minute

iAgentur is an agency which develops apps for multiple clients across a range of sectors including media, medical, employment and travel. Roman is a partner and acts as one of the project leads who uses Timeular on a daily basis.

The challenge: finding a way to maintain oversight and accurately capture time

Before discovering the time tracking software for agencies – Timeular, the project leads at iAgentur were losing oversight of what was going on throughout their day as they were regularly switching between tasks, which proved difficult to stay on top of tracking.

The developers in the team are creating tickets in Jira and do their time tracking within the tool at the same time, which works for their individual needs. But for the project leads, this proved cumbersome and clunky and led to inconsistent and inaccurate time tracking and large gaps of time unaccounted for.

They needed to find an easy, efficient and accurate way to send invoices to their clients that didn’t take up time in their day.

The solution: effortlessly keeping track of time

Roman and his team were drawn to using Timeular as they found that the physical time tracker device helped enforce focus. They track projects and assign their most frequently worked on projects to a side on the tracker.

“When you have a lot of simultaneous activities going on, you often forget when you started working on something. With the tracker in front of you, you are always aware of what’s being tracked.”

Using Timeular’s API, iAgentur has built an integration to then send the Timeular time entries into Jira where they are assigned to the tasks that relate to the relevant client over a certain period. From here they are then able to create a PDF which they use for invoicing.

The outcome: less discrepancy between estimations and actual time taken

Roman uses the insights to get an understanding of how the planned time maps with the actual time a task has taken. This is helpful when planning future projects as the knowledge allows them to be more accurate with budgets and timelines.

Thanks to Timeular, all of the day is accounted for and project leads are now able to track time without losing focus on the task at hand:

“Tracking in Timeular has increased the amount of hours worked that are reported. Before some things were forgotten and missed off. Now the whole day is in Timeular and we have all of the information we need.”

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